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Water Management Policy context

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1 Water Management Policy context
DEVCO-EIB meeting Brussels, 30 June 2011 Peter Gammeltoft Water Unit DG Environment, European Commission

2 Content Water Framework Directive State of implementation
2012 Blueprint to safeguard EU waters 2

3 Some key principles of WFD integrated river basin management
protecting all waters, surface and groundwaters; covering all impacts on waters; good quality (‘good status’) to be achieved, as a rule, by 2015; water quality comprehensively defined in terms of biology, chemistry and morphology; water management based on river basins; monitoring programmes for surface and groundwaters, both as a planning tool and as an assessment instrument; economic instruments: getting the prices right - to promote prudent use of water; mandatory public participation; … and complemented/guided by an unprecedented cooperation on implementation. 3

4 WFD Timetable Transposition into national law Dec 2003
Administrative arrangements Dec 2003 Environmental analysis: Analysis of characteristics Assessment of human impacts Economic analysis of water use Dec 2004 Monitoring programmes Dec 2006 Public Participation starts Dec 2006 Significant water management issues Dec 2007 Draft river basin management plans Dec 2008 Final river basin management plans Dec 2009 Measures implemented at the latest Dec 2012 Implementation, adjustment till 2027 Slide 4 4

5 RBMP adopted (21) Consultation finalised, awaiting adoption (2) Consultation on-going or not started (4)

6 2012: A Blueprint to safeguard EU Waters
The Blueprint is the convergence of 3 assessments scheduled for 2012 Assessment of 1st river basin management plans under Water Framework Directive Review of the Strategy for Water Scarcity and Droughts Assessment of the vulnerability of water and environmental resources to climate impacts and man-made pressures. The Blueprint will: Look back and assess the implementation and achievements of policies and measures in place to ensure the protection and availability of EU water resources Look forward at the evolving vulnerability of the water environment to assess the sufficiency of existing measures and tools, and evaluate potential new instruments to ensure a sustainable use of good quality water in the EU in the long term. The Blueprint will synthesise policy recommendations drawing from the evaluation and impact assessment exercises, and will be accompanied by a number of reports and new initiatives, including of a legislative nature if appropriate.

7 Review Water Scarcity and Droughts Policy – WS&D (1/2)
Communication 2007 and follow-up: Council conclusions - review & further develop WS&D policy by 2012 EP report – new initiatives incl. pilot projects preparatory actions Annual follow up reports Policy Review 2012: GAP Analysis Overview of problem & existing measures Identification of gaps Proposal of new measures Assessment of Impact of new measures

8 Review Water Scarcity and Droughts Policy – WS&D (2/2) – Building Blocks
Water Efficiency Water Supply Infrastructure Buildings Agriculture Better Planning Demand management Integration WS&D management in RBMP Land use planning European Drought Observatory European level information platform being developed by JRC Building on National & regional data - Subsidiarity principle Indicator development Water exploitation index – not very informative (Annual & national average) Development of more informative indicators for WS&D (EEA & pilot countries)

9 Vulnerability of Water & Environmental Resources and Adaptation
White Paper on Adaptation: Actions under DG ENV responsibility: Guidelines for River Basin Management Plans (delivered in Dec 2009) Measures to enhance water efficiency in agriculture, households and buildings Natural water retention measures Inclusion of climate change in the implementation of the Floods Directive European guidelines on adaptation in coastal and marine areas Measures to boost soil storage capacity for both carbon and water Follow-up Green Paper on Forest Protection Integration biodiversity loss and climate change Guidelines for the management of Natura 2000 sites Adaptation Guidelines for the EIA and SEA Directives 6 water (& coastal/marine) related actions.

10 2012 Blueprint to safeguard EU Waters:
Outlook of sustainability and vulnerability of EU water resources « Fitness Check» EU water policy instruments Policy Options Land-use Resource efficiency Economic Instruments Governance Knowledge Base Nov 2012 Blueprint To Safeguard EU Waters Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Report on 2009 River Basin Management Plans Review Water Scarcity & Droughts Strategy Review Water Scarcity & Droughts Strategy Review Water Scarcity & Droughts Strategy Review Water Scarcity & Droughts Strategy Review Water Scarcity & Droughts Strategy Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation Climate Change Vulnerability & Adaptation

11 Policy Options Objectives: Fit EU policy to ensure good quality water in sufficient quantities for all legitimate uses. maximize compliance with WFD objectives, to tackle Water Scarcity and Droughts (WSD) build a robust policy framework to address extreme weather events and the potential impacts of global changes. 7 key areas. Policy options to be selected on the basis of the IA and presented in the Blueprint. Land Use Economic Incentives Quantitative water resources use targets Governance Knowledge Base Innovation Global Dimension

12 Calendar / Next steps 2011-II 2011-III 2011-IV 2012-I 2012-II 2012-III
Studies Water saving, pricing, footprint Water Efficiency in Buildings WSD Gap Analysis ClimWatAdapt Natural water Retention measures Assessment RBMP – Pressures & Measures IA Revision Groundwater Directive Support to Impact Assessment Modelling Use Water Resources Water resource balances Fitness Check Pub. Cons. FC/ WSD Options Events 10/5 16/9 WWF GW Fin Adoption IAB IAB ISC 16/11

13 Thank you for your attention

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