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Welcome Mrs. Griffin’s1 st Grade Class. Yellow Folder Check it daily at home. I check it daily at school. Return it to school each day with completed.

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1 Welcome Mrs. Griffin’s1 st Grade Class

2 Yellow Folder Check it daily at home. I check it daily at school. Return it to school each day with completed homework, notes, lunch money. Please take out the notices and any completed work and keep at home. There will be no homework on Friday.

3 Homework Homework will be in the yellow folder. Homework will be either spelling, math, reading or phonics. Homework will be posted on my website. Students should try to read for everyday for at least 15 minutes. Students should practice math addition and subtraction facts with flashcards. If needed, help your child hold the pencil properly and make sure he/she is writing the letters correctly.

4 Homework Make sure that he/she understands the work and help him/her if necessary. Review your child’s homework before it is returned to school the next day. If he/she is having difficulty write me a note to let me know. I usually return corrected homework only if there are too many mistakes. If a student forgets to bring in their homework, it should be brought in the next school day.

5 Dismissal Please send in a note if your child is being picked up by someone else or will be picked up early. I need to make sure each child goes home with their correct ride for safety reasons. We will always exit out the main entrance doors.

6 Absences Your child needs to be on time to school so that he/she does not miss anything. If your child is absent, please call the school to let us know. When your child returns to school, he/she needs to bring in a note giving the reason for the absence.

7 Classroom Rules Raise your hand Be quiet when someone is speaking Listen Keep your hands to yourself Try your best Use a quiet voice Sit criss cross apple sauce

8 Labeling Your Child’s Things Please write your child’s name on everything, including coats, and on the inside of book bags and lunch boxes.

9 Lunch Lunch is at 12:13 am followed by Recess Lunch costs $2.55 per day If you are paying for lunch, please place the lunch money or check (made out to Pomptonian) in an envelope or a ziplock bag. Write your child’s name and the amount on the envelope or bag. Place the money in your child’s yellow folder.

10 Snack Time Everyday the students will be allowed to eat a nutritious snack in the morning. Please do not send in candy. Snack only lasts for a few minutes so only pack the amount your child will eat.

11 Birthdays Food celebrations are discouraged Can bring in a small gift (ex: pencil) for students or donate a book to the class in your child’s name See Parent and Student Manual for details

12 Library Bring your child to the Memorial Library as often as you can to take out books to read with your child. Download books onto a Kindle or iPad for free from the library. The fantastic librarians there will show you how. Have your child bring in at least one book to read in class in case he/she finishes the classwork early. The more your child reads the better he/she will become at reading.

13 Scholastic Book Orders Books are available on the appropriate reading level and at great prices Place the orders online at club If sending the order to school please write the checks to Scholastic My code is HMF9N

14 Contacting me Write a note and send it into school in YELLOW folder (please not in the backpacks) Email me at Call the school

15 Conferences Monday November 2 nd – in the evening Tuesday November 3 rd & 4 th – in the afternoon Please let me know what time of day works best for you and I will make every effort possible to accommodate your needs.

16 Curriculum Journeys Reading Program and Guided Reading Oral Language, Vocabulary, Comprehension, Speaking/Listening, Fluency, Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Spelling, Grammar, Writing GoMath Operations and Algebraic Thinking Developing understanding of addition, subtraction, and strategies for addition and subtraction within 20. Number in Operations in Base Ten Developing understanding of whole number relationships and place value, including grouping in tens and ones. Measurement and Data Developing understanding of linear measurement and measuring lengths as iterating length units. Operations and Algebraic Thinking Number in Operations in Base Ten Measurement and Data

17 Curriculum (cont.) Social Studies Responsive Classroom Responsible and Active Citizenship Celebrating and Respecting Cultural Differences Geography: Map Skills American Heritage Scholastic News Science Fusion How Scientists Work Technology All Around Us Animals Plants Environments Earth's Resources Weather and Seasons Objects in the Sky All About Matter Forces and Energy

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