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Marshal Office of Silesian Voivodeship European Social Fund Department

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1 Marshal Office of Silesian Voivodeship European Social Fund Department
Transnational Activity in Human Capital Operational Programme Malgorzata Lacka-Matusiewicz 27th of March 2008

2 Silesian region Basic statistical data:
Total area: km2 (3,9% of country) Population: (12% of country) in Silesian Agglomeration: (61% of region) People in urban areas: 78,5 % density: 380 people per km2 Unemployment rate: 9,2%

3 ESF in Poland For the period all Polish regions are eligible for Convergence funding from the EU

4 ESF in Poland For the period European Social Fund in Poland is covered by only one programme – Human Capital Operational Programme The Human Capital OP = about 11,5 billion Euro (9,7 billion Euro from ESF = 85%) It is 14,4% of resources for Poland (67,3 billons Euro)

5 ESF in Poland Human Capital OP – Managing Institution: Ministry of Regional Development (central decision-making) The Programme contains 10 Priorities, divided into 2 components: Central Regional Intermediate Bodies of the Programme’s central component are particular ministries Intermediate Bodies of the Programme’s regional component in particular regions are self-governments of each voivodeship

6 Human Capital Operational Programme
Human Capital Operational Programme – Priorities Priority I: Employment and social integration. Priority II: Development of human resources and adaptation potential of enterprises and improving the health condition of working persons Priority III: High quality of the educational system Priority IV: Tertiary education and science Priority V: Good governance Priority VI: The labour market open for all Priority VII: Promotion of social integration Priority VIII: Regional human resources for the economy Priority IX: Development of education and competences in the regions Priority X: Technical assistance

7 Human Capital Operational Programme
Main focus in Human Capital OP: more effective use of labour resources better flexibility of the labour market and greater adaptability of employees enhancing the level of social cohesion establishment of knowledge based society through development of education and qualifications improving effectiveness of management in the public administration and of the quality of provided public services development of health care as a factor that determined the quality of the labour resources assuring cohesion in the extent of human resources development in the spatial dimension

8 Human Capital Operational Programme
ESF in Silesia: €

9 Transnational Activity – Institutions:
Managing Institution (Ministry of RD) – rules of Transnational Activity, supervising of National Supporting Institution Intermediate Bodies – implementation of transnational projects, National Supporting Institution – support, promotion, monitoring

10 Key themes for Transnational Activity:
Managing Institution does not define key themes. According to the Programme’s principles – Transnational Activity should be concentrated on realisation of these Priorities, where exchange of experience and ideas is a source of added value.

11 Possible projects of Transnational Activity: - Organising of conferences, seminars, workshops and meetings - Analysis and research - Preparing, translating and publishing of reports, publications, elaborations - Benchmarking - Consulting, staff interchange, trainings, study visits - Adopting innovative approach to challenges / problems

12 Thank you for your attention!
Malgorzata Lacka-Matusiewicz Director of ESF Department Marshal Office of Silesian Voivodeship 46 Ligonia Street Katowice, POLAND Phone:

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