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Inetrconnection of CNGrid and European Grid Infrastructure Depei Qian Beihang University Feb. 20, 2006.

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1 Inetrconnection of CNGrid and European Grid Infrastructure Depei Qian Beihang University Feb. 20, 2006

2 Current status of CNGrid Eight nodes across the country CAS Network Center (Beijing, major node) Shanghai Supercomputer Center (Shanghai, major node Tsinghua University (Beijing) Institute of Applied Physics and computational Mathematics (Beijing) University of Science and Technology of China (Hefei, Anhui) Xi an Jiaotong University (Xi an, Shaanxi) NUDT (Changsha) Hong Kong University (Hongkong) 18TFlops of aggregated computing power, 200TB disk storage CNGrid operation and supporting center (CAS Network Center)

3 grid nodes across China Hefei Xian Beijing Changsha Shanghai Hong Kong

4 Applications supported by CNGrid 11 applications from four selected areas Resource and Environment GSG, DFG, SeisGrid Research SDG, BAGrid, DDG, ChinaGrid Services CMAG, ITG Manufacturing AviGrid, SimGrid

5 Geological Survey Grid Undertaken by China National Geological Survey Bureau Nation-wide productive grid Data exchange and sharing Resource evaluation services Shorten the evaluation time from 3 years to 3 months Delivering achievements in North China ground water resources evaluation Mineral resources evaluation

6 New drug discovery grid Undertaken by Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica CAS Compound screening for new drug discovery Speed up the process by computer simulation Higher accuracy Using HPC in P2P mode New drug for diabetes is under development and will enter clinic testing by the end of 2005

7 China Meteorological Application Grid Undertaken by China National Meteorological Center Multiple sites to form the research platform for new weather prediction model research Provide new weather forecast services (time and location-specific)

8 AviGrid Undertaken by AVIC II of China Support distributed design, simulation, and manufacturing CAD software sharing Data exchange and sharing Computing resource sharing

9 CNGrid GOS Grid system software Interfacing to heterogeneous systems Resource management Scheduling Grid application development environment Portal based Grid user environment Grid browser GSML

10 Grid basic services comm., resource desc., locating, discovery, config., file management grid software Basic resources computer, softwares, instruments, devices, database, file systems Security services authentication Single sign on encryption Access control Security policies End-end security Job services API GUI Job management Batch job load balancing Workflow support Data services Global view Uniform access File transfer Info services Publish discovery org. manage Resource desc Information access Grid management User management Sys. management Sys. monitoring Accounting log Dev. & use env. GSML Resource acc Grid browser Grid Agora Appl. Editor Exception handling Portal modeCommercial client e.g. MatLab user resource GSML Special client e.g. Java prog CNGrid GOS Functionalities

11 CNGrid GOS organization 35 2.0 110 MB

12 Deployment of CNGrid GOS

13 Prospects of CNGrid CNGrid will be connected to CNGI-a IPv6 network in China Multi-protocol support modification and upgrade of CNGrid GOS Transparent to applications CNGrid will become the basis of the network computing environment of China Regular operation It is very possible that CNGrid will be continually supported by 863 program

14 Interconnection of CNGrid and EU Grid Infrastructure Some issues has to be addressed for effective cooperation Precondition Reasonable network bandwidth Interoperability and inter-operation of European and Chinese Grid infrastructures Harmonization of the security mechanism Mutual interests in applications

15 Interoperability of CNGrid GOS and EU Grid software How to achieve interoperability of different Grid software Different software installation to the same infrastructure? How is it viewed by the applications?

16 Resource management and monitoring CNGrid has a resource monitoring system for management and scheduling Exchange monitoring information between different systems or using the same monitoring tool? How will the scheduling issue be handled?

17 Data access and Integration File and database level sharing OGSA-DAI? Other data grid software? Sharing data is crucial for research an other applications

18 User management Building and managing VOs Authentications Authorizations

19 Security Crucial for interconnection Harmonization of security polices and CA mechanisms

20 Accounting Setting up Grid business model Cost issues to be addressed Preparing for future Grid service business

21 User and development environment Portal based Integrated Grid programming and application development environment is required Application development support Service components Workflow

22 Deployment of Applications Deploy the current applications to other infrastructure Jointly developing and deploying new applications

23 Testing and training environment Setting up an environment for training and testing in parallel with operational infrastructure Interoperability testing Upgrading to Ipv6 Developing and testing new applications Providing training facility Less disturbance to the operational infrastructure

24 User training Tutorial on Grid software and tools Training and tutorial on applications Training technical support people

25 What we need to do for interconnection Supporting Grid software interoperability study, deploy different software in the environment Deploying current applications and developing an deploying new applications on extended infrastructure Supporting harmonized security mechanism Supporting testing and training

26 Thanks!

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