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Woodfuel: The Community Choice Wood Heat Solutions New Forest Keith Richards 10 th March 2011

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1 Woodfuel: The Community Choice Wood Heat Solutions New Forest Keith Richards 10 th March 2011

2 Regional & Local Government Industry/ commerceAcademia Community


4 Communities Rural & urban Large & small Wealthy & poor New build & retrofit

5 Communities Country estates – business is brisk

6 Supermarket – energy hub?

7 Community drivers Save money! Make money!! Energy security Reduce carbon footprint Environment, quality of life benefits Educational benefits Business diversification Retain and also create jobs Part of market placement.......

8 Community Energy Consider total energy needs (electricity and heat) and pattern of usage Are there efficiency savings to be made? How best to satisfy this from a range of renewable energy options available (hydro, wind, solar, heat pumps, AD …..) Consider existing arrangements and retention as back-up Size wood boiler accordingly, buffer tank included, access etc Perhaps multiple units used Local fuel supply including......


10 Renewable energy is for the rich and well to do

11 6 Million in Fuel Poverty

12 Community Local Authorities

13 Community Social Housing Sheltered housing Communals Houses

14 Prerequisites Champions Focus, a school, village hall, community building Co-located heat sinks for a core scheme Off gas is helpful Economics ….. RHI to the rescue?

15 Hybrid Energy Solutions Are Best

16 UK Insolation

17 Hybrid solutions Wood fuel works well with solar thermal and solar PV for example

18 30 years experience.... well proven, low risk

19 Technology

20 Hybrid solutions Wood fuel provides all hot water and space heating in winter A combination of wood fuel and solar thermal work in the spring and autumn Solar thermal provides all hot water in the summer

21 Technology choice


23 Meeting Energy Needs PV generates 60 - 70% electricity needs (3.06kWp) THERMAL STORE Solar thermal generates a third of hot water needed (5.1 kWth) Multifuel stove/ back boiler generates remaining space heat needs to a maximum of 19.2kWth 4kWe immersion heaters

24 Feed in Tariff Introduced 1 st April 2010 Marketed as Green Cash Back PV, AD, Hydro, Wind, MicroCHP pilot Paid on all electrcity generated Up to 41.3p/ kWh for PV (buy in 13p/ kWh) A further 3p/ kWh for units exported Halved the payback for PV 4.8% increase as from April 2011 Changes anticipated prior to April 2012 for systems >50kWp (19 th July?)

25 FIT - Massive Impact! 21,000 installations registered, of which: 19,854 PV 1,132 wind 178 hydro 36 micro CHP 2 Anaerobic digestion

26 Renewable Heat Incentive First fiscal assistance for renewable heat Recognises the importance Biomass, ASHP, GSHP, solar thermal Will commence Summer 2011? Up to 9p/ kWhth for small biomass Up to 18p/ kWhth for solar

27 Community Energy Solutions

28 Case Study Community Energy

29 Small Scale District Energy Scheme

30 Brightwalton DE Scheme? SchoolSocial Housing Village Hall Church


32 Small Scale District Energy Scheme

33 Full Scheme

34 Financial …..ESCos?

35 A ComESCo? Establish a company to manage community energy assets Draw in grants, source financing needed Local share issue and buy in Operate and maintain Match fossil price per kWth Partner with local wood fuel suppliers and SRC growers with extended supply contract

36 Task 29: Socio-economics

37 Fuel Poverty Conference

38 Renewable Energy Solutions Addressing Fuel Poverty Tuesday 14th June 2011 – 10.00 to 16.00 The Oculus Conference Centre, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire HP19 8FF

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