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Structure of Flowers P. 122.

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1 Structure of Flowers P. 122

2 Petals and Sepals Sepals – outermost circle of flower parts that encloses a bud before it opens Petals – brightly colored structure just inside the sepals that attracts insects for pollination

3 Male Stamen – Male part of the flower; made up of an anther and a filament Filament – a long thin structure that supports an anther Anther – flower structure in which pollen grains are produced

4 Female Carpel – innermost part of the flower that produces female gametes Stigma – sticky portion at the top of the style where pollen grains frequently land Style – narrow stalk of the carpel in a flower Ovary – contains one or more ovules

5 Flowering Plant Life Cycles
Annuals: complete a life cycle within one growing season Biennials: complete a life cycle in two years Perennials: flowering plants that live for more than two years

6 Ovary and Ovules Pollen

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