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Mrs. Miller’s & Mrs. Stock's Kindergarten Classroom Let the Learning Adventure Begin!

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1 Mrs. Miller’s & Mrs. Stock's Kindergarten Classroom Let the Learning Adventure Begin!

2 2 Kindergarten is a BIG DEAL!

3 3 Daily Routine Reading  Our Pathways reading program is a balanced literacy program composed of shared reading (poems and paragraphs), guided reading (reading skills, strategies and practice as a small group with me), literacy centers, independent reading and read aloud.  We will also practice and enhance reading and writing skills through our Writing Workshop program. Math  This will entail whole group instruction in such topics as patterns, sorting, graphing, number sense and basic addition.  Students will work in small groups exploring some of our topics with manipulatives.

4 4 Daily Routine Specials  Computer lab – Tuesday (30 minutes)  Guidance – 30 minute lessons on social/emotional issues are taught every other Tuesday by Mrs. Cheryl Dominique. Mrs. Margaret Hornbeck is the full-time guidance counselor that can be contacted here at school via phone or email for issues as they arise.  Search – every other Thursday (30 minutes)  Library – Friday (45 minutes)  Interests Centers – For 15-20 minutes each Friday, your child will have an opportunity to explore our building supplies, puzzles, toys and games

5 5 Daily Routine Brain Break  We hope to have a brain break daily for 10 minutes, as time allows.  Should a minor injury occur, your child will be cared for in the classroom. If the injury is more serious, we will send your child to the nurse and I will notify you. Snack Time  Since we have such a short period of time together each day, there is no snack time in the half-day kindergarten program. Your child may eat breakfast at school when they arrive. You may put money on your child’s account this evening.

6 6 Absences  Please be sure to keep your child at home if he or she is ill.  Notify the school if your child will be absent. The phone number is 540-751-2551.  Your child may return to school when he or she is fever free (without medication) for a full 24 hours.

7 7 Online Gradebook Phoenix  Please be sure to send in the Phoenix form if you would like to access your child’s grades online this year.

8 8 Grading  Loudoun County Public Schools grading system is as follows: 4 - exceeds standard-reports as an E on the report card* 3 - meets the standard-reports as a M on the report card 2 - progressing towards standard-reports as a P on the report card 1 - below standard-reports as a B on the report card.  The standards for these grades are the end of the year goals, thus your child’s report card for quarters prior to the 4th quarter may indicate quite a few P’s.

9 9 Classroom & School Rules PBIS-Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports  Here are the classroom rules our school agreed upon. Respect Myself - I will…be prepared to learn, make smart choices, follow directions, do my best Respect Others - I will…take turns listening and talking, respect personal space, show kindness Respect Property - I will…take care of materials in the classroom, leave the area better than I found it Talk about these rules at home with your child.

10 10 Teamwork Classroom Jobs  To develop teamwork and responsibility, your child will rotate through our classroom jobs.  Each table group will have a rotating table leader that will have special responsibilities within the group.

11 11 Communication  Please check your child’s green folder each day.  When Phoenix is available, check it periodically.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns at  If we need to discuss a sensitive issue, I will call you to discuss it.  You can also send me a note and I will answer in note form or by a phone call. Do not hesitate to contact me - I would like to keep our lines of communication open.

12 12 Odds & Ends Speech/Language/Motor Screening  I will be observing your child during the first month of school for any challenges they have in speech, language, and motor control. If they do not pass this initial screening, they will then be evaluated by Mrs. Fontanilla, our speech therapist at Mountain View. Volunteers  There are many volunteer opportunities available.  A TB screening is required to volunteer. These screenings can be obtained from your primary care physician or nurse. Birthday Treats  We will make your child’s birthday special.  We request that treats and goodie bags be kept for home parties.

13 13 Odds & Ends Office 365 DreamBox

14 14 We are looking forward to a great year!! Questions and Discussion

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