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GREATER BIRMINGHAM & SOLIHULL LOCAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP AREA Priority Axes 1 - Call Workshop Promoting Research and Innovation through European Structural.

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1 GREATER BIRMINGHAM & SOLIHULL LOCAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP AREA Priority Axes 1 - Call Workshop Promoting Research and Innovation through European Structural and Investment Funding (ESIF) Chamberlain Room, Birmingham City Council House, B1 1BB Tuesday 11 th August 2015 09.15-12.15 To obtain further information regarding ESIF, please email

2 Today’s Programme Times are approximate Welcome & Coffee 09.15 to 09.30 Current Situation(Richard Crofts)09.30 to 09.45 – The ERDF Operational Programme – The first ‘Calls for Proposals’ ESIF Priority Axis 1 (Innovation) – Call 2(Pam Waddell)09.45 to 10.45 – Priority Axis 1 Summarised – Q&A ESIF Priority Axis 4&6 (Tara Verrell)10:45 to 11.15 – Innovation elements of PA 4 (Low Carbon) – Innovation elements of PA 6 (Environmental Protection) – Q&A Information Sheet & Contacts (Richard Crofts) 11.15 to 11.30 Discussions/Networking 11.30-12.15

3 Introduction ESIF Background document available ERDF Operational Programme for England formally approved late June 2015 – 9 Priority Axes GB&S LEP has prioritised 4 of these: – Innovation – Business – Low Carbon – Environmental Protection This Workshop - Priority Axis 1: Promoting Research and Innovation (plus Innovation elements of PA 4 & 6)

4 The First Calls GB&S LEP subject of 39 Outline Applications Strategic advice on 32 Outline Applications In terms of projects seeking support from GB&S ‘notional allocations’ ESIF strategic ‘Green Light’ given to:  Innovation – 8 applications with grant value £12.45m  Business – 12 applications with a grant value £53.39m  Low Carbon– 1 applications with grant value £0.67m  Environmental Protection – No Early Call

5 Priority Axis 1– Summary of 2nd Call Objective: To increase the level of business innovation in key growth sectors (as below), with a particular focus on the exploitation of new and existing facilities to ensure their full benefit and linking small medium sized enterprises to the local and wider knowledge base. Priority sectors: Life Sciences; Digital and Creative; Low Carbon; Advanced manufacturing Minimum value: £500,000 (approx £1M with match) – collaborative bids encouraged for scale and impact Deadline: 25 September 2015 (outlines) Duration: up to 3 years Geography: GBS funding should predominantly support businesses based GBS LEP area, preferably whole LEP geography. Cross-LEP projects encouraged with simultaneous bids to other LEP calls Up to £7,500,000 available in this call

6 Priority Axis 1– National Investment Priorities 1a Enhancing research and innovation infrastructure and capacities to develop research and innovation excellence, and promoting centres of competence, in particular those of European interest. 1b Promoting business investment in research and innovation – Developing links and synergies between enterprises, research and development centres and the Higher Education sector, in particular promoting investment in product and service development, technology transfer, social innovation, ecoinnovation, public service applications, demand stimulation, networking, clusters and open innovation through smart specialisation; – Supporting technological and applied research, pilot lines, early product validation actions, advance manufacturing capabilities and first production, in particular in key enabling technologies and diffusion of general purpose technologies.

7 GBS LEP Specific Actions - Investment Priority 1a (Enhancing Research and Innovation Infrastructure and Capabilities) A very limited number of projects are sought for each of the following types of action with collaborative projects encouraged where appropriate): Facilities for rapid product/service design and prototyping accessible to small and medium sized enterprises, including social enterprises (a single collaborative bid is preferred). Incubation spaces and associated services – new or extended facilities to enable growth linked to existing research and innovation infrastructure and/ or game-changing infrastructure developments (strong evidence of need and demand and delivery plan required). Physical demonstrators of technology and knowledge focussed on the priority high value growth sectors.

8 GBS LEP Specific Actions - Investment Priority 1b (Promoting Business Investment in Research and Innovation) Projects should extend reach of existing local innovation assets (eg successful physical demonstrators), building further collaborations and enhancing access for SMEs to accelerate exploitation of products and services. Accessing world class expertise to create solutions to local challenges – building links between local innovation players and national/ internationally recognised innovation centres-of-excellence in key sectors and disciplines. Encouraging good practice in development, delivery, management and governance of innovation to make innovation activities more efficient and successful in SMEs, e.g. via leadership and development programmes. Facilitation of wider involvement in innovation networks and communities eg connecting existing SME support networks to innovation initiatives and projects. Demand-led demonstrators. Different to ‘physical demonstrators’, these enable SMEs to develop into new markets by having the opportunity to solve challenges from public or private sector purchasers.

9 GBS LEP PA1 Specific Actions NOT INCLUDED in second call Student and graduate enterprise Placements and internships Innovation vouchers Also note: It is not anticipated that Proof of Concept funding will be part of GBS LEP PA1 at any stage as the JEREMIE Fund of Funds will include a proof of concept loan fund

10 Q&A on Priority Axis 1 – 2nd Call

11 Priority Axis 4 – Second Call 08/2015 Summary Overall Objective: increase energy efficiency in particular in small and medium enterprises, including through the implementation of low carbon technologies, and, the production and distribution of energy derived from renewable resources – Low Carbon Infrastructure Study work – (4a) Community Energy Enterprise Schemes – Low Carbon Transport / mobility Maximum ERDF Value £0.5 million, closing date 25 th Sep

12 Priority Axis 6 – First Call 08/2015 Summary Overall Objective: Protecting and restoring biodiversity and soil and promoting ecosystem services – Investments in Green and Blue infrastructure and actions that support the provision of ecosystem services on which businesses and communities depend to increase local natural capital and support sustainable economic growth. – Includes innovation in 6f – supporting SME adoption of innovative technologies for wider resource efficiency; and pilot demonstrators to promote take-up of innovative technologies for resource efficiency. Maximum ERDF Value £1.5 million, closing date 25 th Sep

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