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GM6 Introduction Y E R U H A M K f t.

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1 GM6 Introduction Y E R U H A M K f t

2 GM6 Overview - Module Type
LG GLOGA-GM Key features Dedicated CPU offers ▶ Higher processing speed(0.5 ㎲/step) ▶ More reliable system ▶ More cost-effective solution IEC with Windows based programming S/W ▶ Portability & Compatibility of Software ▶ IL, LD and SFC supported ▶ Simulation Function and User defined Function Block Variety of CPU just fit to your applications - Maximum I/O : 384 points ▶ CPUA : Computer Link(RS-232C) ▶ CPUB : Computer Link(RS-485), PID and RTC(Real Time Clock) included ▶ CPUC : Computer Link(RS-232C), PID and HSC(High Speed Counter), RTC (Real Time Clock) included Built-in Power supply for Analog control ▶ Output :5Vdc 2A, +15Vdc 0.5A, -15Vdc 0.2A Powerful Standard & High speed network ▶ RS232C, RS422/485 include MODBUS(RTU, ASCII), AB DF1(Ful Duplex) protocol, Fieldbus(F-net), Single Remote I/O(F-net), Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, Single Remote I/O Y E R U H A M K f t

3 GM6 CPU Y E R U H A M K f t LG GLOGA-GM Built-in Flash Memory
Built-in RS232C Link Built-in 7K Program Back-up without battery Not necessary additional memory pack such as CQM1(OMRON) CQM: 4/8K EEPROM/EPROM Memory Cassette necessary Provides additional RS232C Ch. besides Loader Ch. within one serial port Monitoring & Controlling are available using LG protocol Provides 3 types of Link speeds TXD RXD KGL-WIN Handy-Loader Host Computer Loader Port (on CPU Module) 1 5 6 9 Dip switch for uploading program Flash Memory Y E R U H A M K f t

4 GM6 CPUs -Built-in functions
LG GLOGA-GM B Type (GM6-CPUB) C Type (GM6-CPUC)  RS422/485 – Station : 0~31(32 stations) – Speed : 9,600/19,200/38,400 bps – Multi-drop Network with High Speed  High Speed Counter – 1 phase Up/Down or 2 phases Up/Down – Counting Range : 0~16,777,215 (24bit) – Counting Speed : Max. 20Kbps – Multiplication : 1 / 2 / 4 – Condition Up/Down for 1 phase ; Program or External Input  PID with auto-tuning function – Simple PID Control using software – Not necessary PID/Temp. Controller → Cost-down effect – Loop No. ; Unlimited → set by program function block  RS232C Interface  RTC(Real Time Clock) - Y2K Free - Record of Power Faliure etc. Available Function 1:N N : N PLC Computer . . . . . . GM6 GM6 GM6 ... GM6 GM6 GM6 HOST Slave Slave  RTC(Real Time Clock) – Y2K Free – Record of Power Failure & etc. Available  PID with Auto-tuning function * A Type (GM6-CPUA) : RS-232C Interface Y E R U H A M K f t

5 GM6 Power & I/O Modules Y E R U H A M K f t LG GLOGA-GM Power Supply
Input Range : 85 ~ 264V, DC12~24V Safe against Severe Voltage Fluctuation  5 types of Power Supply AC Power Supply – General Type (PAFA) Output 5V/24V – Special Type (PAFC) Output 5V/24V for12 I/O Base Board – Analog Type (PAFB) Output 5V/±15V for Analog I/O DC Power Supply – General Type (PDFA) Output DC12~24V – Analog Type (PDFB) Output DC12~24V for Analog I/O  If you use the A/D, D/A Module for application, you should select analog type I/O Details points Description connector 8 Sink/Source TB D/C 16 TB Input 32 CN 8 AC110V TB A/C 8 AC220V TB Relay 8 Relay, 2A TB 16 Relay, 2A TB 16 Sink, 0.5A TB Output 16 Source, 0.5A TB Transistor 32 Sink, 0.1A CN 32 Source, 0.1A CN Triac 8 1A TB Y E R U H A M K f t

6 * B/I : Built-in function
GM6 Special Modules LG GLOGA-GM A/D 4CH D/A 4CH PID (B/I)  Analog Applications  PID Control with auto-tuning Fnet with High speed Fnet Remote I/O DeviceNet HSC:50kpps HSC(B/I) 20kpps Position Module - 2 Phases  Position Probe  Servo/Step Motor Control Control RS232C RS422 RS232C(B/I) RS422/485(B/I)  Serial Interface  1:1(N), N:N  SCADA I/O GM6  Master  Slave I/O - DC24V, 16pts. - Relay, 16pts. * B/I : Built-in function TC Input 4 CH Profibus-DP(Master)  MODBUS(Slave) (ASCII, RTU)  AB DF1(Full Duplex) Y E R U H A M K f t

7 GM6 Open Network LG GLOGA-GM IEC/ ISA Frame Editing Tool
 Serial Interface(Cnet) Frame Editing Tool  RS232C, RS422/485 - Frame Editor Tool enables to communicate with any other PLCs using user defined protocol ▷ MODBUS mode Cnet module can be used as a Master or Slave station interface to connect GM6 PLC to the MODBUS network using MODBUS RTU or ASCII protocol ▷ AB DF1 (Full Duplex) Protocol - Mountable up to 2 modules in one base board - Modem connection is available for long distance  Fieldbus Interface(Fnet) & Single Remote I/Os IEC/ ISA ▶ Fnet, LG dedicated Fieldbus network, supports long distance communication - Up to 5.25km (using 6 repeaters), generally 750m ▶ Dedicated Gate Array enables High speed communication and Reliability - Transmission speed : 1M bps ▶ Mountable up to 2 modules in one base board ▶ Single remote I/Os - Not necessary CPU and Power modules - Link Master Class + Remote Slave Class = 64 nodes - 16 DC Input, 16Relay Output, 8DC Input/8Relay Output

8 GM6 DeviceNet LG GLOGA-GM  DeviceNet Master & Single Remote I/O
MS NS G6L-DUEA MODE ADDRESS 10 1 1.1.1  DeviceNet Master & Single Remote I/O ▷ Cost-Effective Reduced hardwiring cost by using a single network ▷ Compatibility Predefined Master/Slave communication using ScanList ▷ Fast response and High reliability for demanding applications ▷ 1 Master can control 63 Slave modules and 2,048 I/Os max. ▷ Master module(G6L-DUEA) can be linked with any DeviceNet slave controllers ▷ Stations(MAC address) and baud-rate(up to 500kbps) can be set by hardware ▷ 2 Master modules can be mounted in one base board ▷ 2 Slave Modules - 16 Inputs for DC24V(GOL-DSIA) - 16 Output for Relay(GOL-DSQA) x 10 x 1 PWR NS ADDRESS MS MODE On G0L-DSQA Off NC COM COM2 24V INPUT DC 24V NC COM COM4 24G

9 GM6 Programming Tool(GMWIN)
LG GLOGA-GM  With open architecture, IEC based programming S/W for windows - enables Portability & Compatibility of Software IL, LD and SFC supported -  Management by secret files using User defined function or function block - Frequently used program can be made as User defined function or function block - These can be used for any other similar applications  Simulation function - enables program test without PLC connection and Error detection  Alternative download - Only execution file can be downloaded to secure source program - Source file can be saved separately for editing, monitoring & debugging Y E R U H A M K f t

10 GM6 Dimensions Y E R U H A M K f t LG GLOGA-GM CPU Module I/O Module
38 35 90 110 GM6-CPUA PAU/REM STOP GM6-CPUA 38 35 90 110 Size comparison A1S (132%) CQM1 (115%) GM6 (100%) Base board A B C D E A B C D E GM6 - B04M 230.5 244 92.0 110 62 B06M 300.5 314 B08M 370.5 384 GM6-B12M 510.5 524 Y E R U H A M K f t

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