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Inbound Marketing Lessons from the Fastest Growing SaaS Company Mike Volpe HubSpot.

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1 Inbound Marketing Lessons from the Fastest Growing SaaS Company Mike Volpe CMO @ HubSpot

2 I’m Mike Volpe. Nice to meet you. @mvolpe 700,000 Inbound Leads 120,000 Twitter Followers Top 10 Blog 5,000 Customers 3.7 million Free Users 1,500,000 Slideshare Views CMO @ Hu bSp ot

3 Our Marketing Philosophy The Story from 2007 to 2011 Building an Inbound Marketing Machine The New Marketing Team 1 2 3 4 Measuring Marketing 5 Building More Efficient & Scalable Marketing


5 Inbound Marketing An Introduction to


7 For decades, marketing focused on pushing messages out. “Buy my product!”

8 44% Recycle/Trash 86% Skip Ads 91% Unsubscribe 200 million say “Do-not-call” But people (and technology) evolved…

9 Inbound marketing is focused on drawing prospective customers in. “Here’s some exceptional content, useful data &/or awesome service. Enjoy.”

10 Inbound marketing is providing people with what they’re looking for... “Enjoy.”

11 Inbound marketing is providing people with what they’re looking for......instead of interrupting what they’re looking for. “Enjoy.” “Buy!”



14 Why Inbound ? 3. Save 62% lower cost-per-lead. 2. Own Reusable marketing assets. 1. Attract More, better leads.

15 How Inbound Marketing Works. Get Found Create content, optimize your web pages, get involved in social media, and attract visitors to your website. Convert Generate leads, track them on your site, qualify them with automated emails, give your sales team more information. Analyze Analyze your marketing decisions so you can make smarter decisions and report real marketing ROI.

16 Blogging Companies that blog get 55% more leads than those who don't. Search Engine Optimization Social Media Nearly 50% of businesses who use social media have acquired a customer through that channel. Content Marketing Videos, whitepapers, webinars, infographics, etc. Get Found

17 Convert Marketing Automation Lead Nurturing Email Marketing Landing Pages Calls to Action

18 Analyze Key Metrics Visitors, Leads, Customers, Conversion Rates, Benchmarks, Content Performance Methods of Analysis Goal Setting

19 THE STORY FROM 2007 TO 2011 2

20 HubSpot: Q1 2007 10 beta customers 2-3 leads per day 5 people in company Small seed investment by founder

21 45,000 Leads Per Month

22 Over 6,000 customers 3,400 Customers Q1 2007Q4 2011

23 HubSpot: Q1 2012 6,000+ paying customers Thousands of new leads per day 300+ employees $65m invested by top-tier investors Fastest growing marketing software company


25 Have You Met Your Personas?

26 Build Marketing Assets Blog Free Tools Podcast Videos Photos Presentations eBooks News Releases

27 Your competition is NOT who you think it is.

28 Example: Free Tool Free interactive tool 4 million users Great PR coverage (TechCrunch, RWW) 50,000+ visitors from StumbleUpon 500,000+ opt-in emails & leads

29 Example: Blog Top 3 source of leads ~10% visit company website ~10-20% lead conversion rate

30 55% more website visitors for companies that blog.

31 79% more Twitter followers for companies who also blog. Image credit: netzkobold

32 Example: Podcast Weekly video podcast 1-2k views / episode 300,000 total views Top 5 marketing podcast in iTunes Guests: MC Hammer, Biz Stone, David Meerman Scott, Chris Brogan

33 Example: B2B Music Video Video – 40,000 views first week – 10,000 views first day Social Media – #1 source = StumbleUpon – #2 source = Twitter – #3 source = Facebook SEO – Page 1 for “inbound marketing” – 50+ inbound links to blog article

34 Example: Social Media 165,000 Twitter followers 104,000 Facebook likes 75,000 LinkedIn group Top 3 source of leads 7-10% lead conversion rate

35 % Companies Acquiring Customers via Social Channels 57% 48% 57% 42%

36 Targeted Calls-to-Action on All Content

37 1,200 Landing Pages, 45% Conversion

38 50-90 Different Targeted Emails / Month

39 10+ Nurturing Series Based on Behavior

40 Summary: Get Found 2,800 blog articles, 9.4M views 300 presentations, 1.3M views 500 videos, 1M views 180 podcast episodes, 300K views 150 webinars, 300K views 1,000’s keywords driving SEO traffic

41 Summary: Convert 5-7% overall website conversion rate 1,200 landing pages with 45% conversion rate Hundreds of social media messages / month 50-90 segmented and targeted emails / month 10+ different lead nurturing series in use driven by user behavior Intelligence about lead behavior drives alerts for sales team 10,000 MQLs given to sales each month


43 The Press Release Hire Push Rent Interrupt

44 GSD Sharp

45 D A R C : Digital

46 D A R C : Analytical

47 D A R C : Reach

48 D A R C : Content

49 Organizing the New Marketing Team


51 Data is your friend. You can trust data.

52 Visits Prosp ects Lead s Opp s Cust Wo. Lead s Measure each stage of your sales and marketing process.

53 VisitorsLeadsSales SEO Social Media Drill into each source to diagnose.

54 Set targets for all key metrics.

55 Measure Progress to Targets Daily

56 Measure often. Evolve faster.



59 Complicated & Confusing Easy & Integrated

60 You can do Inbound Marketing this way.

61 61 Or, you can do Inbound Marketing this way.

62 62 Search Engine Optimization Blogging & Social Media Lead Generation Email & Automation Marketing Analytics Lead Management

63 63

64 64

65 New Strategic Investment $32M


67 67

68 Inbound Conference Promo Slide 68

69 Q&A Slide with: - CTA Info - Contact Info 69

70 Mike Volpe THANK YOU

71 How do I use HubSpot Software? Publish 2,300 blog articles Engage in and measure social media Optimize website for SEO using 500+ keywords Build 1,000 landing pages to convert 700K leads Track over 200K new monthly events on leads Prioritize leads for 100+ sales reps ( connector)

72 How do I use HubSpot Software? Continued… Automatically send triggered emails based on lead activity Send emails to specialized segments of leads Create new sales leads using a custom mobile app Report on marketing ROI using closed loop marketing Attribution and influence reports on custom marketing events Etc… HubSpot is my all-in-one marketing platform.

73 “I HubSpot because I love growing my business.”

74 Make marketing people love

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