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French and Indian War Review. Militia A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies is called.

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1 French and Indian War Review

2 Militia A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies is called

3 Raid **a sudden short attack on an enemy

4 Enlightenment A movement which spread the idea that knowledge, reason and science could improve society.

5 Magna Carta document which established the principle of limited government **provided for protection against unjust punishment and against the loss of life, liberty and property

6 Export to send goods to another country

7 Mercantilism an economic system in which a country attempts to amass wealth through trade with other countries, exporting more than it imports

8 unsettle **disturb the composure of; lacking stability & order; not established

9 Iroquois Confederacy A powerful group of Native Americans formed in 1570 (member nations govern their own affairs and join together for defense.)

10 retaliation **action taken in return for an injury or offense

11 Albany Plan of Union called for one general government for the colonies in which an elected legislature would govern and have the power to collect taxes, raise troops and regulate trade.

12 Alliance A union based on a common interest.

13 Wane **a gradual decrease (in size or strength or power or intensity)

14 Raw Materials – Natural resources that are not yet made into anything such as cut trees or mined iron

15 Import to buy goods that were made in another country

16 Encroach(ment) **to advance beyond proper, established or usual limits; trespass

17 Proclamation of 1763 prohibited the colonists from settling west of the Appalachian Mts./ required any colonist already living west of the mountains to move back east.

18 Navigation Acts laws that limited colonists’ rights to trade

19 Smuggling trading illegally

20 English Bill of Rights document that guaranteed basic rights to citizens

21 Treaty of Paris Officially ended the French and Indian War - marked the end of French power in North America.

22 conflict ** a fight, battle or struggle; esp. prolonged

23 plan a united defense against Britain The goals of the Albany Plan of Union were to cement an alliance with Native tribes and ?

24 France and Britain The Seven Years' War was a war between

25 Pontiac Which leader recognized that British settlers threatened the Native Americans' way of life?

26 Albany Plan of Union What plan called for one general government for all the American colonies?

27 Edward Braddock What British commander was sent to conquer the French in the Ohio Valley & was killed at Ft. Duquesne?

28 France The Treaty of Paris marked the end of power in North America for

29 William Pitt Which man changed Britain's fortune in the war with France by becoming Prime Minister? (turning point)

30 Ft. Necessity What was the small post/fort in the Ohio country established by George Washington called

31 French, British, Spanish & (Dutch) By 1700, the major powers in North America were the?

32 raiding British settlements During the wars between France and Great Britain, Native Americans often helped the French by: (choose one) supplying their weapons. raiding British settlements. showing them secret paths. supplying them with food.

33 Treaty of Paris, 1763 What document marked the end of France as a power in North America?

34 Britain and Spain After the treaty was signed in 1763, the continent was divided between which two countries?

35 A halt to westward expansion The Proclamation of 1763 called for:

36 owned land west of the mountains/wanted to establish settlements The Proclamation of 1763 angered wealthy speculators & colonists because they

37 Iroquois Confederacy powerful group of Native Americans

38 Ben Franklin author of Albany Plan of Union

39 James Wolfe conquered Quebec

40 POWER! The Albany Plan of Union was not approved by Parliament because they did not want to give the colonists any political or military?

41 Britain Florida

42 Spain New Orleans

43 Britain All French lands east of the Mississippi River (except New Orleans)

44 Spain All French lands west of the Mississippi River

45 Britain New France (Canada)

46 raid a sudden short attack on an enemy

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