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Infrastructure vs. Services SecurityAuthenticationTransactions Services.

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1 Infrastructure vs. Services SecurityAuthenticationTransactions Services

2 Service (DAML-S) Service Infrastructure Security, addressing,

3 Infrastructure Working Group

4 Whats new? Knowledge everywhere Every service must be ensured through inference.

5 Processing Model Storage, Optimization, Query Distribution Transactions

6 Security of Web Services Systems for more exposed, Have to be solved to be used. Confidentiality Safety Policy Privacy

7 Trust Model of trust - Sub-symbolic (ebay, epinions ) - Symbolic trust (involving semantics of knowledge) -Proofs

8 Transformation Structure, language and ontology transformations Merge and articulation Transformation services (mediators) Library of transformations (shared repository) Properties of transformations

9 Localization and Identification Identity of objects (on the web) How to establish object identity? (different URI for same object) Use of the same URI different things Link to other naming models (e.g., TopicMaps)

10 Relationships Databases W3C Agents Web security

11 Recommendations Encourage Open Source development of high quality components (aka Apache) Software Ontologies (maybe?) Non-profit shelter organization for development software (aka New Approach to Technology Transfer for Funding Organizations! This must come from the people.

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