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The Next Generation Grid Kostas Tserpes, NTUA Beijing, 22 of June 2005.

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1 The Next Generation Grid Kostas Tserpes, NTUA Beijing, 22 of June 2005

2 NextGRID Project Integrated Project Grid Based Systems for Complex Problem Solving Project Start Date: 1 September 2004 Duration: 36 months

3 Outline Vision Goals & Objectives of NextGRID Consortium Process Specific Areas addressed by NextGRID Topics of Potential Interest

4 NextGRID Vision An architecture for Next Generation Grids which will enable its widespread use by research, industry and the ordinary citizen thus creating a dynamic market place for new services and products.

5 NextGRID Goals Develop architectural components that will lead to the emergence of the Next Generation Grid. Prepare the way for the broader use of Grid technologies and their widespread adoption by organisations and individuals from the business and public domains. Improve the technology in key areas such as security, development of applications, interoperability, quality of service and robustness. Contribute to the standards which are essential if Next Generation Grids are to succeed.

6 NextGRID Partners Academic partners

7 NextGRID Partners Commercial partners

8 The NextGRID Process Application needs Existing Business Models Existing standards Expertise Experience with Grid in production Architecture Grid Business Models Reference Implementations Applications Standards Feedback for next iteration Analysis Conceptualisation Implementation Design Evaluation

9 Areas which NextGRID is addressing Architecture Business and Operational Issues Foundations and Core Services Dynamics Interactions Applications

10 NextGRID Architecture Goals Advanced Service Oriented Architecture Component Based Use Existing Technology where Possible Open and Fully Accessible Specifications Multi purpose Grid Guaranteed Minimal Grid Infrastructure

11 NextGRID Architectural Process WP 3, 7 Users WP 4, 5, 6 Research Dissemination Standards Conceptualization Analysis Design Outside World Conceptual Model Conceptual Model & Examples Publicity & Training Draft Standards Component Model Component Model Use Cases Properties & Facilities Use Cases Experiment Reports State-of-the-Art Use Cases Business Models Agreed Experiment Plans Standards Recommendations Conceptual Model & Facilities Draft Experiment Plans Dialect Reports

12 Facility Priorities State And Properties Service Description (WSDL) Basic Notification Authentication Resource Access Addressing Control Channel Data Transport Lifetime Confidentiality (message) VO Management Execution Management Self Management Privacy Accounting Service Description (semantic) experiments will be conducted in near future mature specs exist that will be adopted experiments are not needed, or are not possible right now Service Level Agreements Naming Authorization Trust (establishment) Service Discovery Unified Resource Model VM For Workflow Generic Management Data Integration Data Access License Management Note: All facilities are subject to evolution throughout the project.

13 Business And Operational Issues Business models Information models and representation Operational Security

14 Foundations Make use of WS developments and meet the requirements of various types of Grid Environments Data Transport, Service Discovery, Dynamic Resource Management, Pervasive Security, Workflow Enactment, Scheduling, Authorisation, Accounting, Operational Management Simplify work and task flow specifications

15 Dynamics: Semantic Workflow Representation Task A Task B X y Z Application Workflow Service 1 Abstract Workflow Service 2 Service 3 Service 4 Service 5 1 Concrete Workflow 2 3 4 5 Selected Instance Available Instance 1 Intermediate Workflow 2 3 4 5

16 Z 2 Render 500 frames Create the video X y Application Workflow Create shaders Abstract Workflow Create textures Render frames Create video 1 Concrete Workflow 3 4 Example of Workflow Representation

17 Workflow Translator Service Discovery Matchmaker Workflow QoS Application Workflow & Hints Abstract Workflow Service Info Available instances of this service GRID Resources Result Allocation Request for best service(instance) with workflow parameters Best Service (instance) Concrete Workflow Enactment Execution Manager Business Process ΑΑΑ VO Management Negotiation Other Services Repository Services Metadata SECURE Workflow Model & Architecture

18 Interactions Development a comprehensive Grid programming model Development of an interactive Grid usage environment Development of a Portal Framework

19 Implied Volatility

20 Derivative Pricing

21 Supply Chain Management

22 Application Tasks Requirements capture and use scenarios Application References Evaluation and Assessment of Grid tools and middleware

23 The End Thank you! Kostas Tserpes

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