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Multilingual Early Language Transmission - Results and products Veronica Hertzberg 6.10.2011.

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1 Multilingual Early Language Transmission - Results and products Veronica Hertzberg 6.10.2011

2 Presentation overview Introduction to the MELT project and partners Starting point Aims and goals Target groups Products and results: – Parents pamphlet – Guide practitioners – Local awareness raising events – Research paper


4 The starting point

5 The aims for MELT are to: Identify best practice in language acquisition and immersion methodology increase the skills of early years practitioners provide children with a strong educational foundation provide information to parents on bilingualism reinforce and promote cultural and linguistic diversity

6 Target groups: Parents, families and peers Pre-school practitioners Policymakers, local and regional authorities

7 Policymakers, authorities Local events and seminars Introduction seminar in Finland and Closing seminar in Friesland Roundtable discussions Website Newsletters Press-releases Articles

8 Parents pamphlet

9 The language development and tips childrens language development from birth up to the age of 4. Tips for activities Benefits for a multilingual upbringing


11 9 sections Adults as linguistic role models Collaboration with parents on linguistic matters Everyday situations and the physical environment Suggestions for observing and recording childrens language

12 continue Working with themes, and emphasis on linguistic factors How to stimulate childrens language use Playtime to stimulate language Reflection Examples of exercises and activities

13 How to use the guide Bilingual A theoretical background Suggestions and tips Issues for reflection and development Examples for activities Ring binder

14 Comments Overall, the guide and activities have helped to reinforce practice. It is well needed for staff and parents. I would like now more opportunities to involve parents and to support them at home. This has been a very good experience. This has helped me find ideas and to introduce the Welsh language to non-Welsh speaking children. I would appreciate more support like this. This would benefit all members of staff starting in the cylch and they would benefit from the training. This was an interesting project but we found it too difficult to adapt to the smallest children less than two years old.

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