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[1] ICEMS Scientific Secretariat

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1 [1] ICEMS Scientific Secretariat
Livio Giuliani[1],[2], Settimio Grimaldi5,[3], Antonella Lisi 9, Enrico D’Emilia [4] The replicability of the Zhadin effect and perspectives of application in diagnostics and therapy [1] ICEMS Scientific Secretariat [2] Director of ISPESL Department of Venice [3] CNR-INMM, Rome [4] ISPESL

2 But first, let’s start with a little history………………..

3 On the unreasonable effects of ELF magnetic fields on a system of ions
E. Del Giudice 1 *, M. Fleischmann 2, G. Preparata 3  , G. Talpo 4 1INFN-Milano, Milano, Italy 2Bury Lodge, Duck Street, Tisbury, Salisbury Wilts, United Kingdom 3INFN and Department of Physics, University of Milan, Italy 4Sistemi s.r.l., Settore Ricerca, Trento, Italy *






9 We reproduced the Liboff-Zhadin effect in an A-magnetic room
with strictly controlled parameters

10 A-magnetic room Power supply units Solenoid chamber– 3 meters long - 30 cm wide Zhadin cell is placed in the center of the solenoid

11 Magnetic detector The “Zhadin cell”

12 4.17Hz 48uT Bo 48nT B Glutaminic acid Zhadin effect Baseline current
Applied without magnetic field 4.17Hz 48uT Bo nT B Experimental parameters

13 An attempt to study if, at the Zhadin ions cyclotron frequency, molecules can generate an intrinsic magnetic field

14 Procedures: Samples are placed into an A-magnetic flask surrounded by two external electrodes and placed in a magnetic transductor. The magnetic transductor is placed in the center of the main solenoid where the frequency resonance is generated

15 The solenoid for sample magnetic
Field detection is in the center of the main solenoid Sample

16 Function generator Pico Ammeter Controller unit (humidity, atmosphere)

17 Signal applied Threshold noise Threshold noise, time-delayed

18 Glutamimic acid at room temperature
Without magnetic field Magnetic field generated by “Zhadin effect” at 4.99 Hz Time delayed magnetic Field detection

19 Glutaminic acid at -80°C Without magnetic field Magnetic field due to “Zhadin” effect at 2.87 Hz Scan end Synchronized magnetic Field detection

20 Conclusion 1- at ion frequency resonance, molecules trapped into
coherence domain produce an intrinsic magnetic field (impulse) 2-if this intrinsic magnetic field should be of some interest in the “Liboff-Zhadin “theory is still to be investigated

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