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Lithuanian Presidency – EUPAN EUPAN DG Meeting & TUNED in Dublin 13-14 June 2013.

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1 Lithuanian Presidency – EUPAN EUPAN DG Meeting & TUNED in Dublin 13-14 June 2013

2 Lithuanian Logo

3 Delivering a more resilient, professional and responsive Public Administration to the citizen Theme 1: A fit to purpose Public Administration......................... (Resilient PA) Theme 2: Role of HR in shaping Public Administration............................... (Professional PA) Theme 3: Connecting to the citizen..................... (Responsive PA) Medium Term Priorities (MTP):

4 Implementation, monitoring and evaluation of reform in Public Administrations: What are the main PA development tendencies in MS? What are the reasons for PA development and reforms? How do we monitor PA changes? What mechanisms /systems are used for PA monitoring in MS? What are the drivers of public administration reforms? Who inspires/promotes the changes in public administrations? Quality development initiatives: 7th European Quality Conference: Towards Responsible Public Administration Common Assessment Framework (CAF) activities. Theme 1: FIT FOR PURPOSE PUBLIC ADMINISTARTION

5 Staff engagement and motivation in PA What kind of reforms are being made in MS to improve the motivation framework? How is motivation framework in PA linked to the staff engagement in times of change? Which incentive schemes of non monetary rewards are the most applicable and needed for civil servants in MS? Actions to improve efficiency in professional HR What changes during the last years were made in selection /recruitment system in MS? What are the reasons /priorities for the implementation of these reforms? How are the reforms in selection of HR staff linked to the efficiency of PA? Theme 2: ROLE OF HUMAN RESOURCES IN SHAPING PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

6 Transparent and Open Public Administration: What are the main Open Government initiatives / tendencies in MS? Which e-government initiatives are /should be on top of the agenda of MS? Interconnectivity of public administrations: how does it contribute to the PA effectiveness? The year of the citizen: do we know citizens needs and expectations? What are the challenges for public administrations to meet them? Theme 3: CONNECTING TO THE CITIZEN

7 TUNED: An opportunity will be given for TUNED representatives to make presentations during EUPAN DG meeting. Precise topics will be considered during the discussion with TUNED before the Troika Secretariat Meeting in September. WORK METHODS: – Discussion papers / response templates: short note and key questions for each subthemes. – Thematic paper – will define the outcomes of the meetings and feedback on the presentations. – Short presentations of a number of national cases, which will illustrate aspects of each subtheme. – Requests (questionnaires) for the surveys, presentations of the findings. OTHER ISSUES:

8 Troika SecretariatSeptember 10 7th Quality ConferenceOctober 3-4 HRWG+IPSGOctober 28-29 DG Troika SecretariatNovember 15 DG Meeting + TUNEDDecember 5-6 MEETING PLAN:

9 WELCOME TO LITHUANIA - VILNIUS Meeting Venue: Contact Information: Gitana Jurjonienė +370 271 8447

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