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Regional training activities planning discussion.

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1 Regional training activities planning discussion

2 Outline and objectives Consider some questions and prompts Discuss in regional groups and as the whole group Consider –the best way to implement pilot information training workshops that will be run on a regional basis –The best way to work as regional teams and as a whole group –The best way that Martha can assist you on the training Identify what further discussions and planning will be required to successfully plan delivery of pilot regional workshops.

3 Regional pilot workshops Three regional pilot workshops (north, central and south groups) Practice information training workshop with mentoring and support from Martha and regional master trainers team Opportunity and support to practice training and content skills Regional, institutional and whole group learning opportunity

4 Outcomes from pilot workshops All master trainers have practiced delivery of some training to end users –Real content, real training delivery Master trainer teams have worked together (as teams and between teams) on practical training activities Mentoring and support Prepared for institutional level training

5 But, how can we do this…? Three day long or short half/full day regional information training workshops on compendium content or just focusing on selected parts? Three different approaches (participants, format, duration, content area, etc.) or one shared approach in all regions? The role of Martha, regional master trainers, host institutions, etc.? What role do you want Martha to play? Hosting, dates, implementation responsibilities…? What you would like finalised during workshop 3 in this area?

6 In regional teams consider Consider the issues raised on the previous slide Record some notes in each area and nominate one person to report back Each group report back and then whole group discussion to identify agreed approaches and outcomes

7 Summary and wrap-up

8 Carried forward to next workshop Monitoring and evaluating training activities Training activities administration and logistical support Detailed regional workshop planning

9 Next workshop Practice and planning; client focused training, 8-12 June 2009 Martha Garrett Some prep

10 Post workshop tasks Complete workshop evaluation forms –Paper one to be distributed –Online, will send round link to MT Google list – Update pathfinder in light of comments from Martha Prepare pathfinder lunch bunch briefing session Discuss your institutional training requirements and plans

11 Updating pathfinder See Marthas general comments (across all pathfinders) Read and take note of her individual pathfinder comments Update your pathfinder to use again in the next workshop Submit your updated pathfinder to Martha by 5 June

12 Lunch bunch information seminar Objectives: –To prepare and practice training and skills covered in workshop 2 –To be used in workshop 3 practical exercises Outline: –Subject based 30 minute lunch time information seminar –To include presentation, demonstration and questions –Supported by your pathfinder as a handout/take away information resource for participants –Aimed at any interested users in your institution working in the chosen subject area –Learning objectives: at the end of this seminar, all participants will be able to list and locate online at least 5 key information resources that are available in the area of…

13 Discussing institutional training needs As a training team consider: –Who are your key targets of training? –Which user group would you like to start training first? Which group would be best to start work with? –Do you know what their training needs are or do you need to find out more information in that regard? –Consider what learning objectives you might set Bring along some notes and ideas to the next workshop to include in planning and discussions

14 Thanks and well done To all participants for working so hard and not being shy of the camera! To all participants for making presentations and doing some training To HSPH for excellent organisation and hosting To everyone for making things fun

15 Any questions?

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