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Getting Mobile with an EDM Joe Hennessy Motability Operations.

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1 Getting Mobile with an EDM Joe Hennessy Motability Operations

2 Getting Mobile with an EDM Agenda The Scheme Adaptations WAVs and DFWs What customers are saying

3 annual turnover of over £1 billion Dealer network 4,200 445,000 customer base 7% new car sales annually in the UK 32 car manufacturers assets worth over £2.5 billion Largest fleet operator in Europe Head office in London Motability at-a-glance

4 How the Scheme works As a unique and very successful collaboration of the public and private sectors Motability Scheme enables disabled people to use their government-funded mobility allowances to obtain a new car, powered wheelchair or scooter The Scheme is directed and overseen by Motability, a registered charity, and administered on a contract basis by Motability Operations (for cars) and route2mobility (for wheelchairs and scooters).

5 What is offered, and to whom 1.8 million recipients of the Higher Rate Component of the Disability Living Allowance or War Pensioners mobility supplement Contract hire and hire purchase schemes available You dont need to be a driver – 1/3 of customers dont drive Motability provides worry-free motoring for customers New car every three years Insurance Servicing Full breakdown assistance…and more

6 Paying for the car or wheelchair Customers can exchange their allowance (£43.45 a week) for a car – 3,000 to choose from This payment covers the full cost of over 200 cars Choice of car can be extended by paying an advance payment from c. £50 - £8,000 Contract hire is chosen by over 95% of customers Can also choose to purchase the car outright via our hire purchase Scheme

7 Just some of the many cars on the Scheme

8 Providing extra financial help Motability (the charity) provides a range of grants from both its own Charitable Fund and the Governments` Specialised Vehicles Fund Financial help to pay for suitable cars, adaptations or driving lessons is available Every year £10 million is awarded

9 The new deal on Adaptations If they have additional requirements, Motability lease customers can choose from: Popular adaptations, such as push-pull hand controls and left-foot accelerators, at no additional cost Many more extensive adaptations at affordable prices A range of Wheelchair Adapted Vehicles (WAVs) at highly competitive prices Manufacturer-fitted adaptations, starting with Toyota swivel seats, as an ordering option An increased selection of automatic cars at affordable levels, including more at nil advance payment

10 New Prices

11 WAVs and DFWs WAV – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle –This is a car or van that has been converted to carry passengers that travel in their wheelchair DFW – Drive From Wheelchair –This is a car or van that a person can drive without the need to transfer from their wheelchair. –These can range from simple adaptations to heavily adapted driving solutions All are available on the Scheme.

12 WAVs and DFW progress on the Scheme Dedicated drive from wheelchair section in Motability price guide Improved affordability – some WAVs £0 AP 20 WAVs less than £500 AP 10 drive from wheelchair vehicles in price guide – from £2,533 for a Vexel Quovis Accessibility and wheelchair storage suitability rating feature on the price list and online c2,500 WAV customers

13 What customers are saying Hopefully this will benefit a lot of people - I can think of at least two of my customers who are going to be over the moon about not having to pay for hand controls now. This is fantastic news! Looks great to me! I have already ordered my car. Sorted! I phoned Motability who contacted the garage and arranged for a left-foot accelerator free of charge. Very big pat on the back to Motability Operations, its nice to know they are on our side when trying to make life tolerable..thank you. *Youreable –website giving information, products and services for disabled people Youreable website*, Nov 06

14 Price comparisons The table below is a summary of the savings that can be made, as much as £8,000, through the Motability Scheme over a 3-year period (Get Motoring, RADAR 2006)

15 Dealers so accommodating Very helpful & a pleasure to deal with Nothing is too much trouble Excellent service above and beyond the call of duty Fantastic service for the whole application process Wouldnt hesitate promoting Motability or the dealership Customer care is outstanding Cant thank them enough for their time and care Customer appreciation 97% of customers would recommend the Scheme

16 Customer satisfaction highest ever

17 Find out more

18 Motability online… Find a Dealer near you Latest car deals Fully searchable price list –By price –By accessibility –By car type…. –Car measurements reference factsheet (Ricability) Information pack requests News and Scheme updates Information in nine additional languages

19 APLLG National Charter & Motability CHOICE 3,000 models, available via 4,000 dealerships. Search online or in the Motability Price Guide COMFORT Great value new cars and adaptations. Unique Suitability Ratings available on more that 1,000 models. CAPABILITY Reliable transport with insurance, servicing, repairs and breakdown cover included as part of the Contract Hire scheme. COSMESIS Good looking modern cars and adaptations. COMPETENCE Specialists in dealerships attend disability confidence training. CARING One stop customer services department, available to help customers 5 days a week. In-house technical expertise. Our RAC – Motability Assist provides a tailored service for Motability customers


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