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Week for pesticides alternatives in France Thursday, october 28, 2010 PAN Europe General Assembly

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1 Week for pesticides alternatives in France Thursday, october 28, 2010 PAN Europe General Assembly

2 Week for pesticides alternatives tools Videos clips : 3 videos clips were realized with a fun way to get the message through on the dangers of pesticides and the viables alternatives. Post card –We have placed online 4 postcard (In french) that say « No to pesticides ! » for local authority, supermarkets and ministry of agriculture, Website for children (Norbert the earthworm) Norbert is a childrens friend who shows them secrets of plants life, the impacts of pesticides and viable environnementally sound solution that exist. This space also offers a tool for teachers who xant to start workshop with their pupils. Conference support 4 powerpoints are at disposal on the website.

3 Partners

4 Medias

5 Three big events National press conference. Wednesday, march 19, 2010

6 Three big envents IPM seminary to the European economic & social committee

7 Three big events Inauguration of the support committee for the bee and in the beekeepers in the French

8 Participants 210 organisations registered on the website 94 conferences have been organized (79 in2009) 90 movies projections (118 in 2009) Workshops and presentations have had better success : over 140 workshop were registered in 2010. 61 visits of farms ans of ecological gardens have been organized and 62 organics meals have been distributed.

9 PARTICIPANTS EUROPE : Belgique, Allemagne, Espagne, Arménie, Hongrie, Macédoine AFRIQUE : Tunisie, Mali, Togo

10 Evolution of actions since the creation of the week

11 Financial balance

12 Project of 2011 International level : Developping parternership with Africa (PAN Africa, Togo, Mauritanie, Marocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso). Developping partnership with Europe. Italia with Legabiemte and we really want to make a partnership with Spain. Its really important that all of the country members of PAN Europe particpates at the Week for pesticides alternatives because its a real opportunity to focus the media on this problematic and the quality of actions can undertaken has an impact on the political agenda.

13 Project 2011 Partnership in France Students (We work with a French studient for Sustainable Development network in order to organized conferences and debates in University), Local authority (Paris Town hall, The region of paris…), Farmers, Birdlife..

14 Project 2011 Tools –We improve our tools (communication and supports) Improvement of our website http://www.semaine-sans- pesticides.comhttp://www.semaine-sans- New conference support for Students association Improvement of Norbert the earthworm website (website for childrens – plants life – impacts of pesticides – viable environementally solutions – workshop for teachers) Creation of pesticides alternativess booklet for the local authority Exposure of farmers pictures

15 Project of 2011 International parade for pesticides alternatives –We organize some symbolic parade In France and abroad (3 in Togo and Belgium) with the message Yes for the pesticides alternatives. –All the march will be organized in big cities or symbolic places -Format : 45 or 60 minutes -Dress code : Rainbows color T-shirt refert to the life, biodiversity, its alive. -MDRGF devolopping a parade kit with big banner, placards and stickers (French and English version) for all parade (in France and abroad).

16 Thanks for your attention

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