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Unit V Part I Political Parties. What is a political party? Organization of individuals who come together to win elections and influence government policy.

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1 Unit V Part I Political Parties

2 What is a political party? Organization of individuals who come together to win elections and influence government policy

3 One Party System Definition - The party and the government are one and the same

4 One Party System Advantages – the government gets its agenda accomplished

5 One Party System Disadvantages – the people have no choice and are at mercy of the party

6 Two Party System Definition – When two parties dominate the political process

7 Two Party System Advantages – one party guaranteed a majority

8 Two Party System Disadvantages – groups with minority feelings are generally left out

9 Multi-Party System Definition – three or more parties compete for control of government

10 Multi-Party System Advantages – minority views are represented

11 Multi-Party System Disadvantages: –Plurality (the most votes) determines the leader, not a majority –Coalitions: several parties must work together in order to function which can easily break down

12 What type of system does the US have? Two-Party System

13 George Washington’s Farewell Address to put, in the place of the delegated will of the nation the will of a party, often a small but artful and enterprising minority of the community; ….. the above description may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely, in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.

14 History of Political Parties Considering the excerpt above from George Washington’s farewell address how did he feel about political parties in the US?

15 What were the first two parties in the US? Federalists Democratic-Republican

16 Where did each party want most political power to be? Federalists wanted a strong national government Democratic-Republicans wanted more power with states

17 What issue prompted the establishment of the Republican Party? Formed to oppose slavery

18 What are the two dominate parties in American politics today? Democrats Republicans

19 What is a political parties platform? Statement of a parties beliefs and positions on election issues

20 What is a plank? Each individual part of a platform

21 Identify the major differences between the Republicans and Democrats: Democrats:Democrats National Gov. should regulate economy Provide housing, income, education, and jobs for poor Protect the environment through regulation

22 Republicans Less government regulation of economy so businesses can grow Growing economy means poor can get jobs and improve lives Less environmental regulation because it hurts economy Strong military

23 What is a third party in American politics? Smaller, minor parties that rarely win seats in office Have never won Presidency

24 How are third parties formed? Single-Issue Parties – form to promote a particular issue (ie – The Prohibitionist Party) Ideological Parties – support a particular philosophy (i.e. – The Communist Party USA) Independent Candidate Parties – formed around a strong leader (i.e. the Reform Party)

25 What obstacles make it difficult for third parties to win major elections? Must get petitions signed by voters to get on ballot Difficult to raise large amounts of money

26 How have third parties influenced American politics? Influencing Policy: The Populist Party of the 1890’s promoted an 8 hour workday and direct election of Senators

27 How have third parties influenced American politics? Spoiler Role: Ralph Nader ran in the 2000 election against George Bush and Al Gore under the Green Party which was close in philosophy to the Democrats meaning those who voted for Nader would probably have voted for Gore if he had not run. This may have spoiled the election for Gore



30 What are the two most important tasks that are completed at the National Convention? Nominate candidates for President and VP Write the Party’s Platform

31 Identify each of the following Precinct – a geographic area that contains a number of voters Ward – geographically connected precincts

32 What is a political machine? A local party organization so powerful it can guarantee candidates election

33 How does one join a political party? Identify your party choice when you register to vote

34 What are the roles of a political party? 1.NOMINATE CANDIDATES Primary elections: most popular method of choosing candidates

35 DIRECT PRIMARY Allowing the voters to choose candidates Close Primary – only registered party members can vote Open Primary – voters do not need to be party members to vote Caucus – meeting of party delegates to choose

36 CAMPAIGNING FOR CANDIDATES Raise money for candidate Inform voters about candidates views

37 INFORMING CITIZENS Informs voters about public issues and how government works

38 CARRY THE PEOPLE’S MESSAGE Listen to the concerns of the people Grassroots Movement – a political movement that begins with the people.

39 OPERATING THE GOVERNMENT Party issues are supported by elected officials Leaders choose loyal party members for important positions

40 LINK DIFFERENT LEVELS OF GOVERNMENT National, state and local party members cooperate together to run the country


42 WATCHDOG ROLE Each party watches the actions of the other and informs the public about corruption

43 Political Philosophies Political Philosophies "A definition I once heard involved a tree with a rotten limb. The conservative wants to wait and see if the tree will heal itself. The liberal wants to saw off the limb. The radical wants to chop down the tree and plant a new one."

44 Conservatives Generally are people who Oppose government interference in economy Oppose change Believe in individual responsibility

45 Liberal Generally are people who: believe government can bring about positive change Government should protect freedoms should help those who cannot help themselves

46 Moderates Generally are people who Generally oppose radical views and opinions


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