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SEP 2005 Green procurement in Slovenia - cases Peter Černigoj.

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2 SEP 2005 Green procurement in Slovenia - cases Peter Černigoj

3 SEP 2005 3 Green tradition n Slovenian are enthusiastic to protect the nature (in some cases enthusiasm fades) n Access to western technology, market and science in communist period n Production for buyers from EU according to the high quality standards n Export oriented, open economy SI Slovenia

4 SEP 2005 4 PP tradition n Competitive procurement practised in big projects since 1965 (World Bank and IMF loans etc). –Energy sector o Termo power-plants (coal, gas) o Nuclear (Westinghouse) o Hydro –Highways, railways, port SI Slovenia

5 SEP 2005 5 14 years of new public procurement n End of state monopoly, Budget law 1992 n Contract as a wedge, separating parties in public procurement n 1997 first PP Law (UNCITRAL & EU PP directives) n 2000 new PPLaw - "to implement completely the directives" n End of 2003 - renewed PPLaw, 192 new articles –political goals (sustainability, environment, social...) basically considered incompatible with old public procurement directives (?) n 2005 two new PP acts being prepared to transpose new directives SI Slovenia

6 SEP 2005 6 Environment and public contracts n Environment protection has been integral part of specifications and qualitative selection of candidates, according to strict legislation n Polluters have to pay high taxes so that most economical bid contract award criteria implies also environmental issues n Political goals were considered in contracting: –in specification, at decision on packaging of PP contracts, at the choice of projects, qualification criteria for candidates, evaluation of variants n Any decision follows environment protection legislation which is permanently improved n Evaluation of environmental impact of any project compulsory n Obstacles: dispersed contracting, lack of knowledge, time pressure... SI Slovenia

7 SEP 2005 7 Supporting activities n Training: EU financed programs and projects n Local commercial seminars and conferences n Government decided for concentration of the PP in 2003 (framework agreements), common specifications n PP Unit in the MOF n Private advisory services mushroomed n Club of public procurement officers, conferences

8 SEP 2005 8 Green coal for heating in Ljubljana (Q; S; E; C) n Before –low quantity brown coal 700.000 t/y –Waste ash 200.000 t/y n Now 400.000 t/y, ash 20.000 t/y n No sulphur, no dust in the air n Lower cost of fuel


10 SEP 2005 10 Contracting for energy savings (Q; S; E; C) (Case Kranj) n No investment cost for public owner n Savings and improved quality of building n Outsourced maintenance of heating system and fuel supply

11 SEP 2005 11 Contracting for energy savings n Part II.

12 SEP 2005 12 Pedestrian sidewalks (Q; S; E) n Plate or brick pavement against asphalt: –noise –bothering traffic –energy –cost –time of repair –waste material

13 What comes next? Plates or asphalt?

14 SEP 2005 14 Features of an industrial laundry (Q; S; E; C) n 25% of fresh water n Less detergents n Energy saving n Low temperature waste water n Fibres extracted on filters n Controlled quality of washing n Less damages of textiles n Separated entrance and exit...

15 Modern industrial laundry

16 SEP 2005 16 Green ballpoint pens n Cheep unpleasant green ballpoints n Poisonous? n Harmful to skin? n Consult the end user!

17 SEP 2005 17 Salt for ice removal on roads (Q; S; E; C) n Reducing the quantity needed and losses n Spreading devices –tested and certified for exact spreading n Salt stock in silo, weighted n Quantity control n Organization (ISO 9001?)

18 Silo for de-icing salt

19 SEP 2005 19 What to do next? n Central database of specifications n Add CPV-code to the specifications in the DB n Extend DB with qualitive selection criteria, samples of contract award criteria and recomended elements of contract n Promotion of good cases in media n Annual awards for best ECO - achievements in the EU n Networking in the EU - exchange of experience n Discover and support in the state central institutions, able to promote ECO-contracting


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