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26.11.2008 Susanna Kankaanpää Regional-scale responses to climate change in Finland.

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1 26.11.2008 Susanna Kankaanpää Regional-scale responses to climate change in Finland

2 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Regional –scale climate adaptation strategies in Finland 3 Cases: Helsinki Metropolitan Area Uusimaa Regional Council Tampere Region

3 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää The Helsinki Metropolitan Area

4 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Helsinki Metropolitan Area has a climate change mitigation strategy in place The strategy was prepared by YTV and the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen The strategy was published in 2007 and approved by the four cities and YTV The focus of the strategy is in: The sectors with largest GHG emissions Measures that can be carried out by the cities Decreasing use of energy Implementation of the strategy has started

5 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Adaptation strategy for the Helsinki Metropolitan Area Preparation of the adaptation strategy will start in 2009 Key words for the strategy are: Regional Urban area Built environment Joint strategy of the cities Regional climate scenarios for the area will be prepared Impacts of climate change to the urban environment will be assessed Focus of the strategy will be in risk management and security issues Prepration in cooperation with YTV and the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa and Kauniainen

6 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Source: Uusimaa Regional Council

7 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Uusimaa Regional Council Uusimaa Regional Council is a joint regional authority for Helsinki- Uusimaa Region. Its members are the municipalities in the region, from which it receives its funding. Like all 19 regional councils in Finland, it is mandated in law. The tasks of Uusimaa Regional Council include: regional and land-use planning the promotion of local and regional interests in general. the Council articulates common regional needs, long term development goals and conditions for sustainable development. Source: Uusimaa Regional Council

8 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Uusimaa Region Climate Strategy work Uusimaa Climate Strategy In a planning stage Determines the role of Uusimaa Regional Council in climate work in the province Gathers the information and actors in the region Sets climate targets for the region Potential for renewable energy in the Uusimaa Region Identifying all potential renewable energy sources in the region and Next regional land use plan Climate change will be an important issue Adaptation to climate change A adaptation trainig course/session for planners and politicians of the region will be organised in the spring Source: Jarkko Hintsala

9 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Väestö 31.12.2007 Kangasala 27 733 Lempäälä 19 291 Nokia 30 485 Pirkkala 15 778 Tampere 207 866 Vesilahti 4 086 Ylöjärvi 26 384 Orivesi 9 555 8 municipalities 341 168 citizens Growth 1,4 % Tampere Region Source: Kaisu Anttonen

10 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Basic questions Land use planning -Land use model? - How large growth in the region? - Where should new areas be built? - Timetables and sizes of new areas? Housing How much housing should be built? Pleasant housing areas! Transport How to minimise need for transport? How to enhance use of public transport and walking and cycling? Services How to create an efficient service structure for the whole region? How to get services close to the citizens? Energy How to use little energy for heating and transport, save energy and use renewables? Private sector Competetive enterprises and regional intergration Source: Kaisu Anttonen

11 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Strategy work based on land use structure models 1. Denser urban region 2. Urban region supported by public transport channels 3. Multi-centre urban region 4. Current trends Source: Kaisu Anttonen

12 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Structure models are described in terms of Land use and community structure Transport Private sector and enterprises Services Climate change and energy use Need for transport and modes of transport Adaptation Recreational and ecological networks Source: Kaisu Anttonen

13 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Climate strategy work Preliminary climate change assessment of the structure models – incorporating the climate change issues into the work Stakeholder workshops in urban planning and industry/energy Preliminary scenarios (storylines) A working group for adaptation measures in the municipalities will start in December Impact assessment of different structure models, also climate impacts will be assessed One strucutre model will be chosen and climate impacts assessed Source: Kaisu Anttonen

14 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Adaptation strategy – planned adaptation Identifying risks of extreme events -Technical networks -Flood prone areas: zoning and building -Increased wind burden -Building technologies > erosion, inundatio, land slides, snow, moisture -Water management > ground water, water quality, drought periods - Waste water management> networks, extreme events and waste watertreatment plants, toxins -Storm water management Source: Kaisu Anttonen

15 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää More information: Helsinki Metropolitan Area Council and climate change work: Uusimaa Regional Council: Tampere Central Region:

16 28.11.2008Caravan,SYKE/ Susanna Kankaanpää Thank you!

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