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Migrant Roma youth in Brussels: education and vocational training 8 th European Platform for Roma Inclusion Biser Alekov Ann Trappers Integration Centre.

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1 Migrant Roma youth in Brussels: education and vocational training 8 th European Platform for Roma Inclusion Biser Alekov Ann Trappers Integration Centre Foyer 27-06-2013 © Foyer

2 The Foyer family Regional Integration Centre – Interculturalisation & social cohesion – Legal Support – Roma & Travellers Service Dar Al Amal womens centre Youth centre Foyer Training Centre & T-Impact Neighbourhood workshop Foyer Youth Work Team & BIS Foyer (integration through sports)

3 © Foyer Foyer in context Since 1969 Government-funded non-profit organization Active in Brussels at local, regional and international level Working for the integration of people of immigrant background, with particular focus on particular groups, including Roma & Travellers Roma population in Brussels: – Estimate: 7 000 – Main countries of origin: Romania, Bulgaria, Western Balkans, Slovakia

4 Roma and Travellers service 1. Support Point Roma & Travellers 2. Mediator team © Foyer

5 Roma and Travellers service Support Point Roma & Travellers Information, support and reinforcement of schooling 2nd line: Target groups: schools, services, public institutions in Brussels Activities: information, advice, training, mediation, collaboration 1st line: Target groups: Roma & travellers Activities: mediation, family support, information, guidance, referral, reference adress © Foyer

6 Roma and Travellers service Mediators team Strengthen ties of confidence between families and schools by improving communication and collaboration, in view of improvement of schooling Social vulnerability Rebuilding bridges Target groups: Schools and schooling services in Brussels Social and judicial services Roma families Film: (513: 4.02-9.15) © Foyer

7 Mediators team: results Improved schooling of minors: Training Centre Foyer: » NJA 30% relative to 2007 » Bridge projects 8 23 in 2 years » Flow to labor market Primary school n°7 Molenbeek & n° 8 Schaarbeek: » NJA 40% tov 2007 Subscriptions non schooled children during school year © Foyer

8 Roma and Travellers service © Foyer

9 Personal pathways at Vormingscentrum Foyer © Foyer

10 The Flemish educational system: secondary education Our work is situated here: part-time vocational secondary education Alternance training system Full-time commitment of 28h/week 15h learning 13h on the job learning © Foyer

11 On the job learning: The youngsters get systematic pathway-to-work-guidance Youngsters who do not yet have any clear career perspectives and remain indecisive about the training programme they wish to pursue can follow a preparatory pathway (of up to 312 hours). Youngsters who are prepared to work but still need to develop their work attitudes and skills can avail of a bridging project to get 40 weeks' work experience (800 hours maximum) with a public administration or a non- profit association. Socially vulnerable youngsters who are not yet ready for labour market- oriented training are offered a personal-development pathway POT by a Centre for Part-time Training

12 © Foyer Personal-development pathways Are very flexible, they may comprise the following combinations: a personal-development pathway totalling 28 (50-minute) periods, comprising the components 'learning' and 'on-the-job learning' (no labour- market participation). a personal-development pathway totalling 15 (50-minute) periods, comprising the component 'learning' in combination with a bridging project or a preparatory pathway; a personal-development pathway totalling 13 (50-minute) periods, comprising the component 'on-the-job learning' (no labour-market participation) in combination with part-time education at a Centre for Part-time Education, CDO.

13 © Foyer Who are the youngsters at Vormingscentrum Foyer? 15 to 18 years old Registered in part-time vocational secondary schools Socially vulnerable youngsters, due to social / personal / multiple / complex problems Not yet able to work in a labour-oriented fashion In need of a safe and encouraging learning environment This schoolyear, 2012-2013: 61 youngsters in POT(39 boys, 22 girls) of whom 46 are Roma (mostly from Romania) 54 direct applications, 7 youngsters were sent by the school 19 youngsters combine their POT with bridging projects (= on the job training)

14 © Foyer Our goals 1. Re-establishing the contact with the youngster – Truancy prevention – Participation in training activities within a clear structure – Stimulating involvement 2. Reinforcing the youngster as a person within his pedagogical context – Increasing well-being and self-confidence – Allowing to catch his breath and calm down – Exploring future perspectives – Strenghtening social skills, autonomy, team spirit, sense of responsibility – Catching up linguistic deficiencies, help with individual problems 3. Repairing the link between the youngster and society, i.e. with both components of alternance learning

15 © Foyer The PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PATH is a success if the youngster can move on... to alternance learning system to (full-time) employment to (full-time) education / training AND if the ties with society have been repaired in other aspects of life, such as taking part in leisure activities a better sense of well-being and (self) confidence involvement, as opposed to alienation

16 General subjects training © Foyer

17 Training computer skills © Foyer

18 Training practical administrative skills © Foyer

19 Woodcraft © Foyer

20 Sports © Foyer

21 Creative workshops © Foyer

22 Citizenship / empowerment: workshops by the colleagues of the Roma service © Foyer

23 When their pathway is completed, our youngsters get... A certificate stating their acquired skills Help with their transfer to employment or education / training Aftercare and follow-up if they need further help (e.g. adapting their CV) © Foyer

24 Some youngsters at work © Foyer


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