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Lund Managing mobility Lund style Lund. LundaMaTs The Strategy.

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1 Lund Managing mobility Lund style Lund

2 LundaMaTs The Strategy

3 Lund How to have an attractive and sustainable city in the future? …development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs Brundtland Commission, 1987 Life is good…

4 Lund Lessons learned

5 Lund...rather than attitudes Changing behaviour...

6 Lund Concrete offers… Test commuters so far… Car drivers try public transport for one month A monthly pass for free 740 test commuters so far 50 percent continue 40 percent one year later …rather than pretty adds

7 Lund...rather than information one way: I want you to know this satisfy the informers need more than the recipients both way: do something together find a common ground and behaviour meetings and dialog Communication...

8 Lund Dialogue and targeting… …rather than large scale marketing

9 Lund LundaMaTs so far Strong support among the public Behavioural changes noticeable LundaMaTs result up to 2,5 % less car traffic than without LundaMaTs Combining soft and hard measures Political debate and consensus Long term commitment

10 Lund New habits 19 % say that they've changed their behaviour 52 % to walking/cycling 42 % to public transport 6 % carpool more

11 Lund The future challenges Sustainable growth/Decoupling New life style/New mobility culture Influence the planners of tomorrow Regional cooperation Leisure travel How to keep up? Be an inspiration? Run out forever

12 Lund The cradle of time geography Source: Professor Shih-Lung Shaw, Dep. of Geography, University of Tennessee

13 Lund Integration of Mobility Management and spatial planning How do we organise our every-day life?

14 Lund Compensating for our conference travel emissions… Mainly vegetarian, organic and locally produced food Local trips by bike and bus Warning: Car sick food

15 Lund Into the future! Questions?

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