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Blackwell Synergy and Ingenta full-text online journals.

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1 Blackwell Synergy and Ingenta full-text online journals

2 Publisher: Blackwell Name of service: Blackwell-Synergy Service type: online journals database

3 Available through two sources 1.Blackwell-Synergy: which is owned and run by Blackwell and contains Blackwells science, technology and medical titles. 2.Ingenta: a separate online service which contains all of Blackwells humanities and social sciences titles. (NB: Ingenta provides an online journals service for over 180 other publishers. You will be able to view the ToCs and abstracts for journals from these publishers but you will only have access rights to the full text of Blackwell Social Sciences and Humanities journals).[]

4 Content available Access to just over 800 leading learned journals in science, technology, medicine (on Synergy) and social sciences and humanities (on Ingenta) Subject Strengths –journals on Blackwell-Synergyall life sciences, medicine/health, ecology –journals on Ingentaaccountancy and economics, cultural studies (especially Asian studies, African studies, Australian studies, international studies), development issues, history, management studies, social policy

5 Getting started Load Synergy homepage Login using Username: inasparmenia Password: inasparmenia

6 Homepage QuickLink feature enables readers to find particular issues or pages immediately. Simply enter the Vol. Issue and Page numbers you need The way journals are listed can be changed so you can view them by subject or in an A-Z format. Link for Search facility

7 List of Issues Page QuickSearch facility allows you to search in all journals, or just this one. Click to link to the Issue you want. Expanding list of issues keeps page size to a minimum. Link to further information, such as submitting a paper, editorial board details and aims and scopes.

8 Table of Contents Page Users can choose between viewing the Abstract, Full text PDF or Full text HTML. QuickSearch facility available again, this time to issue level.

9 Article level features QuickSearch will now search in either Synergy or PubMed for the keywords or authors names selected. Easy to use navigation bar allows one click access to other parts of the issue.

10 Images in HTML To save loading time, images are shown as a thumbnail preview. To enlarge the image, simply click on it, and it will pop up in a separate browser window.

11 Searching Simple and Advanced search facility using Boolean parameters. Users can search all journals, or a subset.

12 Searching continued.. Search again within your Search Results to find the exact information youre looking for.

13 How Synergy can be incorporated into handouts. URLs can be copied and pasted into emails to students. Articles may be printed and included in handouts. The license states: Authorised users may: Incorporate parts of the Licensed Material in printed or electronic Course or Study packs for the use of Authorised Users in the course of instruction. Each such item shall carry appropriate acknowledgement of the source, listing title and author of extract, title and author of work, and publisher. Copies of such items shall be deleted by the licensee when they are no longer required for such purpose.

14 Personalisation of Synergy Register as a My Synergy user – this provides access to additional functionality: –e-mail table of contents alerts –save searches and results for use later –Automatic re-run of searches and email results –create 'hot-links' to your favourite journals and articles

15 Further reading Searching help – Advanced search –http://www.blackwell- General help – [URLs checked o.k. Jan. 2006]

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