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International banking institute

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1 International banking institute
Bulgaria Sofia

2 About the IBI Established in 1991 by the Bulgarian National Bank and the Bulgarian Foreign Trade Bank (since privatization and consolidation – UniCredit Bulbank)  Associates in the company are the Association of Commercial Banks in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian National Bank, Centre de Formation de la Profession Bancaire-France, and the National Bank of the Republic of Macedonia. Limited liability company

3 History International Banking Institute’s activity has been concentrated in the elaboration and conducting of qualification programmes, seminars and conferences in compliance with the latest international developments.

4 Vision Organizing different forms of training, concluded with acquiring relevant diplomas and certificates accredited in the country and abroad. Research activity in the field of banking Transfer of bank information and informational services

5 To improve performance banking and finance sector services
Mission statement To improve performance of the employees in banking and finance sector services through specialized training

6 Strategy Ensuring high quality of training provided
International certification Promoting and building Life-long learning programmes Building e-learning platform

7 Structure General assembly Board of Directors Director Financial and
accounting unit Marketing and products unit Short-term training unit Distance learning unit Centre for vocational education and training

8 Major objectives Recognition of high-quality products and services in the filed of Life-long vocational training Satisfaction of the needs and requirements of IBI’s clients Strengthening the image of the International Banking Institute as a leading agent on the professional qualification market Transparency of the education process

9 Major activities Ensuring high quality of the vocational education and training Increasing the investments in the Life-long learning programmes and scientific research International activities

10 Training activities Short-term trainings and specialized certified courses Long-term qualification programmes Vocational education and training

11 Types of courses provided
Short-term trainings Seminars In-bank trainings Round tables Conferences Language courses

12 Types of courses provided
Long-term qualification programmes Life-long learning programmes Master’s degree programme Vocational education and training programmes

13 Formats of training services
Regular training courses Distance learning courses E-learning courses

14 Training services - advantages
Accreditation – IFS, NAVET, NBU Professional team – highly qualified lecturers using interactive methods of training Convenience – in-job-training Mobility – different programmes and students

15 Number of courses Type of courses - 2007 Number Seminars 66
In-bank trainings 24 Round tables 6 Conferences 1 Language courses 3 Life-long learning programmes 20 Master’s degree programme Vocational education and training programmes (accredited in february,2008) 7

16 Number of participants
Type of courses (average per year) Number Seminars 1476 In-bank trainings 587 Round tables 60 Conferences 50 Language courses 40 Life-long learning programmes 118 Master’s degree programme 98 Vocational education and training programmes (accredited in february,2008) -

17 Consultancy Specialized consultancy services for future absorption of EU funds in the sphere of education and training, and regular information meetings between IBI and: HR units in the banking and financial services sector New Bulgarian University – the most innovative structure for high education in Bulgaria Other institutions in Bulgaria and abroad

18 Consultancy services - advantages
Close and profound examination of the specific needs of education and training in the banking and financial services sector Stimulating the international mobility and transfer of students and credits Good practices exchange

19 International co-operation
European Bank Training Network CEDEFOP Bearing Point (USAID) Institute of Financial Services - London Agence de Transfert de Technologie Financiere Experian-Scorex

20 Thank you very much for your attention!

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