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Kick-off event 09 December 2011, 10:00, Committee of the Regions Welcome by Gerhard Stahl and Nicholas Martyn Evaluation of OPEN DAYS 2011 2012 thematic.

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1 Kick-off event 09 December 2011, 10:00, Committee of the Regions Welcome by Gerhard Stahl and Nicholas Martyn Evaluation of OPEN DAYS 2011 2012 thematic priorities Event partners and organisation Timetable Questions and Answers 1 4 2 3 5 6

2 Evaluation of OPEN DAYS 2011 More than 1,000 responses to online evaluation (some 20% of participants). For event partners, the quality of the event significantly improved as regards organisational issues. Participants appreciated the quality of debates and moderators; their expectations were best met as regards learning about management, future of EU cohesion policy and good practice. Scope for improvement: Concept of Opening Session; more time for debates, access to EU buildings.

3 2012 slogan (proposal) Europes regions and cities: Making the difference Three thematic priorities: (1) Smart and green growth for all (2) Territorial cooperation: an asset for Europe (3) Delivering results

4 Event partners Regional partnerships: application by at least 5 and not more than 12 European regions and/or cities, including one lead and one deputy partner; to deliver (a) one workshop or debate, (b) at least one local event per partner. Regions, cities, companies and banks: In the context of the Meeting Place, focus on community-led local development projects funded by EU structural, rural development or fisheries funds. OPEN DAYS University: Regional Studies Association and academics in the field of regional policy.

5 OPEN DAYS 2012: Programme structure September-November: Local events in the regions and cities 08 October: Opening Session in the EP (incl. REGI meeting/CoR Plenary) Regional partners workshops/debates (25-30) Regional offices OPEN DAYS University workshops/debates (5-10) CoR Meeting Place workshops/debates (25-30) CoR building DG REGIO workshops/debates (25-30) Commission buildings 09-11 October

6 Typology of seminars Workshops to present either (a) information and offer training, or (b) elaborate on experience and good practice and facilitate cooperation and networking; not more than four speakers and one moderator will be accepted per workshop. Debates touch upon specific aspects involving a group of experts and a moderator while avoiding presentations and speeches and instead building on the expertise of an informed public; not more than six panellists and one moderator will be accepted for debates. Nomination of a conference manager for each event to watch over quality and documentation.

7 Timing of seminars Monday 08 October, p.m. Opening Session, European Parliament Hemicycle (tbc) Tuesday 09 October: 3 workshop slots: 9:00-10:45; 11:15-13:00; 14:30-17:00 Wednesday 10 October: 3 workshop slots: 9:00-10:45; 11:15-13:00; 14:30-17:00 Thursday 11 October: 2 workshop slots 9:00-10:45; 11:15-13:00

8 Regional partnerships Who? At least five and not more than twelve European regions or cities from at least four Member States; must have a lead partner. What? Partnerships contribute to the programme in Brussels through workshops or debates and local events. New: Partnerships with six or more partners have the possibility to organise full morning sessions (with only one workshop number) between 9 and 11 October from 9:00-13:00 in order to allow contribution from more than six speakers. How? Application including description of seminar to the Committee of the Regions ( by 5 March

9 The Meeting Place Who? Regions, cities, companies, banks, European associations What? Focus on exchange among community-led local development projects followed by networking sessions; Café, VIP rooms for ad-hoc meetings; TV Studio, Media Centre for regional media. How? Regions, cities, companies, banks and European associations to apply by either suugesting individual projects or complete workshops (three projects from different regions) by 05 March 2012. Where? Committee of the Regions

10 Project workshops: A new approach All RegioStars 2013 finalists will present their projects to a jury and to OPEN DAYS participants 5 sessions – one for each award category: SMART GROWTH: Connecting universities to regional growth SUSTAINABLE GROWTH: Supporting resource efficiency in SMEs INCLUSIVE GROWTH: Social innovation: creative responses to societal challenges CITYSTAR: Integrated approaches to sustainable urban development INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION: Promoting EU regional policy using short videos Popular vote on best project among 24 finalists – until end November Award ceremony in early 2013

11 The OPEN DAYS University Who? Regional Studies Association, international organisations, renowned academics and researchers in the field of EU cohesion policy and related policy fields; suggestions can be made as well by OPEN DAYS regional partnerships. What? Presentation of and exchange on recent research on cohesion policy and the OPEN DAYS thematic priorities. How? Proposals for sessions, including an outline of the content as well as information on the profile of proposed speaker to be sent to Ann- Kerstin Myleus at DG REGIO ( by 05 March

12 Local events: Europe in my region/city Who? Regional partner regions and cities of OPEN DAYS 2012 and other local partners; members of the CoR, the EP, or regional and local Assemblies, Europe Direct Centres, Commission and EP representations, etc. What? Workshops, debates, conferences, festivals, exhibitions, cultural or sport events, radio or TV broadcasts, Europe at school, youth competitions on the thematic priorities of OPEN DAYS 2012. How? Applications via regional partnerships or by individual local partners to be send to the Committee of the Regions (localevents- by 05 March 2012. Complete description to be send by 30 May 2012.localevents-

13 Communication tools OPEN DAYS 2012 information online: 14 December 2011 OPEN DAYS poster and map: End of April OPEN DAYS Magazine: Early June Online programme: 9 July (tbc) Programme at a glance: Mid-September Social media: RegioNetwork 2020 discussion groups, Twitter (#euopendays), Flickr

14 OPEN DAYS 2012: Media programme Media programme for journalists to be invited by DG REGIO and CoR. Briefings, press conferences, individual or group interviews etc. Media Centre including TV studio and working facilities as part of the Meeting Place.

15 Timetable 05 MarchApplication deadline for all partners including draft workshop descriptions and list of local events 30 March Confirmation on selection of partners 25 May 1 st meeting of partners (selection, concept, draft programme) 30 MayDetailed descriptions for all sessions, including chairpersons and speakers names + detailed description of local events 19 June2 nd meeting of partners (final programme) 09 July Registration begins (tbc) 21 Sept.Submitting speakers presentations and abstracts Sept.-Nov. OPEN DAYS 2011 local events all over Europe 08-11 Oct. OPEN DAYS 2012 seminars in Brussels

16 Questions and Answers

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