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Paul Ciniglio - Sustainability & Asset Strategist, First Wessex PRISM ENVironment Building Sustainability Hampshire event A housing association perspective.

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1 Paul Ciniglio - Sustainability & Asset Strategist, First Wessex PRISM ENVironment Building Sustainability Hampshire event A housing association perspective 11 th September 2013, Winchester

2 Presentation will cover About me About First Wessex and my role Environmental impacts – Construction Adaptation to Climate Change The UK / EU retrofit and nZEB challenge First Wessex sustainability strategy – The Choice Case studies of low carbon retrofit and new homes

3 About First Wessex: Hampshire and Surrey based HA Formed 2007 20,000 existing housing assets Build around 500 new homes each year Part of Wayfarer consortium of HAs £25m pa RR&PM spend Customer groups My role

4 Development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Our Common Future - Brundtland Commission - 1987 People Planet Profit

5 Construction impacts – Energy UK Energy consumption 1995

6 Construction impacts – Water Effective rainfall and licensed abstraction People in Hampshire use more water than anywhere else in the UK On average 157 litres/person/day!

7 Construction impacts – Materials 1,200m 3 Spoil156,842 Blocks 694,500 Bricks 14,811m 2 Plasterboard 2,700m 2 Glass 300m 3 Mortar 5,200m Roadway 2,600m Reinforced Beams 7,500ltrs Paint What it takes to build 100 houses 576m 3 Timber

8 Materials – The Green guide to specification, BRE Life cycle analysis of the environmental impact of materials Assessed by building type and elements e.g. walls, roof, windows A+ to E summary rating awarded Criteria considered: Climate changeClimate change, Water extraction, Mineral resource extraction, Stratospheric ozone depletionWater extractionMineral resource extractionStratospheric ozone depletion Human toxicityHuman toxicity, Ecotoxicity to Freshwater, Nuclear waste (higher level), Ecotoxicity to land, Waste disposal, Fossil fuel depletion, Eutrophication, Photochemical ozone creation, AcidificationEcotoxicity to FreshwaterNuclear waste (higher level)Ecotoxicity to landWaste disposalFossil fuel depletionEutrophication Photochemical ozone creationAcidification

9 Construction impacts – Waste The UK produces approx 360 million tonnes of waste each year (6 tonnes per person). The construction industry accounts for approx 120 million tonnes. - 10 million tonnes of which are unused materials! -3 million is packaging! Site Waste Management Plans (>£300,000)

10 Construction impacts Pollution Ecology Transport Health & Well-being Land Use

11 The strip city

12 Adaptation to climate change

13 Low impact housing / buildings

14 Tree House, Clapham, London

15 BedZed, London Bill Dunster architects, client: Peabody HA.

16 Normandy, Guildford Passive Housing

17 Targets for new housing carbon compliance 2016 EU nZEB target 2019/20

18 Code for Sustainable Homes – Mandatory minimum energy and water use standards Code LevelEnergyWater % better than 2010 Building Regs part L* Litres per person per day (predicted – see also part G) 3**0%105 425%105 5100%80 6Zero Carbon (approx 141%) 80 * DER improvement on TER ** Same as Bldg Regs part L 2010 NB: CodefSH is likely to be scrapped!


20 Code 6 - Southampton

21 New proposal for 2016 Partnership project with Zero Carbon Hub, Gosport –Helping to inform the new 2016 housing energy standards (Zero Carbon) –Sophisticated testing and monitoring –FW also contributing to Design v As built, Overheating and Comfort Small development site in Aldershot –Partnership with ZCH & St Gobain linked to DvAB to find optimum solution

22 Closing the Performance Gap

23 Paul Ciniglio - Sustainability & Asset Strategist, First Wessex The Choice An overview of First Wessexs new sustainability strategy and current projects

24 First Wessex Sustainability Strategy Strategy and action plan 2013-15 The Choice Launched in May - linked to Green Office Week Six headline themes – plus sub policies 1.MANAGEMENT, MEASUREMENT AND COMMUNICATION 2.ENERGY EFFICIENCY AND CARBON REDUCTION 3.RESOURCE AND WASTE MANAGEMENT 4.TRANSPORT 5.PROCUREMENT 6.CONSTRUCTION DEVELOPMENT AND MAINTENANCE SHIFT status

25 Green Office Week Used national GOW 13-17 th May to launch The Choice to staff. Road-show between main offices Over 220 staff attended

26 Office energy monitoring Display Energy Certificates (DECs) EDD:E office electrical energy monitoring -Display screens Environmental Audits of FWPS depots

27 The UK retrofit challenge 80% reduction in CO 2 emissions by 2050 (Climate Change Act) 26 million existing homes 85% still in existence 2050 27% total carbon emissions 500,000+ whole house refurbishments each year to 2050 (Existing Homes Alliance) 100 advanced retrofits during presentation As much as £10,000,000 business per working hour But, economic, social and environmental barriers need to be overcome… Green Deal

28 Green Deal & ECO Government flagship policy –now live! Key retrofit financial barriers: –up front capital & repayment of work / return on investment Assessment > GD provider & finance > Installation > repayment > Moving on Golden rule Energy Company Obligation –£1.3bn ECO / pa (3 funding streams) –Measures / hard to treat

29 Green Doctor project –Partnership with Groundwork –Engaging up to 500 households Retrofit cost effective measures & current cost meters Provide energy behaviour adjustment advice Taking 3 sets of meter readings in 12 months Train resident champions to leave project peer legacy –New First Wessex Green Living Team To be brought in house this summer 1,000 households in programme per annum Existing homes, retrofit projects, new build Energy and water efficiency Communication of strategy

30 Interactive show home Partnership with PUSH & Bioregional DECC fully funded project 3 multimedia interactive behaviour change and Green Deal homes Open to public Using void homes moving from community to community FW will rotate one expo for 2 yrs Opened 14 th June in Eastleigh

31 Major solar photovoltaic (PV) project ˗ Estimated 2.5MW (1,000 homes / offices / community centres). ˗ Paid for by FIT income over 20 years (pay back year 13). ˗ Strong link to social outcomes e.g. employment. ˗ Average annual electricity bill saving to residents £150. ˗ Annual CO 2 savings estimated at 1,250+ tonnes. ˗ Tender process complete, Dulas Ltd. successful. ˗ Commencing summer 2013 lasting for 2 years (subject to final budget approval) ˗ Selection of homes.

32 Insulation projects Loft & Cavity Wall insulation –>600 free measures completed in 2012 –Now addressing hard to treat cavities & lofts –Energy performance Certificates for 100% stock Solid Wall Insulation –Relates to >900 pre fab homes in Aldershot (EWI) and 300 solid wall (IWI) in Portsmouth –Prepare approach for low carbon retrofit zone in Aldershot (aim for EPC band B) –Framework for ECO and contractors Partnership with LAs and RSLs private sector housing Bridging the financial gap (over ECO) Employment opportunities! Mitre Court, Fareham –28 leasehold flats requiring over-cladding

33 Advanced retrofit pilot - Heronwood 20 flats at Heronwood Aldershot External Wall Insulation New condensing boilers New roof with semi integrated PV Improved air tightness & MVHR Loft insulation top up Low energy lighting Work commences in July

34 Heronwood energy modelling MeasureSAP rating BandCO 2 emissions (tonnes / year) Total % improvement over baseline CO 2 emissions Pre refurbishment60D2.69- External wall insulation69C1.9527.51% 100% Low energy lighting and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (individual room system) 69C1.9129.00% 1.1 kWp PV system (semi integrated) 76C1.5143.87% Replacement boiler (combination boiler for heating and hot water) 81B1.0859.85% Insulate flat walls to communal areas 81B1.0062.83%

35 Paul Ciniglio - Sustainability Strategist, First Wessex Retrofit South East Project

36 First use of 4% European Regional Development Funding (ERDF) for retrofit of social housing in 2009. £421,000 grant secured for programme of research to build low carbon retrofit capacity. ERDF project outputs related to retrofit business assistance provided to 85 SMEs. Partnership project: Retrofit South East project

37 To retrofit or build a new community? An Ideal setting for a Council estate. This aerial picture of part of the Cranford Road estate shows the neat and airy spacing, with pleasant greens between the rows of houses. Although in complete contrast to the old town, with its splendid examples of Georgian architecture, this essential development is probably as tasteful as a Council estate can be. Local newspaper 1950

38 Retrofit South East project centrepiece (14 homes) Solar street community + show home

39 Modelled a 77% – 90% reduction in regulated CO 2 emissions post retrofit. Water efficiency improved by average 16% to 92 l/p/d. 85% of waste was recycled off site under SWMP. BREEAM domestic refurbishment pilot project. Environmental strategy

40 How C88 was achieved, Show home full SAP modelling ScenarioSAP 2005 Rating EPC / SAP Band Annual Regulated CO2 Emissions kgC02/yr Approx cost of measure £ Percentage Reduction in Regulated CO2 Emissions % Baseline as extg (Gas)49E5,868 - - + 100mm Phenolic foam EW Insulation 69C3,461 10,500 41% + Double loft insulation to 300mm thick 70C3,284 250 44% + 50mm vertical floor raft edge insulation 71C3,219 1,750 45% + A-energy rated windows and doors 73C2,792 6,000 52% + Improved air tightness & heat recovery ventilation 74C2,650 3,000 55% + New A rated boiler & cylinder plus controls 80C1,965 4,500 67% + 100% low –e lighting 81B1,923 250 67% + 2.1 kWp solar PV 91B972 9,250 83% '+ Solar thermal 3msq 92A816 5,000 88% + 20mm aerogel ground floor insulation 92A692 5,500 90% Sum of all measures 92A692 £46,000 90%

41 Continuity of insulation & air tightness BeforeAfter Before, REEMA panelsAfter retrofit EWI -100mm Air pressure test

42 Working with residents 8 months lead in time / consultation period with residents. Full time community liaison officer appointed. On-site drop in office available throughout refurbishment. Decant period was 10-12 weeks. Community energy efficiency training and 1:1 home visits.

43 Regional retrofit benefits study Establish a market worth £460-850m/yr, on top of current RMI. Create 4,100 - 33,000 jobs in installation, supply and support. Enhance the asset value of regional homes by up to £22.4 billion. Liberate over £1 billion a year in energy savings. Take at least 360,000 people out of fuel poverty. Save up to £80 million on healthcare and up to 3,700 winter deaths. Save 3% of total regional water consumption. Future-proof homes against climate change impacts. Improve regional energy security. And cut regional carbon emissions by one fifth!

44 Through life emissions report release Retrofit v demolition and new build Comparison analysed over 50 year period. Advanced retrofit compared with: –Traditional and timber frame construction –Building Regulations Part L 2010, Code 4 & ZCH 2016 Emissions considered: –Embodied energy associated with new and existing materials (locked in), construction processes –The in use emissions for heating and power

45 Through life emissions report contd…

46 Through life emissions report key findings Advanced retrofitted homes have lower emissions than a new home built to CfSH level 4 and ZCH 2016. Considering all in costs for similar energy performance: –Advanced retrofit costs almost 40% less –A saving of approx £53,000 per dwelling Around 20,000 UK homes are demolished every year. If we retrofitted instead: –422,500 tCO 2 /year could be saved, –Equivalent of 211,000 new homes.

47 Resident feedback: Its like having a new home on the same plot of land, they are so much warmer, before they were so cold and damp, we even had mould growing. Its so much better now. Ive been running on solar again all day today! The bills are so much cheaper. Bearing in mind what sort of winter we have had, I was really surprised how much Ive saved.

48 BREEAM domestic refurbishment pilot - Very Good rating 75% reduction regulated emissions Measures applied: –500mm loft insulation –Cavity + 32mm IW insulation –MVHR –2 x 1.35kWp PV (East & West) £30,000 on energy efficiency 1970s End of Terrace, Fareham

49 Cost: £30,000 for energy efficiency related works. Year 1 & 2 feedback on my home. Over 400 visitors, many taking action! Total emissions = 545kg year 1, 270kg yr 2. Running costs = £319 year 1, £274 yr 2. ASHP £230 year 1, £190 yr 2. Credit with FIT income +£511 year 1, + £658 yr 2. Water consumption 68 l/p/d. Further details at

50 THANK YOU Questions / discussion? Paul Ciniglio MA, B.Sc(Hons), Dip.BSurv, MIEnvSc, CEnv Sustainability & Asset Strategist tel: 02392 896868

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