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Grid Activities in Singapore 20 February 2006. National Grid Vision to facilitate the seamless use of an integrated cyber infrastructure in a secure,

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1 Grid Activities in Singapore 20 February 2006

2 National Grid Vision to facilitate the seamless use of an integrated cyber infrastructure in a secure, effective & efficient manner to advance scientific, engineering & biomedical R&D, with the longer term goal of transforming the Singapore economy using grid

3 National Grid Steering Committee Chairman Facilitates & coordinates activities National Grid Office (NGO) National Grid Operations Centre (NGOC) National Grid Competency Centre (NGCC) MTI (A*STAR, EDB, SPRING, RIs) MINDEF (DSTA, DSO) MICA (IDA, MDA) MOH (Hospitals) MOE (Schools, NUS, NTU) Industry (Lilly, CPG. ITSC, SITF, …) National Grid Governance Council (NGGC) PC Grid Computing Working Groups Virtual Grid Communities Security Middleware & Architecture Governance & Policy Network System Administrators Access Grid SIGs Physical SciencesLife SciencesDigital Media … Manufacturing

4 National Grid Pilot Platform – Phase 1 Objectives: –Build grid computing awareness –Foster collaboration –Interconnect main compute resources Scope: –Establish 1GE backbone –Establish rudimentary infrastructure for R&D in universities/research centres –Testbed distributed applications EntityOSPlatform IHPCAIXIBM Regatta One-North (BII & GIS) Linux Solaris Compaq Alpha Cluster Sun NUSLinuxIntel Xeon Cluster NTUSolaris Linux Sun Fire Intel Pentium 4 SMALinuxItanium 2

5 Activities Formulate the framework & policies Plan & develop a secure platform Adopt common open standards Encourage the adoption of Grid Computing Demonstrate the commercial viability of compute-resource-on-tap Lay the foundation for a vibrant Grid Computing economy

6 Physical Sciences Activities Temasek Labs Distributed Simulation of Flow over Dimpled Surfaces Skewed Satellite ImageGeo-rectified Satellite Image Geo-rectification of Satellite Images Diagnostics & Repair Scheduling Organized by : Distributed Dissipative Particle Dynamics (DPD) Simulation Complex Design & Modeling Collaborative Engineering Design & Simulation

7 Life Sciences Activities GridBlast E-Cell & Gene Simulation Encyclopedia of Life Rationalizing Life Sciences database download, mirroring & maintenance Hosting of locally generated databases (ala NCBI) Future Enhancements –Allow queries across main databases –Support integration of Singapore data –Expand audience to include medical professionals Organised by


9 Stages –1: Ideas Competition –2: Selection –3: Development –4: Resource Donation 3 categories –Schools –Institutes of Higher Learning –Open Sponsored by Joint Organizers with PC Grid Computing

10 DSTAs funding for –Vacation Camp 2005 6 & 7 December 2005 –Grid-enabling of 2 new applications –200 United Devices client licenses for schools In discussion –IDA funding for ICT Clubs in Schools Supported byJointly organized by PC Grid Computing

11 AeroGenome – Crunching on a PC Grid Aim: To study bacterial micro- organisms in the air in Singapore. Motivation: Air plays significant role in public & environmental health Initial dataset of 20,000 DNA sequences were matched against database of 3 million known sequences. Single run on isolated compute resources took an entire month. Same process took less than 2 days on TCG@NUS Future: Scale up study using larger datasets. Courtesy of Dr.Patrick Tan, GIS

12 Collaborative Engineering Co-funded collaboration partnership –IDA, NUS, Sun Microsystems, APSTC, SES Systems Pte Ltd Industry partners –Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing, IMAO, ABB Lummus Global, JGC Benefits –Help industry to gain early competitive advantage through exploiting engineering collaboration & problem solving capabilities Collaborative Construction Management Initiative –Integrated Production Scheduler for Constraints Management –Process Parameter Interface Model for Design Management –Integrated 4-D Product Process Model for Constructability Analysis –Will use P2P for industrial environments Distributed Collaborative Design & Manufacturing Initiative –Will provision an Engineering Grid for simulation-based design Collaborative Engineering Test Bed for Product Realization Initiative

13 Biological Integrated Manufacturing & Services System Partners –SIMTech, MC3, NTU, NUS, NovusGene, progeniq, Sun Microsystems, Attogenix, KooPrime Objective –An integrated platform that allows interoperability between Grid Computing & Bioinstrumentation Platform –That interfaces with bio-databases, bio-informatic tools & manufacturing systems Integrates –KOOPlatform, Goal Net, Taverna, Aris & Protégé to facilitate interoperability Provides –A complete pipeline for diagnostic kits design Enables –Robust automation, data acquisition & analysis of bio-instruments –Faster & more cost-efficient techniques for drug development & bio-research Reduces –Supply chain costs with integrated resource inventory & logistics planning & scheduling

14 A*STAR-NGO Call: 2005 Awards SNProjectPrincipal Investigator 1Grid-based Comparative Genomics Pipeline for Detecting Conserved Non- coding Functional Regions Jagath C Rajapakse (NTU) 2Development of a Grid System with Applications to Large-Scale Bio- & Nano-material System Bertil Schmidt (NTU) 3A Personalized & Adaptive Literature Curation System for the Biomedical Sciences Patrick Tan (NCC) 4Grid-based PSE for Engineering of MaterialsOng Yew Soon (NTU) 5A Novel Approach to Modeling & Animation with Disk & Ball B-Spline Over the Grid Seah Hock Soon (NTU) 6Stochastic Super-resolution Imaging: Fundamentals, Algorithms & its Grid Computing Paradigms Ma Kai-Kuang (NTU) 7Grid-based Scalable & Extensible Large Scale Collaborative EnvironmentLin Qingping (NTU) 8Operational Transparent VGC over Service Oriented GridRobert Gay (NTU) 9A Semantic based QoS Control & Management Framework for GridsPung Hung Keng (NUS) 10Design of Resource Management & Large-Scale Data Processing Strategies for Grid Computing Environments Bharadwaj Veeravali (NUS)

15 Adaptive Enterprise @ Singapore AE@SG R&D projects –Focus on digital media Global Operation Grid (GOG) –Participation in Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Computational Grid (LCG) User Council (comprising industry participants) to provide requirements & validate work WP2 (NTU, Temasek Poly, HP) WP1 (NTU, SIMTech, HP ) WP3 (IHPC, NTU, NUS, HP) WP5 Infrastructure GOG NGP P WP4 Portal/Media Workbench Grid Enabled Applications Cel Animation PovRay Information and Job Management Grid Middleware (Globus) … WP6 Grid Economics & Business Models (SMU, HP)

16 Global Operational Grid (GOG) HP Tiramisu Program SINGAPORE CERN PSC SDSC ANL NCSA Purdue Caltech CERN LCG ASCC GOG Cluster Implement baseline grid HPC resources Build partnerships Industry-relevant IP creation In collaboration with

17 Grid Exchange MC3 dmh SES Sembawang JGC Users 72 64 78 Hardware (CPU, Storage, …) Providers 150 64 2 Application Software Vendors Grid Resource Brokers Grid Resource Providers FEMLAB mental ray GOG Xeon + Itanium 2 MC3 Sun Opteron Grid Market 2 TB CEP Tools AE@SG

18 Grid Accounting System (GAS) Resource Usage … Monitoring Collection of raw data Metering Usage charging Accounting Organisational level consumer-provider business relationship Ganglia Only stores & reports on information of resource status, no information of users & their jobs Hence, no metering & accounting mechanism $ = f (CPU, memory, license,…) Bill for organization A = (usage of members of organization A at resources owned by other organizations) [Courtesy of A/Prof. Francis Lee, NTU]

19 Digital Media Grid POC –Support for animation rendering –Software installed POV-Ray 150 x mental ray licenses –Objective of Trial For serious users to experience running animation rendering jobs over the grid & understand the state of technology –Users VHQ Post, Cubic Communications

20 Enterprise Grid for SMEs Objectives –Create awareness in SMEs –Provide assistance & guidance to SMEs to harness Grid Computing to exploit internal compute resources Partners –MegaMedias digital media hub (dmh) –TBA

21 Use of mental ray Licenses Digital Media companies to use the facilities: VHQ Omens-Studio Enterprise grid @ dmh has been enabled to utilize the licenses Free access & no charge to commercial users & IHLs

22 Goal of Proof-of-Concept For users to harness resources on NGPP to run FEMLAB on a pay-per-use basis resulting in cost-savings for companies, encouraging R&D activities, & improving utilization of resources.

23 Test-bedding of Provisioning Objective –To assess viability of a spill-over facility using GOG clusters –To measure speed of provisioning –To explore appropriate cost model Outcomes –Accuracy of results is confirmed –License conditions to be re-visited

24 Members Purpose To provide a forum for national level discussions on setting up grid infrastructures, deploying applications, and facilitating coordination of projects of common interest in South East Asia. 1 st South East Asia Grid Forum 8 Feb 2006, Singapore Sponsored by:

25 End

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