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Good morning To All. Md Shamsul Arif Head Teacher Hichachara Govt. primary School. Chhagalnaiya,Feni,Bangladesh.

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1 Good morning To All

2 Md Shamsul Arif Head Teacher Hichachara Govt. primary School. Chhagalnaiya,Feni,Bangladesh

3 Class: Five Subject: English Contant : 4 An Evening with Saikat’s” Family. Page 15 Date: 22.05.2014 Time:40minutes. Materials:Chalk,Duster,EFT 5,Picture, Digital equipments.

4 Read the text with correct pronunciation, stress and intonation 1 Write some thing about his/her evening time. 2 Learning Out comes:By the end of this lesson students will be able to:

5 Good morning students.How are you ? …………………..Thank you. Look at the screen.

6 Look at the picture and think one minuite and answer me what are they doing : Reading

7 Sewing

8 writing

9 Our today’s lesson is An Evening with Saikat’s Family EFT 5 page 15

10 What are they doing? Reading Sewing writing

11 a Parents a Appartment a Neighbour Improve a banker a Now read the passage A1 care fully and write the meaning of the fowlling words : father and mother floor of a big building Who lives near our home development Bank officer

12 Now make five groups(A, B, C, D. E) And answer the questions below:

13 1) It ‘s 6:30. what is saiket doing? 2) It’s 8:00. what is dad doing ? 3) It’s 10:30 what is mom doing ? 4)It’s 8:30 what is saikat doing ? 5) It’s 11:00 what is dad doing ? studying Watching TV Cleaning and washing Watching TV Watching tv talk show

14 Make pair with your left person and ask him questions bellow : 1)What is Saikat doing at6:00 ? 2)What is saikat doing at 8:oo? 3)What is saikat doing at 9:oo? 4)What is Saikat doing at 10:00? 5)What is saikat doing at 10:30? study Watch tv Eat dinner Read story book Help mom

15 We are going to play a re-arrange game.its a group work,so you do the work in previous group: Re-arrange the words and make sentences: 1) lives/ Saikat/ with /parents/ his 2)reads/ he/ in/ five/ class 3)He/ improve/ his/ English/ to /wants 4) Study/ he /6;00/ at 5)he/ At/ 8:oo/watches /tv/ cartoon Ans: Saikat lives with his family. He reads in cllass five. He wants to improve his English. He studies at 6:00 At 8:00 he watches tv cartoon.

16 Now fill in the gaps with the words below: a)Saia lives in ……………. b) At ………. his dad eat dinner. c)Sitka read storybook at…… d) …………………go to bed at 11:00 e)At 9:00 Sitka's mom……………….dinner. Bogra, 9:00, 10:30, saikat, eat 9:00 Bogra 10:30 Saiket eat

17 Students our time is short.Now take a home work: Write five sentences what you usually do in the evening. Students our time is over see you tomorrow

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