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1 Galileo and EGNOS for the road Transport November 2008 European Commission – TREN G4.

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1 1 Galileo and EGNOS for the road Transport November 2008 European Commission – TREN G4

2 2 EGNOS and Galileo Status and services Road Applications Galileo satellite navigation

3 3 GALILEO and EGNOS l GPS is well known l EGNOS : GPS signal + corrections computed by ground stations and broadcasted by two satellites l Already OPERATIONAL l GALILEO : 30 new satellites independent from GPS

4 4 What is EGNOS?

5 5 Note: single frequency user, error in meters. Positioning accuracy GPS + EGNOS GPS GPS + EGNOS + GALILEO

6 6 EGNOS coverage Accuracy : depending on the conditions, 1 to 5m standard performance Most ranges of receivers have currently EGNOS enabled products

7 7 EGNOS : 3 services Open Service Commercial Safety of Life (Aviation) Free to air; Mass market; Simple positioning; free of charge High accuracy; Encrypted; Professional guaranteed service Open Service + Integrity and Authentication of signal Navigation

8 8 EGNOS : Key messages for road clients l It is operational l Better accuracy than GPS l Covers all Europe l Free of charge for ever l Receivers available

9 9 Open Access Free of charge; free to air; Mass market; Simple positioning Commercial Encrypted; High accuracy; Guaranteed service Safety of Life Integrity; Authentication of signal (Aviation) Search and Rescue Near real-time; Precise; Return link feasible (Maritime) Public Regulated Encrypted; Integrity; Continuous availability (Administrations, security, military) Galileo a set of services

10 10 Experimental Sat. 2 satellites launched, frequencies and clocks In Orbit Validation (IOV) 4 satellites, expected 2010 Full Operational Capacity (FOC) 30 satellites Expected 2013 cost 3.4 b - funded by the 27 Member states of the European Union Management by EC and ESA Programme relaunched end November 2007 Galileo Status

11 11 Galileo status l Decision of the Council and the Parliament to relaunch the programme in November 2007 l Budget of 3.4 b formally allocated by the Council decision of July 2008 l Procurement process for the system segments currently running : u Satellites u Ground stations u system

12 12 Road transport Public services Aviation Agriculture, fisheries Maritime transport Rail transport etc…. Recreation Location based services (LBS) A universe of services and applications

13 13 GNSS Market l 236 B foreseen as world wide market for equipment and services in 2025 l 75 % for LBS l 20 % for Road ITS l 5 % for all the other domains together…

14 14 In 2006, worldwide market 2 billion subscribers 500 million units sold applications foreseen : Leisure and entertainment Traveler information E-health Disabilities Emergency calls Surveillance … Mobile Phone and LBS Market

15 15 Agriculture Land Parcels Monitoring Cadaster In EU: 3 millions km 2 3.5 million farmers 50 million agricultural parcels 5% field inspection with sat. nav. receivers

16 16 Offenders & Asylum seekers Electronic devices attached to offenders Alerts when allowed perimeters are broken Cut prison overcrowding Emergency Services Help emergency team operations Provide route guidance in difficult terrains Civil protection Define and apply keep-away zones Identify location to drop material Police forces Police fleet monitoring Fight against piracy Vehicule and individual traking and tracing Justice & home affairs

17 17 2004: 650 millions vehicles worldwide 160 millions vehicles in Europe 2004: in Europe 2 millions car navigation devices Vehicles in the EU : Cars73% Light Commercial Vehicles23% Trucks3% National tolling system currently working with GPS in Germany since 2003 Road Market 1. Road Tolling

18 18 Currently Toll Collect in Germany France soon for trucks ? The Netherlands for all vehicles ? Road Tolling EU Directive 2004/52/CE, April 2004 recommends use of satellite navigation technologies eCall initiative, based on E112 Road Market 1. Road Tolling

19 19 Road Market 1. Road Tolling l Galileo / Egnos can bring : u Better accuracy u Better availability of the signal u Authentication to avoid spoofing u Service guarantee l ALL receivers will use two or more constellations : u Galileo + GPS u Galileo + Compass u Galileo + Glonass thus improving their performance

20 20 Road Transport 2. Navigation and fleet management l Applications already operational l Same improvement as for road tolling

21 21 1 million animals are brought to slaughterhouses every day Regulation 1/2005 of 22/12/2004 imposes the use of satellite navigation receivers Very ambitious: - all new transporters by January 2007 - all transporters by January 2009 For the protection of animals during transport and related operations Road Transport 3. Animal Transport

22 22 Satellite navigation tracking: position, date and time, speed, course, respect of pre-defined path, excluded zones, faster emergency operations, etc. Nine classes Set of Safety requirements (+security) Legal framework Nuclear material Main goal: protection Methods: containment, prevention, storage, etc. Road Transport 4. Dangerous Goods

23 23 Road Transport 5. Monitoring of coaches l To avoid this : u Monitoring of the itinerary u Real time Access control u Monitoring the driving conditions u Real time info service + automatic eCall for emergency situations

24 24 6. ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) l Safety critical application l Needs total reliability and very high accuracy (up to 10 cm) l Galileo required with service guarantee l First elements start on implementation l To be on the market around 2020

25 25 Structural monitoring Road construction compactors, pavers Bulldozers, etc. Substantial savings in raw material (5-10%) in construction time in safety of operations Construction & Engineering

26 26 Galileo

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