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Promotion of Innovation in Small Municipalities - Experience in Making Use of EU Pre-Structural and Structural Funds Marika Rudzīte Head of Investment.

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1 Promotion of Innovation in Small Municipalities - Experience in Making Use of EU Pre-Structural and Structural Funds Marika Rudzīte Head of Investment and Development Department Livani municipality, LATVIA

2 Overview Introduction (Livani municipality) Background Some of Small&Smart projects in Livani What have we learned? – Conclusions / Suggestions

3 Introduction (Livani district municipality) Location: south eastern part of Latvia, 170 km from the capital (Riga), on the bank of the Daugava river Livani District comprises the town of Livani, Rozupe village and Turku village Total area of Livani district - 306 km² (area of the town of Livani – 4.7 km²) Number of inhabitants in 2007 - 11830 in the district / 9630 in the town Budget of Livani district municipality in 2007 – 4,2 millions LVL Development priorities (2002 – 2008): 1) Promotion of employment and entrepreneurship; 2) Improvement of habitat environment; 3) Development of human resources Since 2007, Livani district is one of 17 regional development centers in Latvia

4 Background Slow but stable positive economic development (unemployment rate has decreased from 35% in 1994 till 12% in 2007) Marked town-to-city and country-to-city migration processes Several strong individuals who push the development process, active local municipality Many cooperation partners all around Baltic Sea and further in Europe Several important resources: nature resources, history and culture heritage, multi-ethnic society, hardworking and creative people More opportunities than we can take because of the shortage of human and financial resources (e.g. project co-financing and pre-financing) Sometimes still insufficient motivation for real action (pessimism and depression resulting from 1990s) General positive and attractive image of the district because of the obvious developments during last 4-5 years

5 Some of Small&Smart projects in Livani PROJECT 1: IT Support for Development of New Competitive Art and Craft Products in Latgale (EU PHARE 2000 ESC programme) Project budget: 675 700,00 EUR -Objective: to improve competitiveness and capacity of Latgale art and craft enterprises combining historical heritage and usage of IT -Activities/Outputs: Latgale Art and Craft Centre established, 6 e-study courses organized (180 graduates), marketing brochure on Latgale art and craft products issued, Interactive Web page of Latgale art and Craft Products created (, knowledge repository of Latgale art and Craft developed, artists networks created

6 PROJECT 2: Implementing Sustainable Strategies for Livani District Economic Development (EU PHARE 2001 CBC programme in Baltic Sea region) Project budget: 182 433 EUR -Objective: to contribute to creation of a business-friendly environment and increase competitiveness of young businessmen in Livani district, in order to facilitate sustainable economic growth of the district -Activities/Outputs: EKD modelling seminar for preparation of Feasibility study for Livani business incubator; e-study courses (Technical Communications, Business Planning for Open Market, IT for Beginners, IT for users, Innovations Management, English) - (180 graduates); Business Knowledge Repository; International BSR conference Sustainable Economic Development organized, Brochure and CD business card on Livani District created

7 PROJECT 3: Establishment of Engineering Technologies Cluster in Latgale (EU PHARE 2003 ESC programme) Livani partners budget: 1 242 442 EUR -Objective: to facilitate the development of innovative and high added value products and their introduction into industrial production in Latgale region -Activities/Outputs: Regional cooperation (Līvāni, Daugavpils, Rēzekne) for innovative business development; Livani Business incubator, IRC- Latvia regional contact point, laboratories for development of engineering and optical fibre products, conference facilities, e-study facilities, innovation demo-centre

8 PROJECT 4: Ball-Border-Basket: Organizing Latvian-Lithuanian cross-border basketball championships and streetball tournaments (ERDF Initiative INTERREG III A programme) Livani partners budget: 50 000 EUR Objective: to establish sustainable cross-border cooperation links among sports enthusiasts in Latvia and Lithuania through improvement of sports infrastructure and implementation of publicity and tournaments campaign promoting basketball and street ball as healthy holiday activity -Activities/Outputs: Border Basketball League established with participation of 6 LV and 4 LT teams; first joint championship (45 games and final show) organised; 2 street ball tournaments (9 rounds in each, 2016 games all together) organised; street ball field renovated in Livani and basketball/streetball equipment purchased

9 PROJECT 5: Baltic Sea Cycling Project: strategies for more cycles in the transport system for developing attractive and sustainable townscapes (ERDF Initiative INTERREG III B programme) Livani partners budget: 60 000 EUR Objective: to enhance the urban mobility by using bicycles, to facilitate combining cycling with other urban public transport Activities/Outputs: cycling situation in Livani evaluated (city profile); information from Baltic Sea Region about best practise and methods how to popularize cycling exchanged (local urban cycling policy developed); cycling culture in Livani improved; public awareness level about safe cycling increased; Livani towns image as cycling friendly town improved; safe bicycle parking stands and information stands set up (pilot actions to promote bicycling)

10 PROJECT 6: CITY TO CITY - Plural identities and urban contexts: new approaches to the policy of migration (ERDF Initiative INTERREG III C programme) Livani partners budget: 300 000 EUR -Objective: to study the migration phenomenon in EU countries, to maximise opportunities of economic cooperation, access to public services, urban space development, and socio-cultural integration between European citizens -Activities/Outputs in Livani: 2 studies carried out (Innovative ways of socio-cultural integration and Brain circulation: economic impacts of labour migration); Resource centre in Livani established and is working; new business support model for creation of new companies developed and tested; new cooperation networks created in EU)

11 What have we learned? – Conclusions/Suggestions Have comprehensive, ALL-ROUND and INNOVATIVE VIEW of things! Be AWAKE all the time and make concrete choices! EVALUATE the diverse values (innovation not always means space science!) Make LONG-TERM strategies along with SHORT-TERM plans AND implement them! Do local, regional, national, trans-national COOPERATION! LEARN through doing! BELIEVE that you know, can and dont be afraid of getting involved (small CAN be smart!) Think GLOBAL – act LOCAL! Make a good TEAM (have also fun together!) BE READY to work! And... WORK!

12 Thank You for Your attention! Livani District Council Domes iela 3, Livani LV-5316, LATVIA Phone: +371 65307807 Fax: +371 65307816 Mob: +371 29443621 e-mail: Skype: marikarudzite

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