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NHS Supply Chain Stretching the Pound. We are on the same side NHS Funding/Commissioning NHS Service Providers.

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1 NHS Supply Chain Stretching the Pound

2 We are on the same side NHS Funding/Commissioning NHS Service Providers

3 Focus eliminate cost from the supply chain Leverage Volume Drive Cost Out Benefits Flow

4 Rehabilitation Portfolio CategorySub CategoryNumber of Contracts Annual ValueNumber of Products Prosthetics and OrthoticsOrthotics - External breast prostheses7 4,775,417.00 152 Prosthetics and OrthoticsOrthotics – Orthoses & Orthotic Services89 74,246,988.00 14,988 Prosthetics and OrthoticsOrthotics - Wigs supply and repair30 3,965,658.00 2,264 Prosthetics and OrthoticsProsthetics - Artificial limb components8 15,843,751.00 19,937 Prosthetics and OrthoticsProsthetics - Prosthetic socks6 306,348.00 2,641 Prosthetics and OrthoticsProsthetics - Silicone cosmesis5 1,152,866.00 298 Wheelchairs,CES and EATElectronic Assistive Technology14 7,038,483.00 1,678 Wheelchairs,CES and EATSpecial Seating14 4,171,692.00 752 Wheelchairs,CES and EATWheelchairs and Associated Equipment21 19,661,660.00 18,770

5 Member Input : Key Messages NHS Supply Chains contracting process will utilise a high-integrity, member-driven competitive bid process. NHS Supply Chain will gather and use member input to: –Establish member satisfaction with the contracting process –Optimize how we use member input –Ensure the information we receive accurately reflects the diversity of the membership Processes allow members to focus attention on contracting decisions that directly affect patient outcomes.

6 Enhance Effectiveness of Member Input: Three Groups Councils –Group of members brought together by NHS Supply Chain staff to provide strategic member input on supply-related business issues, agreements and programs of ongoing concern –Populated with staff from the largest, most engaged members of NHS Supply Chain and serve a 3 year term –Focused on largest revenue-driving member segment Task Forces – Task forces are formed for discussion of medium- or high- profile agreements – Task force is formed when a council determines it does not have the appropriate end-user expertise to provide input – Task forces disband after completing their designated tasks Contracting Advisory Panel –Members at large Low-cost way to acquire broad-based input directly affecting contracts Broad opportunity for input designed to enhance procurement process.

7 Process Overview Councils Council B Contracting Advisory Panel Council D Council A Council C Makes Award Recommendations Task Forces Bid-Specific Group 2 Bid- Specific Group 1 Discipline-specific end-users

8 Member Input Selection Appointments to a council or task force are based on the following: –Knowledge base of applicant –Skill and experience –Breadth of responsibility –Tenure –Geography and bed size –Support from health care organizations management Appointments to the Contracting Advisory Panel are based on the members ability to complete the required paperwork and training

9 What does the Member really do on a Council or a Task Force? Provide input on product trends Evaluation of potential product areas Determine potential of innovative technology Guide NHS Supply Chain staff

10 What does the Member really do on the Contracting Advisory Panel? Provide product end-user expertise to councils and task forces for high impact and key clinical categories. May provide further input, as requested

11 Benefits Make the right decisions Understand Member needs Tap into Member expertise Latest issues and technology trends

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