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Cycling and Mobility Management Jiri Bendl, Prague.

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1 Cycling and Mobility Management Jiri Bendl, Prague

2 A Lack of Physical Activity causes 1.9 million deaths per year, the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality 60% of the world's population

3 Physical Inactivity - Economic Consequences in USA for 2000 yr Overweight and obesity $117 billion Heart diseases $183 billion Diabetes $100 billion Cancer $157 billion Arthritis $50 billion

4 WHO recommends: 30 minutes of physical activity / day 150 minutes of physical activity / week

5 Potential of Cycling as a Tool to Improve Physical Activity of the Population 30 % of trips made in car in Europe cover distance of less than 3 km 50 % of less than 5 km

6 Active Transportation - Walking and Cycling is the Most Natural, Free and Easy Way of Physical Activity for Everybody

7 Main air pollutants from engines: Noise Hazardous emissions: polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons mutagenic and carcinogenic PM10 and PM2,5 CO aldehydes

8 Automobiles also emit micro-particles by friction and grind off of : Rubber tyre Brake – pad plates Clutch lining Road surfaces 15 %

9 Emissions are more dangerous than accidents Emissions from transport and their consequences are of eight times higher magnitude than consequences of car accidents

10 Cyclo-transport and low emissions public transport helps, not harms Mobility management contributes to decrease of the hazardous substances in the air. Low external damages to health or property justify for subsidies and financial support.

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