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PlanCoast – Contribution to Maritime Spatial Planning by Bernhard Heinrichs Director of Spatial Planning Department Ministry of Transport, Building and Regional Development Mecklenburg – Vorpommern PlanCoast Lead Partner Formatvorlage des Untertitelmasters durch Klicken bearbeiten My Role here: PlanCoast LP but experience from MV 1 Bernhard Heinrichs: maritime spatial planning

2 PlanCoast Project Area 3 seas 10 countries 16 partner

3 What do we want to achieve?
to use Spatial Planning for successful implementation of ICZM to establish Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) as a necessary tool in the EU Maritime Strategy

4 PlanCoast project structure
National reports on current MSP and ICZM preconditions Regional study Adriatic Region Pilot projects Pilot projects Transnational comparative study Recommendations on Spatial Planning in ICZM Recommendations on Maritime Spatial Planning +

5 Why integrated Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)?
We don‘t know the future… … but more and more uses will have to get along within the same areas

6 Many users, growing pressure
… on the coast … in coastal waters … in the EEZ and beyond

7 Why integrated Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP)?
MSP can help to cope with new Trends, New offshore technologies Mari culture Rapid growth of maritime transport

8 Uses in the Baltic Sea

9 Uses in the Baltic Sea

10 How to do MSP? Example Netherlands
Integrated Management Plan for the North Sea 20015

11 How to do MSP? Example Irish Sea Proposed Multiple Use Zoning Map

12 Sea Use Planning of the German Baltic Sea ( MV )

13 Selection criteria for off shore windfarms in MV
Since 90ties search for suitable areas for wind farms Spatial planning department statd invstigation of uses and restrictions for wind farms in the 12sm zone Red: taboo areas, esp. Nature protection, shipping routes, miltary areas Green special/srong restriction, esp. important areas for extraction and mining ,Landscape 10 km zone from the coastal line because tourism orange: moderate restriction, esp. Main route of bird migration Conclusion: only two suitable areas

14 Detail: pipeline corridor

15 Draft Spatial Plan EEZ of Baltic Sea

16 What are the expected benefits of MSP?
Different expectations depending on the starting point: Better visibility of uses and use conflicts Ensuring best possible co-existence of uses Conflict resolution Allocating space to new uses Security for long-term investors…. Securing acceptance through transparent process

17 Which role does Territorial Impact Assessment (TIA) play in MSP?
TIA provides a project orientated spatial conflict resolution, where a comprehensive spatial plan is not needed Check large-scale infrastructure projects at an early stage of planning

18 Which issues are checked in TIA? In principle: All relevant issues!
Economy Environment TIA Society Culture

19 TIA , SEA and EIA Environment Spatial Development
TIA Territorial Impact Assessment EIA Environmental Impact Assessment project level SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment programme level

20 Example Windfarm Baltic 1
Main issues : - Collision risk - nature protection - tourism

21 What are the benefits of TIA ?
managing conflicts by early participation of target groups 2) minimizing negative impacts and costs by optimizing the choice for location / routing / technical planning 3) ensuring planning reliability by giving early and reliable information about realisation chances 4) shortening the whole planning process by pre-checking crucial points 5)  securing spatial planning objectives by the duty to take TIA results into account in the following process 6) supporting local administrations in case of large-scale investments

22 Conclusion Spatial planning is an indispensable instrument for coordinating activities at sea and in the coastal regions and for sustainable resource management in these areas.

23 Thank you very much for your attention!

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