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The Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme at a glance

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1 The Intelligent Energy – Europe Programme at a glance
Patrick Lambert Director Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation IEE European Info Day Brussels, 18 January 2011

2 The EU intelligent energy agenda - a snapshot
EU 2020 energy strategy Competitive, sustainable and secure energy Post-Cancun Shared commitment to counter climate change Global goals need local action No change without many small, concrete steps 2

3 The EU intelligent energy agenda - a snapshot
Energy efficiency A high priority of the new Commission Renewables Time for implementing national action plans EU funding opportunities Priority for energy efficiency and renewables 3

4 Intelligent Energy – Europe in a nutshell
€730 million from Supports EU renewable energy and energy efficiency policies and helps reach the targets Encourages the uptake of proven intelligent energy solutions Is not a technology development programme, unlike FP7 Works to make Europe more competitive and innovative

5 A programme to help convert policy into action
Creating and spreading effective methods and best practice Training and education Know-how transfer Market intelligence Inform policy development and implementation EU energy efficiency and renewables objectives Real changes on the ground 5 5

6 Intelligent Energy – Europe: what’s in the box?

7 EU Sustainable Energy Week 2011
11-15 April 2011 Take part and organise energy days in your city/region! Find out more on As part of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, we are currently busy organising this year’s EU Sustainable Energy Week. It will once again be the largest European event on energy efficency and renewable. An expected 150+ events organised in Brussels and across the whole of Europe will mobilise all forces and send a resounding message to the media and to the public. You are still on time to be a part of it by organising and event either in Brussels or wherever you are located in Europe. Simply go to the EUSEW website and find out how to register your event. If you want to take part as a participant in the events in Brussems sign up today - registration is already open.

8 How will this year’s budget be spent?
€ 67 million to support “promotion and dissemination projects” (up to 75% of the eligible project costs) € 30 million for the “ELENA” facilities € 17 million to purchase services (tenders) and support activities not subject to calls 8 8 8

9 The 2011 call for proposals Published TODAY: 18 January 2011
Deadline for applying: 12 May 2011 9

10 Funding areas 2011 Energy efficiency (SAVE)
Energy-efficient transport (STEER) Renewable energy sources (ALTENER) Integrated initiatives 10 10 10

11 What’s new in 2011? A multi-annual scheme for training and qualification of the building workforce, focusing on national strategies to develop the necessary 'green' skills Actions aimed at promoting more energy savings in industry Actions aimed at facilitating the uptake of 'nearly zero energy buildings' Actions aimed at simplifying procedures for grid developments to deliver more renewable energy Support to local and regional authorities, in particular for mobilising actors and local investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy

12 «Promotion and dissemination project»?
A project which… helps deliver the key EU climate change and energy objectives matches the priorities of the IEE Work Programme 2011 involves at least 3 partners from different countries takes 2 to maximum 3 years to deliver is not a “hardware” type investment or research & development project!

13 WANTED: projects with a big impact!
What is it that you want to achieve? What leverage will your project have? What will be different when it is finished?

14 Where does the IEE programme stand?
Over 500 IEE-supported projects across Europe, more than 3,000 participants from 30 countries… Energy efficiency Renewable energy sources Integrated initiatives Energy-efficient transport 460 European projects involving 2,500 partners to make change real have so far been funded  Don’t reinvent the wheel! 14

15 Getting your project funded - what are the steps?
Work Programme Call for proposals Proposal submission Evaluation, selection Contract negotiation Projects kick off Implementation, monitoring, supervision Gathering data on results and impact Feedback In response to the annual call, you can propose a project and apply for funding The starting point is the anual work programme which defines the budgets and the funding areas and priorities. We expect that year’s work programme will be published during the first half of March and we will of course put it immediately on the IEE website and inform you via our news alerts. [Click] Immediately after the work programme we will publish this year’s call for proposals to kick off the application period. After the call deadline, when we have receive all the proposals we will evaluate them with the help of independent experts. The best proposals are selected and invited to prepare and sign a grant agreement. The project launches the project and carries it out the project according to the agreed work plan. The EACI monitors and supports the project, and helps spread its results. Finally, we will gather information and feedback from the projects and channel it back to the Commission to help it draw up future work programmes. 15

16 Who can apply for funding?
Any public or private organisation established in the EU, Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Croatia (check IEE website) International organisations Individuals cannot apply More countries are likely to join this list – negotiations about the participation of Macedonia and Albania in the IEE programme are on their way. This means that, if concluded successfullly, organisations from these countries would become eligible and could apply for IEE funding this year. 16

17 Need more information or help from us?
Synergies – links to the Enterprise Europe Network! 17

18 Need support in your country?
Get in touch with your IEE National Contact Point (IEE website  «contact») Attend the IEE National Info Days (IEE website  «events») Synergies – links to the Enterprise Europe Network! 18


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