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Middleware R&D in 863 High-Tech Program Prof. Hong Mei Jun 2005.

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1 Middleware R&D in 863 High-Tech Program Prof. Hong Mei Jun 2005

2 Outline Overview Orientware Research in PKU

3 863 - middleware -- history The 9th 5-year plan1996-2000 Funded some distributed computing projects Message middleware and CORBA middleware The 10th 5-year plan2001-2005 Make middleware an independent subject area in information technology field More than 230 million RMB investment Six key projects and dozens of application projects Visit at

4 863 - middleware -- mission Promote core software technology with intellectual property rights Develop competent products meeting China market requirements Make Chinas software industry strong

5 Quality Assurance and Management Host platform Middleware platform Component resource Web serviceCORBAEJB Other components OS DB Basic service Service & management toolkitsService schedule Development platform Toolkits for deploy Requirement. Specification Toolkits for Developing 863 - Middleware -- technology overview Emphasize runtime platform and development toolkits Promote software reuse Support component-based software development

6 863 - middleware -- Strategy Research Middleware Vendors Application Academies Domain Users Development Academic institutes researching on advanced technology Middleware vendors developing various middleware products Transfer Requirement Platform Domain users providing specific applications built-upon middleware platforms

7 863 - middleware state-of-the-practice Research – Academies BeiHang University Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science National University of Defense Technology Nanjing University Peking University … Major research products and systems WebService related: XLinker/WSWF/UDDI/… Message/Tx/J2EE related: ONCE CORBA related: StarBus/StarCCM/StarWebService/… J2EE related: PKUAS ……

8 863 - middleware state-of-the-practice (cont.) Development - Middleware Vendors NeuSoft CVIC SE Intervision TongTech... Major vendor products NeuSoft – NeuSoftWeb/ NeuSoftmwail… CVIC SE - InforBus/InforWeb/InforEAI/… Intervision - InterBus/Interpipe/... TongTech – TongLink/TongWeb… …

9 863 - middleware state-of-the-practice (cont.) Applications – Domain Users Finance Transportation Telecom E-Government E-Business …

10 Outline Overview Orientware Research in PKU

11 Orientware What we have: Various featured products PKUAS J2EE Application Server ONCE Message Middleware/Portal Server StarBUS/StarCCM CORBA Middleware/App Server WebSASE Web Service Application Support Env. Orientware What we want: Integrating them

12 Orientware overview Orientware consists of: Application Servers – CORBA & Java Portal Server Transaction monitor Web Services Server & Registry Workflow engine

13 Orientware architecture Web Services Container Web Services Workflow Engine Service-oriented Integration Platform UDDI Registry IIOP / RMI / SOAP CCM EJB TX Common Services Application Server Component Development Tools Portal Visual Monitoring & Management Tool User Application View Development and Deployment View Management View System integration View

14 Technical Features Open architecture Ready for integrating new product and technology Wide interoperability Supporting mainstream protocols such as HTTP, IIOP, RMI, SOAP, … Component-based software development Conforming to CORBA Component Model and EJB Component Model Service oriented integration Based on de-facto standards such as SOAP, UDDI, Workflow, etc Built-in management infrastructure

15 Main contributors (up to now) National University of Defense Technology StarBUS/StarCCM OrientwareCCM Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science ONCE OrientwarePortal, OrientwareTx Beihang University WebSASE OrientwareXLinker, OrientwareUDDI, OrientwareWSWF Peking University PKUAS OrientwareAS

16 National University of Defense Technology OrientwareCCM : CORBA Component Application Server, key features: Plenty development tools Compilers such as IDL, IDL3, CIDL and PSDL Visual Tools for assembly and deploy Common services More than 10 services, eg. NS/OTS/PSS/… Clustering facility Dynamic deployment Component upgrading without shutdown down

17 Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Science OrientwarePortal : Portal Server, key features: Personalized service Adaptable delivery Multiple content sources such as Internet, XML document and Database Flexible page layout with GUI editor 3 layout style OrientwareTx: Transaction monitor Based on X/Open DTP model High-performance

18 BeiHang University OrientwareXLinker : Lightweight SOAP engine Support multiple Web Containers and service implementations OrientwareWSWF: Workflow engine Support BPEL Visual modeling tools and management tools OrientwareUDDI: High performance UDDI Server

19 Peking University OrientwareAS : J2EE Application Server, key features: Open interoperable framework JRMP/IIOP/SOAP protocols Online evolution mechanism Add, delete or modify the operating components Clustering facility Better performance

20 Orientware Applications Typical applications Credit Management System of the Bank of Communications, Shanghai, China. GSM Integrated Networking management system of UNICOM Core Business Applications platform for Insurance Container Ticket Processing System of the China Railway Corporation Traffic Management System E-government Information Exchange Platform of Heilongjiang province …

21 Outline Overview Orientware Research in PKU

22 Ongoing research Towards middleware usability and manageability Customizable middleware Reflective middleware Self-adaptive middleware Software engineering support for Middleware-based development Methodology Toolkits

23 Customizable and extensible middleware Microkernel-based, componentized middleware architecture supporting Services plug-and-play User-defined domain specific services Aspect-oriented customization and extension mechanism: Aspect modeling, programming, weaving, debugging

24 From Customization to Reflection Hardware System Software Network Hardware System Software Middleware Application Software Application Software Reflective Reflective Middleware helps TOWARDS adaptation Open up the internal implementation Look middleware as Grey-box Provide reflection and adaptation mechanism Runtime Changes

25 Reflective Middleware Based System Architecture based Reflective Middleware Causal Connection PlaSA Specific Meta Entities Base Entities AppSA Specific Meta Entities Reflective APIs Reflective Programs Correctness and Security of Reflection Software Architecture is implemented as runtime entity (RSA) in middleware. Causal Connection By manipulating upon RSA through reflective APIs of middleware, programmer can dynamically change the application behaviours.

26 HW Sys Net HW Sys From Reflective To Self-Adaptive Middleware Maintenance without Human Maintenance by Human App Reflective Self- Adaptive Black Box Grey Box Black Box Self-adaptive middleware directed Self-configuration Self-optimization Self-healing self-protection

27 Self-adaptation examples Automatic finding and adjusting the best performance parameters Speedup the process of performance tuning Auto recovery of correlated faults Quickly locate root fault and recover from temporary failures Automatic distributing workload Help load balancing and fault tolerance

28 Software engineering support Feature Modeling Tool Architecture-based Component Composition tool Deployment Tool Management and Monitoring Tool

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