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EQ: What is forced Migration

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1 EQ: What is forced Migration
Bell-ringer: Answer the following questions about last night reading What does “cacophony” mean? What US forced migration is used as a comparison in the story? How is it different than the Palestinian refugee camps? Write three supporting details for the following main idea: Life in a Palestinian refugee camp is very difficult.

2 Forced Migration Human migration flows in which the movers have no choice but to relocate Examples: African Slave Trade; Native Americans out of the East (Trail of Tears); Palestinians out of Palestine; Vietnamese Boat People; Irish Potato Famine

3 African Slave Trade

4 Photo of slave ship

5 Palestinians removed from Palestine

6 “Boat People” People who fled Vietnam after the Vietnam War by boat.
However, people fleeing islands in the Caribbean and S.E. Asia (places where there are a lot of islands) are often called “boat people”

7 Haitians sailing towards Florida

8 TRAIL OF TEARS (Indian Removal Act)

9 Picture of Native Americans forced West by Andrew Jackson’s soldiers

10 What do you think these are pictures of?

11 Refugee (an officially recognized term)
A person who flees across an international boundary because of a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group, or political opinion. Asylum Seeker: A person who wants to be recognized as a refugee in the country s/he is going, so that s/he can legally migrate to that country.


13 What do you notice about the source of refugees and the direction/distance they migrate?

14 Regions of Dislocation – (Displaced Persons) What regions generate the most refugees?
Sub-Saharan Africa (Rwanda) North Africa and Southwest Asia (Sudan & Somalia, Afghanistan) South Asia (India, Sri Lanka) Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam) Europe (Former Soviet Countries)

15 UN reports 24 million refugees worldwide
International refugees cross one or more borders and are encamped in a country not their own. Intranational refugees abandon their homes, but not their countries-this is the largest number world wide. Also known as (IDP – Internally Displaced Refugees)


17 Afghan Refugees

18 Refugees in Africa

19 Refugees in East Africa

20 Palestinian Refugees The circles are refugee camps

21 Palestinians forced off their land – 1948 “Al Nakba”

22 Video Questions Why do the boys have to leave their homes?
Where do they go to and how long are they there for? Why are they able to leave? What types of things do they need to learn about once in America? What emotional hardships (feelings) do the boys experience once in America?

23 Video: “God grew tired of us”

24 Voluntary Migration Human migration flows in which the movers respond to perceived opportunity, not force. New Jobs More freedom

25 Kinds of Voluntary Migration
Step Migration – When a migrant follows a path of a series of stages, or steps toward a final destination. * intervening opportunity –at one of the steps along the path, pull factors encourage the migrant to settle there. Chain Migration – When a migrant communicates to family and friends at home, encouraging further migration along the same path, along kinship links.

26 Examples of Chain Migration in the US
66.5% of Cubans settle in Miami area 33% of Salvadorans in LA area; 16% in Washington DC; another 15% in NYC area. Haitians in S. Florida and NYC Chinese in CA and NYC area Dominicans in S. Florida and NYC area Vietnamese in CA, Washington, DC, NY Bosnians in Washington, DC., St. Louis, and Phoenix Chicago has more Polish people than any other place except Warsaw, Poland.

27 Homework Reflection What do you think is the difference between economic migrants and refugees? Explain FINISH FRQ!

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