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A Combat Support Agency Defense Information Systems Agency Cloud Computing: A perspective Mr. Henry J. Sienkiewicz Technical Program Director Computing.

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1 A Combat Support Agency Defense Information Systems Agency Cloud Computing: A perspective Mr. Henry J. Sienkiewicz Technical Program Director Computing Services Defense Information Systems Agency September 2009

2 A Combat Support Agency 2 Our World Today Presenting challenges for the institution Changes in the underlying platform enable Web 2.0 – blogs, wikis, social networking Agility/flexibility of technology – implying a power shift Always on – ubiquitous Real time information and immediate feedback Providing – New distribution channels – Early warning through the blogosphere – Radical transparency – Dynamic, ad hoc sharing and collaboration

3 A Combat Support Agency 3 Changes In Consumption Patterns DevelopersService Providers Warfighters Customers On Demand Commodity Flexibility Security Changes In Expectations

4 A Combat Support Agency 4 Processing & Storage as a Service Concept Acquire capacity as a service provided by vendor partners Pay much like a homeowner pays for utilities, e.g., by CPU-hours or megabytes consumed 439 total orders completed, with a $31.5M annualized value Average delivery timeline of 11 days –14 days for mainframe; 10 for server –113 orders took less than 5 days –208 orders took between 5 – 14 days Processor Orders to date Storage Orders to date 157 Total Orders Completed $9.6M Annualized Value Average delivery timeline of 14 Days – 7 Days for Disk – 11 Days for Network Ports – 24 Days for Tape Slot Capacity Speed, Agility, Utility Pricing, Reduced Overhead & Technology Currency

5 A Combat Support Agency 5 Virtualization Why? Many benefits… –Consolidation – Reduces footprint –Deployment – Eases provisioning of new workloads –Agility – Increases support for changing workload demands and simple failover situations –Protection - Lowers barriers to disaster recovery –Savings – Fewer machines means fewer administrators, less power, floor space, and cooling –Utilization - Enables multiple systems to run on high-performance hardware –Price – Reduces the cost of service delivery and lowers the total cost of ownership Current utilization is 15% - 20%, climbs to > 60% through virtualization Server virtualization standard environments –Windows/Linux – VMware –Solaris 10 Containers –HP-UX virtual server environment

6 A Combat Support Agency 6 DISA Computing Environment 4,000,000+ users 13 facilities 445,000 sq ft raised floor 34 mainframes 6,100 servers 3,800 terabytes of storage 2,800 application / database instances 215 software vendors Defense Enterprise Computing Centers (DECC)

7 A Combat Support Agency 7 The Cloud Whats new? A style of computing where massively scalable (and elastic) IT-related capabilities are provided as a service to external customers using Internet technologies. Acquisition Model: Based on purchasing of services Source: Gartner Business Model: Based on pay for use Access Model: Over the Internet to ANY device Technical Model: Scalable, elastic, dynamic, multi- tenant, & sharable Computing As A Service

8 A Combat Support Agency 8 DISA Cloud Services Portfolio Platform/Infrastructure-as-a-Service Software-as-a-Service Data-as-a-Service GCDS Content Delivery RACE Compute/Store Software Development

9 A Combat Support Agency 9 Enabling the Cloud Environment Infrastructure –Standardization –Consolidation –Capacity Services –Virtualization –Content Delivery –Rapid Provisioning Services –Software (SaaS) –Applications –Communications Processes –Metrics & benchmarking –ITIL –Service Level Management (SLM) –Security (Certification & Accreditation (C&A)) Its A Journey

10 A Combat Support Agency 10 RACE Drivers…Why Do It Support faster application development/deployment –Reduce hardware provisioning from months to hours –Provide standard platforms to encourage standardization –Developing under security guidelines reduces implementation delays to retrofit security Reduce development and operating cost –Self-service model reduces costs –Standardization reduces support costs –Centralizing resources in the cloud Improve overall security posture –No servers under desks –Secure facilities –Uniform application of security guidelines

11 A Combat Support Agency 11 RACE – The Solution Reduced Cost Pay only for what you need Month-to-month service No annual maintenance fees Increased Speed 24 hour provisioning Online self service Credit card acquisition Reduced Risk No capital $ needed DECC Infrastructure Develop under DoD IA standards Increased Scalability Increase capacity ~ 24 hours Turn On / Turn Off monthly Capacity on demand Computing As A Service

12 A Combat Support Agency 12 RACE Offerings Development/Test 24-hour automated provisioning Customer root access Ability to promote from Dev to Test Standard CSD Operating Environments Minimized and streamlined accreditation Increase capacity ~ 24 hours Month-to-month service Reduced cost Today Production User self-service provisioning within the PRODUCTION environment Ability to promote from test to production Streamlined/Automated accreditation Pre-established inherited IA controls 1 October 2009 SIPRNet deployment Complete integrate accreditation automation processes Continue to refine RACE Portal Interface with Forge.Mil Projects Complete integration with DISA standardized configuration management system (BladeLogic) FY10 Initiatives On-going Development Driven By The User Community

13 A Combat Support Agency 13 RACE – How It Works Source: Gartner User Self-Service

14 A Combat Support Agency 14 The Global Information Grid (GIG) Content Management System (GCDS): –DoD designated content delivery service –Managed by the Defense Information System Agency (DISA's) Computing Services Directorate (CSD). –GCDS is a global platform Uses Akamai technology, that provides intelligent routing and caching of web-based content. Interfaces with web-based applications and portals. Requires the local system be configured to allow GCDS to handle communications between it and the Defense Information Systems Network (DISN). GCDS Cloud Computing Defined: –Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) in the DISN Cloud 14 GIG Content Delivery Service (GCDS)

15 A Combat Support Agency 15 SharePoint Portals Intel Applications Service Portals, Mission Applications & First Responders eLearning Applications Other Web Applications GCDS Customers DISN CLOUDARMYNAVYAIR FORCEMARINESDoDPendingTOTAL NIPRNET28309123 SIPRNET201215727 TOTAL484224 50 15 As of: May 2009

16 A Combat Support Agency TODAY Siloed development environments Expensive and time consuming start- up Limited exposure, sharing, or re-use Duplication of effort Developer Tester User Certifier Shared Test & Development Tools/Services/Environments Shared Asset Libraries & Repositories Developer Agile development and testing Cross-program sharing: software and services Early and continuous collaboration Integrated approach to development life cycle Extensible platform to support delivery of partner capabilities Software Lifecycle Development

17 A Combat Support Agency 17 A collaborative platform to improve DoDs ability to rapidly deliver dependable software and services in support of net-centric operations and warfare Common test and evaluation environment Collaborative software development and reuse On-demand application development tools Agile certification process Collaborative development of IT Available Now Q1 FY10 Future Driving Innovation Through Collaboration

18 A Combat Support Agency 18 Challenges and Barriers Current Balancing Security and Usability –User Validation –Virtualization; servers, firewalls, networks –Access Business processes –Flexible funding; credit cards, speeding MIPR process Cultural inertia –Sharing the vision –Convincing Box Huggers Controlling expectations –Why cant it….. Future Security optimization –Shared accreditation –Validation of customer applications –Integrating Software as a Service –Accessing federated and shared services –Varying interpretations of security guidelines Business streamlining –Each Service and Agency has unique processes –Funding hurdles; Procurement $ verses Operating $


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