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Its Not Life or Death it is more important than that Dr. Damian OKane.

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1 Its Not Life or Death it is more important than that Dr. Damian OKane

2 Participation Success Target Engage pre-entry grades Remove barriers to HE Retention Employability Qualifications Gain & Retain employment STEP UP TO SCIENCE

3 To provide an opportunity for socially disadvantaged pupils, who have relatively low attainment levels and expectations, to gain entry to and complete programmes of study at higher education institutions General Aim

4 To encourage the development of subject specific and general transferable skills to assist in the transition from school to university. To provide these students with ongoing assistance and support to aid successful completion of degree level programmes. To encourage participation in university education by students who previously might not have considered this an educational option. To improve pupils academic performance Specific Aims

5 Social Deprivation Indicators - Townsend Deprivation Index - Free-School Meal Entitlement Current Academic Achievement - 11+ Selection System - Progression to Higher Education Selection of Schools


7 Clondermot High School28.86 Faughan Valley High School38.52 Oakgrove Integrated College29.50 St. Cecilias College58.38 St. Josephs Secondary School55.07 St. Marys College64.12 St. Peters High School74.73 St. Brigids High School68.70 Templemore Secondary School72.50 Northern Ireland Average23.90 Free School Meal Entitlement SchoolPercentage

8 Less than 2% of the target schools intake in any year progress to higher education compared to a province wide Age Participation Index of 42%. Current School Performance The average A-Level or equivalent points score for students across all the target schools is less than eight.

9 Student Selection Little or no parental experience of higher education Limited family income Unskilled, semi-skilled or unemployed parent Living in a neighbourhood or other circumstances not conducive to study Living in an environment that has been seriously affected by political unrest

10 Student Background 75% long-term unemployed 89% rented accommodation 48% single parent families Siblings=5 bedrooms=3 2 parents have HE experience 13 single-parents

11 Strategy Tutoring Summer School University Induction Mentoring Engagement Participation Retention Success Employability

12 Advice days and induction – pupils & Parents Psychological Disposition - motivation - perception & attitudes to education - self-efficacy (competence) - Self-Esteem (personal & social value) - Locus of Control (internal v external) Engagement

13 Tutoring School curriculum linked to UG programme Provide students with experience of university teaching, research & assessment methods Develop subject knowledge and specific transferable skills. Familiarity with campus life/resources PG Mentors Course/careers information



16 Summer School Intensive Eight-day residential Science Summer School to develop additional skills and knowledge. formal timetabled lectures, seminars, tutorials and practical classes which will be delivered by academic staff. more informal project based work which will be coordinated by Postgraduate Mentors.

17 University Induction Academic - Study skills & Examination technique - Time Management - Course Requirements - Mentors (senior & subject) Pastoral - Finance - Student Support : Counselling/welfare - Project Team/Academic staff

18 Mentoring Ongoing assistance and support to aid successful completion of degree level programmes Mentors - Scheduled academic support - Monitoring & Feedback Host Department - Adviser of studies University Student Affairs Dept Step-Up Project Team

19 Outcome Improved Grades : 99.8% Pass Rate Encourage Applications to HE: 97% progressing to higher education Completion of degree level programmes: - 95% Retention - 2% course choice - 2% year out - 1% never to return

20 I was one of the first students to do the Step-Up programme. I found it very daunting at first – it is hard work – but the experience really encouraged me and gave me the confidence to study at University. I never dreamt that I would be able to attain so much – but thanks to Step-Up I have. Catherine is a past St Marys College Step-Up Student.

21 Focused Pre-Entry Intervention Curriculum : linked to employer needs - Placement/Job-Shop Career Advice & Guidance Employability


23 12 of 16 most deprived wards 17% never worked 35% Claim unemployment benefits 12 of 14 most deprived health wards 42% of population –No Qualification / 15% level 1 Low progression rate to HE Expansion – Greater Belfast

24 Greater Belfast -$3.2m Programme Five - Seven Year programme Cross-Community / Interface Areas Transport Solutions Political Considerations

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