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The Food Chain.

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1 The Food Chain

2 What is food chain? It is a process in which energy gets transferred from one organism to another. Therefore, each organisms in a food chain is dependent on the next organism for its food.

3 Producers Producers are the starting point of a food chain.
Organisms that can make their own food (energy) are called producers. The plant kingdom makes up the producers.

4 Every food chain involves the Sun. All
energy comes from the Sun and plants make food with that energy. This process is known as photosynthesis. Plants are eaten by other organisms to get energy. They get nutrition from it.

5 Producers Bug Sun Chicken Human Being

6 Consumers Consumers are the next link in a food chain.
They are animals that eat plants (producers) and other animals. Humans are at the end of the food chain. They eat both plants and animals. Hence, they are consumers too.

7 Rabbit Grass The food chain begins with a plant. The plant is eaten by a rabbit. The rabbit is then eaten by a larger animal, fox. Both the rabbit and the fox, in this food chain, are called consumers. Fox

8 Decomposers Decomposers are the last link in the food chain.
They break down/ decompose the dead bodies into nutrients and return it to the soil. The producers use these nutrients from the soil to make their own food. The food chain begins all over again.

9 If any one level from the food chain is removed, the whole ecosystem will collapse.
There are more than 100,000 different types of decomposers.

10 Links of the food chain

11 Examples of Food Chain…

12 Deer Lion Plants

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