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ELF-Induced DNA Breaks

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1 ELF-Induced DNA Breaks
Henry Lai Department of Bioengineering University of Washington Seattle, WA USA

2 DNA Strand breaks -single and double strand breaks
-mis-repair cumulative -affect cell functions; can lead to cancer and cell death




6 DNA strand breaks have been reported in different cell types after ELF EMF exposure.
Ahuja (99)- human leukocytes Delimaris (06)- human lymphocytes Hong (05)- mouse sperm cells Ivancsit (02, 05)- human fibroblasts and melanocytes Ivancsit (03)-more pronounced effect observed in fibroblasts of older subjects. Jajte (01)- rat lymphocytes Lai and Singh (97, 04)- rat brain cells Li (01)- E. coli Svedenstal (99)- mouse brain cells Wolf (05)- HL-60 and rat fibroblasts Zmyslong (00, 04)- rat lymphocytes

7 ELF EMF affects DNA repair
Robison (02) HL-60 –decrease Chow (00) – E. coli- increase- heat shock protein Schmitz (04)- Mouse brain and kidney cells- increase

8 ELF EMF genotoxic effects involve free radicals
Effects blocked by free radical scavengers, enhanced by divalent metals, increase oxidative-damage in molecules Jaite (01) Lai and Singh (97) Li (01) Lourencini (00) Yokus (05) Wolf (05) Zmyslong (00, 04)

9 THE FENTON REACTION Electromagnetic fields iron OH H2O2 mitochondria

10 Intensity and duration of exposure interact.
High intensity/short duration = Low intensity/long duration

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