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Religion of the Byzantine Empire

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1 Religion of the Byzantine Empire

2 Warm Up!!! For today’s warm up, answer the following questions in complete sentences: Constantinople locations linked together which two seas and continents? What is Constantinople most remembered for?

3 Introduction Christianity shaped the beliefs and values that the majority of people in the Byzantine Empire. Sunday worship, the Eucharist, was offered by thousands of bishops and priests throughout the entire empire. However, Christianity will split between Eastern and Western Europe due to the conflict of leadership and particular practices.

4 Introduction, Cont’d **Western Europe = Western Christianity (Roman Catholic Church) led by the Pope.** **Eastern Europe = Eastern Orthodox (Greek Orthodox) Church led by the Byzantine Emperors. Eastern Europe = Eastern Orthodox Western Europe = Western Christianity (AKA Roman Catholic)

5 Eastern Orthodox Christianity
Eastern Orthodox Christianity was centered on the capital city of Constantinople. In Constantinople alone, there were over 100 monasteries inhabited by nuns or monks. The emperor of the Byzantine Empire was the divine leader of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Seen as almost a God, divine being, on earth.

6 Although the emperor was the head of the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Patriarch (or bishop) ran daily church activities. Power of the Patriarch is equivalent to the Pope in Western Europe. The Eastern Church permitted the use of the vernacular (common language of the people) in religious documents and in the liturgy (primarily Greek in the Byzantine Empire). Liturgy = public worship services and rituals (Eucharist). Vernacular!

7 Eastern Orthodox Christianity (cont.)
Priests were permitted to marry. Divorce is allowed in particular situations. Eastern Orthodox Christianity focused on particular religious icons. Icons = religious paintings depicting Jesus, Mary, saints, or the cross believed to have sacred powers.

8 Did YOU Know?!? A survey reported that 12% of Americans think Joan of Arc was Noah’s Wife. The Earth weighs around 6,588,000,000,000,000,000,000,000, tons! Fine grained volcanic ash can be found as an ingredient in some toothpastes. The most pushups ever performed in one day was 46,001!

9 Roman Catholic Church Western Christianity (Roman Catholic Church) was centered on the city of Rome. The Western Church (Roman Catholic Church) was lead by the Pope (bishop of Rome). The Pope held religious and political authority over numerous kings of Western Europe. The Western Church believed the Pope to be the representative of Jesus on Earth.

10 Roman Catholic Church (cont.)
Latin was the official language of the Western Church and was used in religious documents and in the liturgy (worship and church services). Priests practiced celibacy Were not permitted to marry Divorce was not allowed I Speak Latin!!

11 The Christian Church Splits
The idea of who should lead the Christian Church continuously plagued the Eastern and Western Churches. Leadership of the Christian Church was the main cause for the official splitting of the Christian Church. SPLIT!! Who Should Lead???

12 1054: The Great Schism (East-West Schism): Official splitting of the Christian Church.
The Patriarch declared independence from Rome, the Pope and patriarch excommunicated (ban from the group) each other, formally splitting the Christian world: The Western Church is now formally named the Roman Catholic Church with the Pope as the leader. The Eastern Orthodox Church is formally established in Eastern Europe. Daily religious ceremony is led by the Byzantine Patriarch.

13 1054 The Great Schism

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