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EBSCO Host databases and full-text online journals.

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1 EBSCO Host databases and full-text online journals

2 Publisher: EBSCO Name of service: EBSCO Host Service type: online databases of journals and other learned content (CDs available for all institutes)

3 Content available EBSCO through PERI provides access to 8 databases of information which can be searched individually, in selected groups or altogether. The databases provide access to just over 16,000 abstracted and indexed journals from all branches of science, technology, medicine, social sciences and humanities. Over 10,000 of these are available as full text with over 4,000 of these being fully peer- reviewed.

4 Content continued… The Databases which you can access under the PERI programme are: –(i) Academic Search Premier, (ii) Business Source Premier, (iii) ERIC, (iv) Masterfile Premier, (v) Newspaper Source, (vi) Health Source Nursing Academic, (vii) Health Source Consumer Edition, (viii) Medline Subject strengths –good coverage of most branches of social sciences and humanities –strong business coverage, also : medicine (Medline) –dedicated newspaper database, kept separate from peer-reviewed content

5 Getting started… Load EBSCO homepage Login using

6 Select the databases that you are interested in searching and working with. The more databases you select, the larger the body of data you will work with. It is strongly advised that you familiarise yourself with each of the databasesmore information is available in the brief descriptions on this page or by following the links to further information.

7 The abstract of the paper in question is presented with links through to the full text articles You can also add this item to your folder for later viewing, print the abstract and/or the full text item, email the reference and/or full text article to a given email address, or save the reference and/or full text article.

8 The search page presents you with a simple search interface – enter your search terms in the box provided. A useful start (before searching) is to read through the Search Tips Link to your own library !


10 Using standard PDF file functionality, you can save the file (by clicking on the floppy disk icon) or print the file (by clicking the printer icon). You can also change the resolution of the PDF, move between pages, search for words within the PDF file (using the binoculars icon), etc.

11 Further reading Librarians help –Administering usage stats etc – tID=1&topicID=19 [URL updated Jan.2006] tID=1&topicID=19 Lots of help documents available by –clicking on Customer Service and Technical Support –then choosing Training and Documentation tab

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