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Poetry Mrs.Leary's 5 th Grade Class Poetry Project.

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1 Poetry Mrs.Leary's 5 th Grade Class Poetry Project

2 Rubric Poetry Book Cover 20 points (colorful/neat) Table of Contents 10 points Illustrations 20 points Spelling/neatness of written work 20 points Completed on time/poems completed 20 points Effort 10 points

3 Cover/Table of Contents Cover must include “Poetry Project” as your title, your name and a creative colorful design. Table of Contents Numbered, skipping lines Number 1-10

4 My Favorite Spend a few minutes reading several poems out of your poetry book. Choose a favorite Get with your poetry partner and share your favorite poems. Read to each other. Complete the favorite poem chart.

5 Bio Poem Using the bio poem format, create your Bio Poem rough draft. Allow your poetry partner to make corrections/offer suggestions. Spelling counts! Log on to the wiki and write your final draft. Print. Include an illustration(crayons/colored pencils)

6 Limerick Poems Write one limerick poem that is a name limerick Be sure to use the AABBA pattern Must have five lines. Must be humorous Lines 1, 2 and 5 rhyme Lines 3, 4 rhyme Illustrate your poem(color pencils/crayons) Write one limerick poem that is about a family member. Illustrate


8 Acrostic Poems Your first acrostic poem will be about a polygon of your choice. Brainstorm all of the polygons you know. Choose one and brainstorm at least 8 words that describe this polygon. Write your rough draft Get a teacher to check it Log on to eractives/acrostic/ eractives/acrostic/ Create/print your poem/illustrate

9 Shape Poem Choose a topic or thing. Brainstorm a list of words that describes how your topic looks, feels or acts. Write your poem on paper. You must have at least 5 lines. Read it to a friend. Get a teacher to check your spelling. Now re write your poem in the shape of the object that you have chosen.

10 Alliteration Poem Brainstorm a list of things found in nature. Choose one topic to write about. Next, make a list of words that describe your topic. How many words begin with the same letter? Write your rough draft. (at least 6 lines) You must have at least 4 examples of alliteration in your poem. Illustrate

11 Cinquain Poem A cinquain poem follows a special kind of pattern. Line 1: One word—the subject of the poem/noun Line 2: Two words describing the title/adjectives Line 3 Three words expressing action/telling what the noun in line one does. Separate with commas. Line 4: Four words that express feeling Line 5: One word that is ANOTHER word for the subject/title. Write about your mother, a teacher or grandmother. Read to a friend/edit / Illustrate

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