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2 Welcome to BUSN 107!  Class time & location: Wed, 09:55-12:30 & Thurs, 09:55-12:30 @O 002  Office: İİ BF Building, O 110  Phone: +90 (232) 4115215  E-mail:  Office hours: Wed, 13:30-15:30 Thurs, 16:10-18:00 2

3 Who am I?  Özge Can  Lecturer, Department of Business  Member of YÜ for two years  Undergraduate: Business Administration, DEÜ  Master: MBA, Sabanci Üniv  Doctorate: Management, Sabancı Üniv  Field of research: Organization theory, organizational behavior, organizational identities 3

4 Who are you? 4

5 What is BUSN 107 about?  Understanding of management and the basic components and skills of managing people and organizations  Organizations as dynamic entities affected by individual and group behavior as well as structural and environmental factors 5

6 Why are you taking this course?  Identifying the key ideas, concepts and theories associated with the science and practice of management;  Understanding the functions of management and the role of managers;  Evaluate why managers in organizations act the way they do;  Enhance interpersonal and critical thinking skills 6

7 Course Textbook:  Jones, G. R., & George, J. M. (2010)  Essentials of Contemporary Management  International Ed., McGraw-Hill 7

8 Course Website:   Your password: 4320107  Syllabus  Lecture slides  Reading materials  Announcements 8

9 Grading & Course Requirements  Midterm exam-1:30%  Midterm exam-2:20%  Final exam:50% 9

10 Grading & Course Requirements  Midterm exam-1 (30%): Written exam consisting of multiple-choice and essay questions  Midterm exam-2 (20%): Mini assignments and quizzes  Final exam (part 1) (10%): Attendance and participation to class discussions  Final exam (part 2) (40%): Written exam that you will take at the end of the semester 10

11 Course Policies: Academic Integrity  Plagiarism, cheating, lying and falsification are serious offenses that could result in a failing grade and severe disciplinary action.  Please pay utmost attention to avoid such accusations. 11

12 Course Policies: Office Hours  Office hours are the times during the week that I promise to wait in my office for your questions.  The best way to make sure I am in my office at a specific date and time is to make an appointment with me in advance (via email or phone). 12

13 Course Policies: E-mail Policy  You can always send me e-mails to get in touch with me and ask me questions.  However, you should pay attention to the following when sending an e-mail:  Appropriate salutation  Your full name at the end  The course you are attending  Full sentences with verbs  Please avoid nonsense e-mails! 13

14 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  Come to class on time! The class starts at 09:55. Then the door of the classroom closes and students who come later will not be admitted to the first class  Regular attendance is required to all sessions 14

15 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  Complete all assigned readings before coming to class; be prepared to apply and discuss the material in our in ‐ class analyses and discussions  Bring your textbook to class along with a pencil and paper to take notes 15

16 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  All electronic devices, such as mobile phones, notebook and laptop computers are to be turned off and remain that way during class and exam times. 16

17 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  You are expected to show respect for each other and communicate accordingly all the time.  Side conversations, reading newspapers, speaking without being addressed, dominating class discussions, or sleeping in class time will not be tolerated 17

18 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  Remember that the medium of instruction in our university is English.  This means that all course material, exams and assignments as well as lectures and class discussions will be in English. 18

19 Course Policies: Classroom Rules  If you have any questions, misunderstandings, worries about the course and the assignments, contact with me as early as you can.  Do not leave them to later weeks of the class when it may be too late. 19

20 Finally, do not forget...  To download and read the syllabus from the course website  To read Chapter-1 from your text book (softcopy available at course website under “Reading materials”) 20

21 1-21 I wish you an enjoyable semester

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