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1 LDV LLP TRANSFER OF INNOVATION PROJECT BAHAR OZSU 3rd EQL Projects Workshop of CEDEFOP 15-16 December 20010 Thessaloniki.

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1 1 LDV LLP TRANSFER OF INNOVATION PROJECT BAHAR OZSU 3rd EQL Projects Workshop of CEDEFOP 15-16 December 20010 Thessaloniki

2 Project Title: Training SMEs on E-Commerce Project Type: LLP Programme Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation Project Contract No: 2008-1-TR1-LEO05-03248 Project Duration: 2 Years Project Total Budget: 320.979 EUR Grant Allocated: 240.692 EUR

3 Project Consortium: Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ICOC) - Project Leader Bfi Wien (Vocational Training Institute in Vienna) - Owner and coordinator of the former project (Fit for E-Commerce). ITC-Europa (Brussels based Consultancy Company) Istanbul Commerce University (ICU) Export Promotion Centre of Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade (IGEME) - Silent Partner 3

4 Specific objective: Develope e-commerce qualifications of employees and increase e- commerce activities among ICOC member SMEs in retail and wholesale trade. Long-term objectives: 1)Supporting the spread of the use of e-commerce by ICOC member SMEs 2)Developing the capacity of information use and e- competences of the SME employees. 3)Facilitating the SMEs to take part in the fast growing e- commerce market. 4)Increasing the competition power of SMEs by enabling them to utilize e-commerce. 5)Improving the quality of vocational education and training systems and practices in Turkey. 4

5 Development of a training programme including theoretical and practical training modules (face to face and computer based) to help SMEs how e- commerce business works in practice. Testing the training curriculum and methodology though pilot training programs in which 40 trainees (professionals of ICOC member companies) participated Evaluation of the pilot training programs and the project as a whole Dissemination of the results and outputs of the project to the Chambers of Commerce and other relevant organisations to exchange opinions and to share this expertise. 5

6 Training curriculum developed by Istanbul Commerce University (ICU) academics who took part in the project as trainers as well. Needs analysis through a survey among ICOC members, academic and on-site experiences of trainers, consulted to IGEME and Undersecretariat of the Prime Ministry for Foreign Trade Training curriculum Two fold approach: theoretical (classroom based) and practical (computer based) Virtual e-commerce simulation developed by ICU academics, expert in computer programming, for the practical training. Through practical trainings trainees experienced: design and plan e-commerce business, data entry & customization, operation & running the business. 6

7 Two pilot training program organized; 20 trainees attended in each program Trainers: Academics of Istanbul Commerce University (ICU) Trainees: Employees (in particular staff of sales/marketing and/or IT department) of ICOC member SMEs Training duration: 7 weeks (4 weeks theoratical, 3 weeks practical) Survey among trainers and trainees at the end of each program for the evaluaion of the satisfaction level Certificates approved by Ministry of National Education were given to successful trainees 7

8 Evaluation of the project as a whole and discussions on how to develop the project further and how to ensure the sustainability Evaluation Meeting in Brussels with the participation of all partners - Training Results Evaluation Report: evaluation of the pilot trainings and training materials - Monitoring and Evaluation Plan - Quality Management Plan: evaluation of the execution process of project activities 8

9 Follow up and Evaluation Questionnaire: a survey among the trainees in order to determine and assess at what point the companies were able to put into practice what they learned during the trainings Analyzing the survey results within the project consortium and using them as the basis for the sustainability and dissemination activities. Project Evaluation Form: an intra-evaluation form for the project staff Dissemination and Exploitation Plan

10 Informative tools to ease the dissemination activities: Project brochure, cd, leaflet and booklet Promotion and awareness raising activities through press releases on newspapers, magazines and internet (ICOC newspaper, ICOC monthly magazine, sectoral magazines, announcements on the websites of stakeholders, etc) Dissemination visits in all partner countries to cooperate on the sustainability and dissemination of the project as well as to raise awareness on the project activities, training curriculum,project outputs and the importance of e-commerce. 10

11 11 DISSEMINATION One-on-one Visits in Turkey Visits to the public institutions and sectoral organizations/associations in Turkey - The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey - Prime Ministry e-State Group, - Ministry of Industry and Commerce - Export Promotion Center - Small and Medium Industry Development Organization (KOSGEB) - Export Promotion Center - Turkish Informatics Association.

12 12 DISSEMINATION - Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) consortiums in 7 different regions in Turkey (Chambers of Commerce, Center of developing and supporting the administration of SMEs, Export Unions and Universities) as well as Development Agencies. Visits in Brussels (2010) European Commission: DG INFSO, DG Internal Market, DG Health & Consumers Rights European E-Commerce and Mail Order Trade Association (EMOTA) European Centre for the Development of Vocational Training (CEDEFOP)

13 PIN SME EUROCOMMERCE EUROCHAMBERS Visits in Vienna (2010) Chamber of Labour Vienna, Austrian Institute for Research on Vocational Training, bfi Wien - Department for Commercial Trainings Research on Qualifications and Training of the Austrian Economy (ibw) 13

14 14 DISSEMINATION University of Applied Sciences bfi-wien, Vienna Promotion Employment Fund, Project/Initiative Mingo Migrant Enterprises, Austrian Trade Union Federation, Enterprises of the Employment Service Vienna

15 15 PROJECT OUTPUTS & PRODUCTS Outputs and Products E-Commerce training curriculum, Virtual workshop software, Project website Project CD / brochure E-Commerce training portal Ministry of Education approved training certificate

16 16 PROJECT OUTPUTS & PRODUCTS Project Website Detailed information regarding the Project as well as the activities, training modules, webshops and the e-learning portal can be found on the Projects website.

17 17 PROJECT OUTPUTS & PRODUCTS E-Commerce Training Portal The portal, one of the most practical and significant products for the sustainability of the KOBETIC project, was developed to teach e-commerce to SMEs and other interested parts on a virtual basis and to put into practice the theoretical training. Opencampus: Free & Open Source Trainings and Sharing Portal


19 19 FUTURE PROSPECTS Informative activities to raise the awareness of people on e-commerce training portal: Open Campus Improvement of the Open Campus training portal further (cooperation with technology based training institutions) and dissemination of this website throughout Turkey

20 20 FUTURE PROSPECTS Organization of face to face and computer Based training programs for the employees of ICOC member SMEs Improving the content of training curriculum and developing a distantce learning platform with the support of KOSGEB Developing or being part of EU or national projects related to e-commerce or the use of internet technologies for the capacity building of SMEs in particular


22 22 OTHER VET PROJECTS OF ICOC Istanbul Special Provincial Administration Vocational Training Course Project (OZIMEK) OZIMEK is a continuous national project aiming to educate a qualified labor force according to the needs of private sector. This project was launched by a protocol signed by ICOC, the Ministry of Turkish National Education and Istanbul Special Provincial Administration on 6 June 2007. OZIMEK courses were further strengthened with the participation of the Turkish Employment Organisation (TEO) in the protocol on 11 March 2008.

23 23 OTHER VET PROJECTS OF ICOC Project Management for European Sustainable Development-PM4ESD PM4ESD is a LdV TOI project aiming to adapt Prince2, project management methodology, having more than 250 thousand certified applicants in the world in order to support the sustainable development of the tourism and cultural sectors. STITCH-Sustainable Tourism IT Course and Handbook STITCH is a LLP Key Activity 3 project aiming to use ICT based Open and Distance Learning opportunities in order to assist to overcome the learning barrier for students living in rural areas, having no learning opportunities especially on higher levels and to provide the labor market with more and better qualified people.

24 24 OTHER VET PROJECTS OF ICOC Development of Dissemination and Exploitation of Network Activities This is a LLP Key Activity 4 project aiming to support the network activities and services and to improve the exchange and communication of the network members of ENTER ( ICOC is one of the members of this network. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce Vocational Training Center (ITOMEM) ITOMEM was established in 2004 in order to train skilled middle management personnel to meet the demands from our members. Two programs were initiated in ITOMEM: The Private Security and Workplace Safety Certificate Program The Real Estate Brokerage Program

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