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Showcasing and Rewarding European Public Excellence © Theme III: Going Green Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector Martin Unfried.

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1 Showcasing and Rewarding European Public Excellence © Theme III: Going Green Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector Martin Unfried

2 © Financial crisis versus sustainable development? Projects from which administrations? Examples of topics Lessons learned: continuation and innovation despite the crisis 1 2 3 4

3 ©

4 © Environment: Return of old thinking? -financial and economic crisis -dominating the EU and national political agenda Global reaction: Recovery packages to stimulate the economy Cautious approach for important sectors Stimulating sustainability? 2008/2009

5 © Copenhagen – the end of optimism? no commitments for competitors no world wide internalisation of external costs via emissions trading New European strategy? increased need for aid schemes? Cancun: modest steps Durban? Climate Policy at a crossroads

6 © The EU 6 th Action Programme Review: -implementation still a major problem (national efforts) -climate change driven by external developments -biodiversity (halt of loss by 2010) targets not achieved (lack of commitment by MS) -thematic strategies: divers impact Review Headlines of the 6 th Action Programme 2002/2012 - integration into other sectors - better implementation of EU legislation - Ambitious climate change policy - Ambitious biodiversity policy -connection environment and health -natural resources and waste Sustainable Development as a comprehensive concept Sustainable Development Strategy

7 © Europe 2020 – Towards sustainable growth European Commission 2011 Sustainable growth means in essence building a more competitive low-carbon economy that makes efficient, sustainable use of resources, protecting the environment, reducing emissions and preventing biodiversity loss and capitalising on Europes leadership in developing new green technologies and production methods....

8 © Extra Criteria for green projects a strong link between innovative projects and EU environmental legislation or EU environmental objectives; a convincing balance of environmental measures and cost effectiveness; and a clear strategy for internal and external communication and awareness raising.

9 © The applications per policy subject Green Public Procurement/PPP for environmental projects3 Long-term sustainable development plans/strategies of towns6 Nature conservation/reforestation2 Specific projects on renewable energies and energy efficiency8 Internal environmental/sustainable development strategies in public administration/EMAS8 Stimulating sustainable development in the construction sector3 Communication campaigns/awareness raising/e-governance tools/culture12 Stimulation of clean technology/e-mobility2 Innovation in waste policy/nuclear waste policy6 Innovation in water policy5 Institution building (cross-border environmental agency)1 Total56

10 © Final Nominees: Theme 3 Theme 3: Going Green: Concrete Solutions from the Public Sector The Final Nominees EPSAPorto, a Water Sensitive City: Sustainable Management of Urban Water Cycle (City of Porto, Portugal) EPSAECO2 - Eco-efficient Tampere 2020 (City of Tampere, Finland) EPSA"ÖkoKauf Wien" - "EcoBuy Vienna (City of Vienna, Austria) EPSAMore Forest for More Life (Province of Arad, Romania) EPSAThe SITXELL Project: Integrating Natural Values and Ecosystem Benefits into Land Planning (Province of Barcelona, Spain)

11 © Final Nominees: Theme 3 Theme 3: Best Practice Certificate EPSAThe Barcelona More Sustainability City Council Programme City of Barcelona (Spain) EPSAKlima:Aktiv – Going Green: buildings, mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energies! (Austrian National Government) EPSASubsidized Loans for the Purchase and Installation of Solar Thermal Collectors by Households and Residential Communities Program (Polish National Government) EPSAA Step Change: Aberdeen City Council's Leadership for a Low Carbon Economy (Aberdeen City Council, UK) EPSAECOGGPxLA: Implementation of ECOdesign in Green Public Procurement of urban furniture for Local Authorities, Province of Barcelona (Spain) EPSAEnvironmental Management Programme in the Vienna City Administration (City of Vienna, Austria)

12 © Topics: 56 Projects from 17 countries A comprehensive approach towards green public procurement practices Searching for alternative financing for environmental projects by involving a broader public/cooperating with schools and universities Establishing long term programmes and strategies at the municipal level for sustainable development and climate protection with a holistic character tackling in particular the most difficult sectors

13 © Progressive long-term City programmes

14 © Topics Organisational reform and policy changes in the field of water management Integrating biodiversity aspects in spatial planning with a view to land value Special instruments to stimulate the application of renewable energies New forms of public awareness raising and education for environmental needs

15 © Topics Improving the implementation of legislation in the field of waste and water policy (i.e. Integrated Waste Management System in Cluj County) Improving the communication side of broader environmental programmes (like national climate protection programmes, i.e. klima:aktiv Austrian Energy Agency, Austria). Developing an sustainable energy action plan in accordance with the Covenant of Mayors (i.e. Sustainable Energy Action Plan, City of Udine, Italy); Establishing environmental management in difficult policy sectors (Defence Ministry Cyprus, Energy Smart Authority, Malta); Introducing instruments as PPP in environmental projects (i.e. Radical innovation in energy policy and management of towns and cities in the province of Barcelona.

16 © Lessons learned It is in particular the local level that is now taking responsibility in sectors that have in the past been seen as tasks for national or regional authorities (energy policy, transport policy, procurement, etc.) Successful incorporation of green procurement practices into all branches of an administration means creating ownership in all parts of the administration Comprehensive long term strategy of cities for sustainable development: the frontrunners are inspired and supported by international networks

17 © Lessons learned Projects without much funding: searching for a new role of public administrations as motivator and moderator bringing together stakeholders and respecting their interests New start for Environmental Management Systems: applying EMS across administrations (not only in environmental departments) Public relation and information campaigns as crucial elements of successful sustainable development programmes

18 © Martin Unfried European Institute of Public Administration P.O. Box 1229 6201 BE Maastricht The Netherlands Tel. 31 43 3296230 Fax. 31 43 3296296

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