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1 AERMATICA The Small RPA Market SME Point of View EUROCONTROL, Bruxelles, 14/09/2011.

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1 1 AERMATICA The Small RPA Market SME Point of View EUROCONTROL, Bruxelles, 14/09/2011

2 2 SUMMARY Who is AERMATICA About the Small RPA Market ANTEOS RPA & the ongoing rulemaking process The context evolution RPA vs Market schema Small RPA - Main issues outlined Small RPA vs Airspace Small RPA vs Radiofrequencies The Market from an SME perspective Proposal for a way forward

3 3 AERMATICA Manufacturer & operator of Small RPA International Aerospace Experience Vision about the Small UAS market Small but high skilled team with a wide set of competences Systemic approach typical of a big company but tailored Capacity to involve complementary actors in a long term project

4 4 About Small RPA Market A broad range of civil applications with societal benefits the same Small RPA platform can be proposed to several markets Aerospace Product life cycle to be adapted High technological SME companies may have competitive advantages with respect to big companies Small RPA do not need test range facility investments Small RPA are the solution for many of the potential needs Huge potential numbers may grant a high return on investment

5 5 ANTEOS & the ongoing rulemaking process Typical Aeronautic process in strict collaboration with ENAC (Italian CAA ) First Prototype PTF in Segregated Airspace 200920102011 2012 PTF in NON Segregated Airspace First Automatic Flight AERIAL WORK … and production 300 ANTEOS missions First Italian Patent

6 6 The context evolution National, European and international efforts in the standards definition process & rulemaking process From a manned aircraft-derived approach to specific RPA approach and in particular to Small RPA specific Increasing number of RPA manufacturers Increasing number of RPA flight service providers A new industrial sector is in its creational phase Emerging customers of RPA services

7 7 RPA vs Market schema AIRWORTHINESS AIRSPACE SCOPE Segregated Aerial Work Not Segregated Class G Not Segr. Class A … Unpopulated Segregated Area Research and Development Official Experimentation Unpopulated Not Segregated Area Populated Not Segregated AreaHigh Density Not Segregated Area Pilot Licensing Operator Licensing Insurance

8 8 Small RPA - Main issues outlined The lack of rules determine: a distorted market with a competitive disequilibrium between companies trying to follow defining rules and others that simply fly under- or over-engineering The fragmented European situation for Small RPA makes internationalization very difficult and the national markets may be too small To develop under regulation without defined regulation is pioneering impossible to estimate time-to-market and cost-to-market The limited number of official service histories makes it difficult: to define the right level of regulation

9 9 Small RPA vs Airspace Small RPA peculiarities should be incorporated by the Aeronautical framework Small RPA Airspace insertion is an historical step even in VLOS scenario: Rules of air applicability must be proven and probably updated Technical issues (e.g. to-be-seen, see-and-avoid) Legal issues Airmanship culture The safest way for Small RPA Airspace insertion requires the involvement of every stakeholder of that Airspace not only aircraft, but also actors of sports of air

10 10 Small RPA vs Radiofrequencies Small RPA data link shall use a new reserved bandwidth but with technological and commercial feasible devices Now used small and cheap commercial devices 2.4 or 5.8 Ghz Not only C2 link but also Payload Data link is to be considered Small RPA is an Aircraft therefore (Ground) Equipment should include an Aeronautical VHF radio typical scenarios (now in class G) are not applicable for ATS (Air Traffic Service) technical issues for the Ground radio local communication on Aeronautical frequencies

11 11 The Market from an SME perspective This Market is really complex for SMEs Pre-competitive common activities are essential Synergies are an enabling factor The dimension of the problems (i.e. insertion into airspace) requires a high investment (time, personnel, financial) which is not short term Tasks relevant for the community should be also supported by the community

12 12 Proposal for a way forward Strong EC support for the rulemaking development process (including standards) relevant to Small RPA EC funding for the participation of SMEs in this process Better attention to who operates outside of the rules Specific EC-funded R&D programmes for Small RPA and its components An incremental approach which will legally permit Aerial Work as soon as possible starting from restricted but commercially applicable scenarios extending by using service history (altitude, pilot distances, class of airspace,...) beyond national boundaries VLOS to BLOS

13 13 Thanks for your kind attention! Paolo Marras President and CTO mobile: +39-340-71.57.277 office: +39-0331-82.75.56 lab: +39-0331-82.24.07 fax:+39-0331-18.13.631 skype: nibapa e-mail:

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