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European Exploration and Colonization

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1 European Exploration and Colonization

2 What European country explored and settled the Caribbean, Central America, and South America?

3 For what two reasons did Englishmen settle in North America?
Religious Freedom Economic Opportunity

4 What religious group settled New England?
The Puritans

5 What was another name for the Church of England?
The Anglican Church

6 What was the major reason for the settlement of New England?
Religious Freedom

7 Who settled at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1620?
The Separatists commonly called the Pilgrims

8 What agreement signed by the male settlers at Plymouth helped establish the notion of self-government in the Americas? The Mayflower Compact

9 Who settled the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
The Puritans

10 How did the Puritans get their name?
The Puritans wanted to purify or reform the Anglican Church.

11 What was the basic unit of the Massachusetts Bay Colony?
The Church Congregation Each congregation established a Town

12 Where did the Puritans practice a form of direct democracy?
At Town Meetings

13 Which colony did the Pilgrims settle?

14 What three European groups chiefly settled the Middle Atlantic region?
English Dutch Germans

15 What was the major reason for the settlement of Virginia and the other Southern colonies?
Economic Opportunity

16 Who founded the Virginia colony as a business venture?
The Virginia Company of London

17 Who were the English nobility who received large land grants in Virginia from the King of England and helped settle the colony? Cavaliers

18 Define indentured servant?
A person who agreed to work a certain number of years in exchange for payment of his passage to America.

19 What was the first English attempt at a colony in the New World?

20 What was the first permanent English settlement in North America?

21 What became the cash crop of the Virginia colony?

22 What was the first elected assembly (lawmaking body) in the New World?
The House of Burgesses

23 With what colony does one associate the Cavaliers?

24 Where did many poor English immigrants settle in the Virginia colony?
In the Shenandoah Valley or western Virginia

25 What regions of the Western Hemisphere did the Spanish explore and settle?
The Caribbean Central America South America

26 What region of the Western Hemisphere did the French explore?

27 Who had better relations with the First Americans, the British or the French?

28 How did English colonization affect the American Indians?
Lost territory Died from European diseases, especially smallpox

29 What group did Europeans force to come to the Americas?

30 Name four characteristics of the economy of the New England colonies?
Shipbuilding Fishing Lumbering Subsistence Farming

31 Name three characteristics of the economy of the Middle Colonies?
Shipbuilding Small farms Trading

32 What was the economic basis of the Southern colonies?
Cash crops raised on large Plantations

33 Subsistence farming Hunting Trading
What formed the basis of the economy of the Southern colonies in the mountains and valleys of the Appalachian foothills? Subsistence farming Hunting Trading

34 What were the three cash crops of the Southern colonies?
Tobacco Rice Indigo

35 What were the two cash crops in South Carolina?
Rice Indigo

36 Which English colonies believed in private property and free enterprise (profit)?

37 What trade pattern brought Africans to the English colonies?
The Triangular Trade

38 What was the name of the forced voyage of African slaves from their homes to the New World?
The Middle Passage

39 The main reasons Africans died during the Middle Passage was because
of crowded and unsanitary conditions led to disease and death

40 According to the SOL, what were the 3 points in the Triangular Trade?
The New England Colonies The West Indies Africa

41 To what major conflict did the Southern colonies’ slavery-based agricultural economy eventually lead? The Civil War

42 Slave rebellions occurred in the British colonies because
harsh laws were passed to control slaves

43 What two African American slaves led slave rebellions?
Gabriel Prosser and Nat Turner

44 What does religious tolerance mean?
Freedom of Religion

45 What religious group settled Pennsylvania?

46 What religious group settled Maryland?
Roman Catholics

47 What two groups of colonists generally believed in religious tolerance?
Quakers Roman Catholics

48 What is the term that describes British neglect of its colonies which actually resulted in economic growth and prosperity for the colonies? Salutary neglect

49 What are the eastern lowlands of the Atlantic Coastal Plain called?

50 What was the background of the small farmers, hunters, and traders in the mountains and valleys of the inland South? Scotch-Irish English

51 What religious movement swept the American colonies in the mid-1700s?
The Great Awakening

52 Name two important leaders of the Great Awakening?
George Whitefield Jonathan Edwards

53 What two denominations grew rapidly as a result of the Great Awakening?
Baptists Methodists

54 What religious movement of the mid-18th century preached “fire and brimstone” sermons to encourage spiritual rebirth? The Great Awakening

55 What did the Great Awakening challenge?
The religious order of the colonies The governmental order of the colonies

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